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Tonight its gonna be a match day the best for both mighties... ... Well play will win the game ❤️ @chennaisuperkings and

These fans are the single greatest sports story in right now. It’s easy to cheer when you win. When you actually have a team. Try bringing a team back. Try creating a new movement. Then try to rally an entire city, as volunteers, for the love of the game. ❤️👏👏

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"solution" for the is to employ Comedians, not for the good of the game , & for 42 Clubs in Scotland, but for the protection of NewClub TheTributeActSevco2012FC 👎👎👎👎👎

Let's Fill the Administration Posts at HampdenPark with who received a EBT SideContract who was at RFClubLtd(IL)1872-2012 ,Lets Run the Game in Scotland for SevcoFC2012,The Game is Corrupt to TheCore💔👎

Who’s ready for some football? Come watch the game with me tonight and enjoy all you can eat wings! I’ll be there at 6!

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The Future is strong! As we look to Wrap up our Future Stars Program, we are excited for the future! It's starts with the players now passing the game down to the next generation! -NForTheFuture

the best for the future! Thank you for your love for the game and your contribution to .

Watching the end of the game again and spotted my daughters !! For One

Can't wait for the Game ABsVsAus RWC 2015 Blacks💪🏼

and I before the game! He's so nice! Thanks for coming! Star

Long line! Long night! For the love of the game! ops2 nighter

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That moment when you realize you’re taller than Andrew Minyard and Neil Josten


「15-07-2018」 Oricon chart daily top 30 jpop singles ranking

prompt by anonymous

how about a magically de-aged kidfic where the focus is on Andrew’s or Neil’s childhood traumas? the adult half of the pair (and the rest of the Foxes) take care of the kid and carefully maneuver around boundaries built by fears that are suddenly much fresher in mind, and not so hidden by masks and coping mechanisms. Wymack is probably a figure they are wary of. 
Aaron would be very protective of kid Andrew. Maybe a second idea, but what about Andreil meeting/taking care of their kid-selves?

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Andrew loves his junkie 🥅

Did this super quick sketch to try and work out how I see Andrew, and then spent way more time than intended colouring him in 😂 I’m not totally happy with the way it came out but that’s what I get for speed sketching! Hope you enjoy our smol boy 💕

Edit: apologies for the quality, I haven’t yet worked out which res is best for tumblr 🙄
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Allison’s birthday

The foxes held a huge party in the stadium for Allison’s birthday, she likes to do something big and extravagant. Andrew got a telling off from Neil for putting whiskey in the punch. Renee and dan proper killed it on the dance floor, with Matt owning the entire room for his cha cha slide and macarena. Nicky almost broke his leg attempting an alcohol fuelled backflip competition with Katelyn, and Aaron was not particularly impressed but found some of the humour in it all. Allison wore killer stilettos the entire evening, and had to be carried up the stairs in the tower by Matt and Kevin, but she has no regrets considering how stunning they made her look. Overall, the foxes had an incredible night.

Happy birthday Allison 🎉🎉🎉

July 16, 2013
In the All-Star Game played at New York’s Citi Field, Salvador Perez, who replaced Joe Mauer behind the plate in the last inning, leads off the eighth with a single to right field off Atlanta’s Craig Kimbrel. Perez becomes the first Royals’ player to get a hit in the All-Star Game since Bo Jackson blasted his memorable moonshot at Anaheim Stadium in 1989.

Baseball's shifting culture set to play out in All-Star Game

WASHINGTON (AP) — David Ortiz can now laugh, sort of, at the shifting culture of baseball. For J.D. Martinez, Nolan Arenado, Aaron Judge and every other All-Star hitter, dealing with different defensive alignments is just part of the game.

Baseball’s shifting culture set to play out in All-Star Game

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Relationship status: single

Favorite color: navy blue and grey

Chapstick or lipstick: CHAPSTICK omg I can’t go anywhere without one

Last song I listened to: currently listening to one of my summer playlists (*cough* here’s my spotify *cough*) and right now ‘Dreams’ by Billy Otto is on

Last movie I watched: Actually had to think for a while about this one, I watch a lot more tv than movies. But I think one of the Mission Impossible movies was playing on tv the other night and I kind of watched it with half of my eye (okay I’m pretty sure you don’t say it like that in English but let’s ignore it okay) while I was on my phone

Time: 13:32

Top 3 shows: Only three? This is so hard! But ummm Stranger Things of course and then The Handmaid’s Tale and Westworld

Currently Reading: A textbook on the political system of the European Union (should be reading it right now as I have an exam on Thursday but I guess I’m doing this instead oops)

Last thing I googled: ‘100 fahrenheit to celsius’ it’s been crazy hot here lately

Song stuck in my head: ‘Of the Night’ by Bastille

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Tagged by @ratracechronicler to find book, shadow, face, and/or find! Now seriously if I don’t have at least one of these then I’m a failure

Book: Lukas scoffed, setting down the book. “Bit possessive of you.”

Shadow: The Shadow guided him forward stopping in front of a metal bar, a set of cuffs hanging from it. He made no move to put them on Zach and for that Zach was grateful.

Face: “Good thing you know CPR.” Zach hauled himself up onto his knees and leaned against the edge of the bed. He reached up, taking Lukas’s face between his hands, holding his gaze. “If I don’t do this, more innocent people will die. I can’t let that happen.”

Find: “Please, just listen to me.” He glanced over the edge, the ground looked so far away from up on the ledge. “We’ll find another way, I promise. Sammy won’t touch you or Kora ever again.”


Firday the 13th Get away car FAIL!!! 
This video was recorded on Friday 7/13/2018!!!
If you crash the car… you’re gonna have a bad time.
Enjoy :)

caeda-adeca  asked:

Hi! Since you’re a fan of Nancy Drew, I was wondering if you have any opinions on the upcoming Nancy Drew movie? Do you think it’ll be good?

hello!! i’m sorry to say that i am completely clueless about this movie and have heard literally nothing about it… that being said i did just google it and honestly i am NOT IMPRESSED with the casting thus far. tbh i think if i were to get invested in a nancy drew reincarnation it would have to be through a tv show rather than a film because i would honestly KILL for character development and relationship exploration and long game villains and all those things that an hour and a half long movie just can’t provide. but i’m very curious to hear what people have to say about it once the movie comes out!!