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Täglicher Zeichenvorschlag mit dem Anfangsbuchstaben A. Wenn dir ein Wort nicht gefällt nehme ein anderes mit A das dir mehr zusagt oder lass den Tag aus. Alle Zeichenstile, Materialien, Altersgruppen willkommen. Gerne auch Bastelarbeiten. Posten bspw. unter

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Semper Fi Warriors 🙏🇺🇸 us REMEMBER our Fallen Heroes🇺🇸 For Our Ultimative Sacrifice 🇺🇸Every one of was special🙏🇺🇸 carry you all in our Hearts, never Forget, the Father took you all into his lovings , rested all in Heavenly PEACE 🙏🇺🇸

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❝a good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving❞

sidney james –

resident | crossroads | tattoo artist at inkology | twenty-eight | non-binary (they/them + she/her)


Lonesome child turned lone ranger, Sidney James was always putting her best interests first. Her childhood was wonderful yet friendless, but that only offered more to her creative mind. Who needed real friends when figments of her imagination were so much more exciting? Sidney was an oddity of a child and entirely independent of the rest of the playground.

School days were arduous but she found her people. The strange and the deranged and those who paved a path for themselves. They all seemed to find one another at a time where there wasn’t much to be found. Sidney leaned towards art, doodling masterpieces in bathroom stalls; a budget Banksy of sorts. Her grades were nothing that a parent would stick on the fridge but they never held much importance in her eyes. Her life would be full of colour and change and she was determined to keep herself moving.

Tattooing was her chosen route. She had been an artist all her life yet drawing was not enough. Placing lines into others’ skin that meant something to them allowed Sidney to reclaim a lost closeness to other people. Not much of a talker, more of a charmer, that attitude no leaving much room for meaningful friendships. Her art was an association to humanity, one that she’d found so alien. Whether she was the stranger or everyone else was the strangest was up for debate, but she could fight against the love of her art.


Her movement was sporadic and unplanned, though the sunshine did tend to beckon her. Sidney had found herself a little burnt out the lavish east coast lifestyle, at least the one that involved palm trees and hot sandy beaches. California had been a dream state for her to live in and she had for a time, soaked up all the sun her inked skin could handle and decided that it was time to up and move again. Bellevue had not been the destination of choice. She’d needed gas and a drink and it all melded into a cohesive picture. The life of a traveling tattoo artist was not one of stability or understanding, more so just hope and survival.

Now she has a spot in the middle of Crossroads, a quaint little studio that is just enough for one and a guest from evening to evening. Work was easily found in Inkology, her portfolio showcasing more than enough proficiency and experience in the field. The shop was a little clinical and needed life injected into it and like her impressive needlework she was a dab hand at entertaining her clients and colleagues alike. Some days are quieter than others thanks to her hangovers but she does tend to offer everything she has to her work, even on the days she’s running on empty.

There is a buzz that ruins through Bellevue and it keeps her interested. Maybe it’s the people or the steady stream of work, either way, she feels comfortable allowing herself to be momentarily planted. It’s an easy life to live, knowing that when it does go belly up she’ll pack what little she cares to own onto her bike and makes a dash for Canada or maybe even down to Vegas. Even with the pretense of having a nine to five job she still lives on the knife’s edge of taking her savings and blowing it all just feel the rush. Bellevue offers her small scale rushes, impassioned trysts, decent drinks and a handful of personalities that don’t clash with her own. As far as a pitstop goes, so far so decent.


❝icarus flew too close to the sun, but at least he flew.❞

ashley ‘ash’ haupt –

resident | crossroads | employee at tuna house & musician | twenty-five | male (he/him)


A preemie baby, Ash was ambitious from birth. Despite being their fifth kid, the Haupts were certainly unprepared from him. Ash was a curious child and he wanted to do just about everything. There were two problems though — The Haupt family could barely afford to keep their head afloat, so they certainly couldn’t afford all the things Ash wanted, whether it was new swimsuit for flippa ball or lessons for the ukulele. The second was that things didn’t come naturally to him. He might’ve been a slow learner, or things just didn’t click right away, but that didn’t stop him. Ash would work at whatever it was he wanted to do until he was one of the best. It was important to him that he stretched whatever dollar his parents put into what he did for all its worth because of how hard it was just to get that dollar.

