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Nothing changes, if nothing changes! At Alliance, we live by this thought!

Started over with a new Lightforged Draenei, still a paladin but in Protection spec and after a long while decided to play my worgen DK since I hardly play him

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👉 Trump & PM Modi Their fight against islamic terrorism👍

WoW Classic Alliance Series Part 24: Dry Times | We travel to Darkshire and then onto Stormwind and Westfall. For the alcohol!

Both libdems & labour want to oust the Tories Will they work together & put the country before party? Hell no, that would be like sensible or moral or something!

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Alto™ processes Type 1 water can be fed from a store of pre-purified water or directly from a pressurized Type 2 or Type 3 feed & features TOC monitoring. For more info, please mail us at

‘ಹೌಡಿ ಮೋದಿ’ ಕಾರ್ಯಕ್ರಮಕ್ಕೆ ಭಾರತೀಯ-ಅಮೆರಿಕ ಮೈತ್ರಿಕೂಟದ ವಿರೋಧ Read More here

If you’re ‘apolitical’, it’s because the system we live under is benefitting you. But the system we live under only benefits the wealthy. The rest of us suffer, with the disadvantaged & vulnerable the people doing it the hardest. We ALL need to get our politics on!

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C'est dimanche, tu n'as qu'une seule porte pour être délivré : Pardonnes et tu seras toi aussi pardonné. Leur mal, ne t'appartient pas. What a pastor I am... :-^

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Video Montage 🎥 | Happy 75th Anniversary to St. Michael’s Catholic School (est 1944) & also a big mahalo to Principal Fukumoto for having us! And to the alumni of the year Ms. Lois Pacolba a big congratulations as well from Nam Sieng Hawaii! | Hawaii United Okinawa Association | #POTD - #INSA #International #NamSieng #Alliance) - follow @namsienghi - Nam Sieng #Hawaii #liondance #culture #art #tradition #hilife #lethawaiihappen #luckywelivehawaii #国际南仙联盟会 #南仙 #舞獅 #family #festivities #waipio #event #blessed #blessing #barongsai #mualan #hnl #75anniversary #stmichaelschoolhi (at Hawaii)

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Ciarianna is not having a good time in the Orgrimmar dungeons. She’s been there since her capture at the Siege of Lordaeron, and during that time her body parts have been used in experiments to help prolong the “life” of Forsaken. Hopefully rescue will come soon.

Her capture:

Commissions open for tumblr!

So… hello everyone!

You might have noticed I’ve been away. This year I’ve been dealing with a whole lot of internal conflict, and I finally am taking a very big step in my personal life.

I’m currently financially dependent on others and I don’t want to keep living like this, so i’m opening commissions to help me have enough money to get my life back on track. 

As I’m still hooked in some freelance work, I’m going to keep the commissions to sketches for the moment, just to get a feel for what I’m getting into; I haven’t opened commissions in 4 years or so.

There will only be a small amount of slots available for now. I’ll open more if I find the time.

When I’m done with my heavier freelance work I’ll open slots for more rendered and finalized illustration-like commissions.

  • Simple sketch (10 slots) USD 15 + 8 per new character (up to 2 extra characters)
  • Detailed sketch (5 slots) USD 23 + 12 per new character (only 1 extra character)
  • Colored sketch w/ simple background (3 slots) USD 35 + 18 per new character (only 1 extra character)

I will do:

  • portrait
  • busts

I will not do:

  • full body characters… for now
  • any kind of NSFW… for now.
  • mechas
  • hateful content

Fandoms I’ll definitely work with:
Star Wars, WarCraft, Steven Universe, Pokemon, She-ra… I also work with D&D characters.

If your fave fandom is not listed, you are welcome to ask, but I don’t guarantee I’ll take it. :<

OCs: I can draw your OC in the previously mentioned fandoms.

Important: Please, pleaaaaase provide visuals/reference and a detailed description, so I have a good idea of what you want me to draw; that way I can work efficiently and you can get your art fast.


All payments will have to be made via PayPal. 

Once everything has been decided I will send you an invoice, not the other way around.
I will not start working on your commission before I have been paid. No refunds after I’ve started working on your sketch.

You are free to PM me for updates on wips or questions.

Will not ship - everything is digital.

All slots are free for now, and I’ll update as they are filled.

If you can’t help me by buying a commission and would like to help me anyways, consider supporting me on ko-fi.
I’ll be so very grateful I may even increase my happy Blue Diamond art production. ;)

9/10 simples sketches
4/5 detailed sketches
2/3 colored sketches


As the Navy began their shore bombardment on schedule at dawn, the 47th IR began to load into the transports which would take them to the shores of Kalimdor and the Southern Barrens.

The first wave to make landfall encountered heavy enemy resistance; the opposite of what was expected and suffered immense casualties. The second wave fared little better but more of the soldiers managed to make it ashore. When the third wave attempted to land, several Alliance Navy ships off the coast took artillery fire and resulted in many of the soldiers being thrown into the water.

I myself was with the third wave and we struggled to make it ashore. When we did, we found that the clifface overlooking the beach and the nearby Northwatch Hold were targeting our advancing troops with artillery, machine-gun fire, and spells. I gave the command for the troops to keep advancing across the beach and towards Northwatch Hold.

Some of the emplacements on the Hold’s walls were disabled and the soldiers of 1A began pouring into Northwatch. Hand-to-hand combat erupted and after a vicious battle the Horde defenders were cut down to the last man.

The Regiment took a total of 1,400 casualties with 644 of that number KIA. Several are still MIA.

With Northwatch Hold in friendly hands, we will be using it as a base of operations to further advance our push into the Southern Barrens and subsequently the rest of Kalimdor.

Lord MAR Lebryn Edain, 47th IR CO

When dawn arrives on September 16th, the naval contingent will begin a 30-minute bombardment of the shoreline in an effort to dislodge and disable the minimal amount of defenders expected.

Once the bombardment ceases, 1A will depart HM Edge of Tomorrow and make their way to the shoreline where they will proceed to attack and capture Northwatch Hold.

All soldiers of 1A are encouraged to move quickly as soon as they get on the beach as the Horde soldiers in the area, while expected to be caught off guard, will put up a fight to defend the landmass they own.

Once Northwatch Hold has been secured, 1A will dig in and prepare for further advances into the Barrens over the coming days and weeks.