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Another huge thank you to those who pledged for the All-In offer we had going yesterday! We have limited spaces, running till the end of the month! If you haven't pledged yet, this may be the best time to do so! -in

of the Information, & Elsewhere, Attracted for you since it happens, for Example Everything you Have to Do is Buy Some subscription and you'll have accessibility to 365-days and you also are going to have the ability to GAA Games

Join us today for the big hockey game! Shark Bites: Fried shark with lemon tartar sauce for $15 and a beers bucket for $28 at our 2050 Lobby Bar! Come watch with our large screen setup! .

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Thank you for your time and the opportunity to contribute. please watch video: "The game that teaches discipline." Award winning Art, Design and Print Thank you.

Pics from our Thursday afternoon team building session... Thanks Mary Colleen Foley for the fun games and inspirational messages!

Just Reduced - £9.85 Scaled T Shirt 2XL : This official Spyro the Dragon scaled t-shirt is the ideal clothing item for fans of both Spyro Reignited Trilogy and the classic Spyro PlayStation 1 game, with an iconic purple scaled effect design. Made of…

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Okay I was have gun at the con It was my first the best time I meet a lot of people I was can play a lot of games help some people and still meet celebrate furry. Tanks for give me I very happy you let me enjoin the con

Hello to everyone! A few minutes ago we ended the meeting . Everything goes great 🙏🏻 and everything is ready for the next game ✔️ #📨 I see a lot of messages coming to our site, I see many people interested. Everyone will get the answer and thank you for being interested !

Hey hey hey make sure to join the on Sunday for this I’m excited come support the channel all donations will go twords new games that you all want to see me play on

Calendar () 1968 Olympics Black Power salute, "a moment of and that advanced international awareness for ", "regarded as one of the most overtly statements in the history of the modern Games"

Home to A few of my photos from our New York Comic Con visit Thursday for the *Coolest series found at series. Remember the game (based on it)!

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4 at Tokyo Game Show... its almost done. HALL 9, The indie sector.Thank you to all the people that has visit us at our booth. The Blackparabyte's Tri-Force thank you so much for your support to .

Athletes change their apparel an average of 2 to 7 times a game depending on the sport they play. 🏈🏀⚽️ We want them to and for 🔑👕

Arrived a little early for the Blacks game vs. Irish here at Aviva stadium.

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Restart ~ Chapter 14

read on ao3

There was a knock at the door. Frustrated, Neil twisted the pencil in his hands and tried to coax back the focus on his math homework he’d just lost. He was only starting to get into it; finally, the problems were beginning to make sense. They were a puzzle that gave him a thrill of satisfaction every time he found a new piece that fit. Usually Neil was good at math – quick, efficient, but he’d been struggling with this assignment all week.

The knock sounded again, an insistent rapping that chased away what was left of Neil’s concentration. Neil threw down his pencil and watched it bounce off his textbook and roll to the floor. When it landed somewhere near his shoes, he glared at the door and wished whoever was on the other side a slow death.

No one else was here to open the door, so that left the job to Neil. Kevin was at the store for groceries, not trusting his roommates to get food that was ‘actually edible and not something that’ll clog our arteries,’ as Kevin put it. Andrew wouldn’t get the door either, even if he wasn’t taking a nap in the other room.

Just when Neil thought that the person had given up and walked away, the third knock sounded. Sighing, Neil pushed himself up and went to go get it. It was probably Kevin, he’d already forgotten his key twice this month, Neil didn’t put it past him to do it again. He debated leaving him out there, punishment for making Neil lose the motivation to do his homework that he’d been scrounging up to all week.

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Valentines Fic!

Hello everyone! I have an Evey’s valentines fic coming! of course its past valentines day and yadda yadda, but I thought I’d do one anyway :) More of Andrew and Neil being papas, and Andrew and Neil married life and osigjsioejgrsrgesrgeijrgi. It gets a bit saucy ;) (a lot saucy. half of the fic is saucyness) but i think yall will like it. I hope to have it done either today or tomorrow! 



I just got accepted into my top choice university for animation!!! Woohoo!!! Now I need to start saving up as much as I can because I’m not gonna be able to get a job if I’m on an animation student’s schedule :^)

Additional characters are +half original price, not including bg; bg and comic prices are dependent on complexity, but will not be below the prices on the commission sheet. All drawings come with a free simple-shape bg if wanted.

At the moment I’m opening up 3 slots,


Things I will draw:

- OC’s
- Fanart
- Tasteful nudity
- Some anthro stuff

Things I will not draw:

- Mecha
- Furries

I reserve the right to reject any commissions. Payment is upfront, through paypal; all prices are in GBP. Please send me a DM or email me at if you’re interested or have any questions!!


T H E F O X E S: Mattew D. Boyd

the foxhole court: “Matt Boyd,” the man said. “I’m a junior this year, and I’m the Foxes’ starting backliner.”

the raven king: Matt Boyd, starting backliner for the Foxes. I’m the one who’s going to be wrecking your goals this October. Nice to meet you.” He held out his hand but didn’t look surprised when no one took it. “Guess the pleasure’s all mine.”

I love how clearly you can see Andrew’s immediate curiosity and interest in Neil in the first few chapters, and all his different approaches to find out more about him - such as asking him weirdly specific questions (do you believe in fate?), provoking him (by telling him he read his files although he didn’t) and uhh… hitting him in the stomach with a racquet

Okay but for real, I don’t think Andrew would hit a stranger and potential recruit for no reason or simply because of anger or frustration. It’s Andrew. And to be perfectly honest, I think it’d make sense if he did it to figure out Neil a bit. Or maybe it really was so that the first thing he did to him was take his breath away.

My gift for @praising-the-foxes for the 2019 Valentines @aftgexchange !! You wanted Andreil and given the season I did something vaguely Valentines-y. Of course both Andrew and Neil would vehemently deny even slightly participating in this holiday but Dan can be oh-so-sneaky with her camera. It’s going on the wall, and no she will NOT take it down, and no it is NOT unfair that she had Matt put it high enough where neither of them can reach it.

Hope you like it!

Neil’s not scared of anything.

It’s a problem. Or so he’s told.

If Andrew let him Neil would hang off the edge of the roof for fun.

If Andrew let him Neil would see how fast he could grab a gun and shoot a target in the head.

If Andrew let him Neil would stand in the middle of a freeway and try avoiding the unbelievably fast cars. A game of chicken.

If Andrew let him-

But that was the thing wasn’t it. If Neil really wanted to Andrew would let Neil do all of those things.

And that was the thing wasn’t it? Neil wasn’t invisible, he wasn’t afraid of nothing.

But years and years of being afraid of something so big, so undeniably invisible as his father… it dulled the other more rational fears.

Heights, Andrew hated. But he treated fear like an old friend. A coping mechanism.

If Neil were to face his fear once again… his father again… he wouldn’t survive. Not just in the literal sense. Mentally he couldn’t take the blow.

Neil is so overly familiar with fear it chokes him. He knows fear better than he knows himself and even Andrew. Everytime Neil has to meet fear again he dreads it. Because instead of grounding him like it would with Andrew, it tangles and coiles in his veins. Fear is a hot iron and fear is a British accent screaming Abram and fear is almost losing his family-

So no. Neil is not afraid of nothing. He just avoids the feeling like the plague.

Andrew knows this.

That’s why he acts as Neil’s anchor. Because Neil’s fear is the unforgiving sea and the one thing that could destroy Neil. So Andrew is there to protect him from the storm.

He cradles Neil in a way that couldn’t possibly be considered gentle. It’s much more of a shielding and a sheltering with his body. With it comes a constant silent whisper of you’re safe you’re safe I’m here and I’ve got you and you’re safe.

It shakes Neil to his core.

And it reminds him when Matt ruffles Neil’s hair and when Allison takes him shopping. When Renee kisses his forehead and when Nicky compliments his laugh and when Dan hip checks him fiercely. When Kevin nods at him after a win and even when Aaron acknowledges him for getting him his favorite candy bar. When Andrew kisses away his fear and replaces it with something much more soft and much more sweet and much more dangerous.

It reminds him.

There’s more to life…

Than fear.