Barely nine years old and Ash’s calling came to him: He wanted to play music. With instruments, in a band, solo, singing, rapping, whatever, it didn’t matter to him. He just wanted to be a musician. This didn’t really fly well with his parents, who figured this was another phase he wanted to try out and definitely a hobby they couldn’t afford. Though Ash was completely serious about it, they didn’t treat it as such, lending their complete lack of support and disparaging remarks to a fractured relationship with their youngest son.

In the midst of an argument, his mum suggested Ash go live America with his uncle because they certainly could afford him and couldn’t deal with his attitude any longer. They shouldn’t have been surprised when he was so quick to agree. Ash didn’t know much about his mum’s brother besides the fact that he lived in Washington and wasn’t exactly on speaking terms with his mum. Still, the arrangements got made and Ash left New Zealand for Bellevue not long after that.


Uncle Oliver was nothing like Ash’s parents. He was laid-back and free-wheeling, giving Ash the opportunity to do as he pleased. A similar lack of money situation went on, but it was easier to make a buck here since Ash could busk in the city. Without much supervision, Ash found himself thriving in every aspect he’d wanted to and he didn’t have any regrets about it.

Of course, the priority of his education took a hit, but Ash managed through it, getting his high school diploma. College was different story. In addition to busking, he’d pick up a job at Tuna House when he legally could, and the money he saved all went towards his music. Despite the fact that he was popular on Soundcloud and YouTube, and that his gigs usually filled the house, Ash’s music had yet to really take off. So still, he forced himself to attend college. It wasn’t really a priority though, so finishing in the usual four to five year timeline didn’t really work out for him.

Ash is currently a part-time student in college, laboring as the best employee Tuna House has got, playing both solo and band gigs every week, and working on his solo music any second he has. Though he isn’t where he wants to be right now, he knows it’s just a matter of time before he gets to exactly where he belongs.


In a room full of people, Ash would probably be the most stubborn person there. Despite how versatile he is, he always feels like he’s right and knows best. Between doing the same thing or doing something different, he’ll always pick different and he definitely thinks other people should be more open to that as well. He has pretty harsh opinions on people who let themselves stay stuck or never change, making him a little judgmental and argumentative. He rarely backs down from a confrontation. People often think that he doesn’t like them or that he’s intimidating because of how composed his focus makes him seem, but when people get to know Ash, he’s honestly pretty good fun. Down for any adventure and experience, he’s the guy you’d want with you through anything you could possibly be nervous about. Strict work ethic aside, Ash is absolutely easy-going and exudes charisma.

              SERENA WHITTLE

(age.) twenty four
(species.) werewolf 
(occupation.) hgpd rookie
(residency.) arrived january 2019 
(mirror.) paulina singer

❝  a pavement of the past

The idea of becoming something you had been taught to hate was nothing she had ever expected to happen. The first things Serena had memory of was her parents telling her stories of evil things that lurked in the night that her family had been called on to track down, to hunt and eradicate from the earth because they were tainted beyond redemption while her mother clutched a rosary in her worn hands. Small then, the stories grew in detail as she got older, and weapons were introduced into her use as young as seven years old. School was something she had no knowledge of, only what her family taught her in the isolated cabins deep within the Rocky Mountains where cousins, uncles, and aunts resided as well. They told her this was all she needed, family and to follow the tradition of hunting beasts. They were warriors, saviors, the keepers to shield those who did not know of what was truly in the dark.

Always the one to do as she was told, Serena aimed to be the best with anything brought to her. All she ever wanted to do was please her parents, show them that she was good enough, but with every tactic she mastered, they would tell her she could do better. That her best was not good enough, there was always something to improve on. As the leaders of their family line, almost every uncle, aunt, and cousin fell in line with their thinking and as she saw others praised for learning what she had already she grew upset with herself and would pick out every flaw, trying to reach perfection. Serena became an expert tracker by the age of 13, able to hunt successfully to feed the full family when the task was on her shoulders. The only one who ever commended her on her efforts was her childless and wifeless uncle, Sam. Always the one to give her a pat on the back, a warm smile, and kind words when she needed them most. Her confidant, her best friend, the only one she knew would be there for her.

Around this time, she had begun to notice the carelessness her father had toward the family. That he truly did not care about anything but the hunt because every few months there was a death, a mauled body pulled back to their encampment for burning, or none at all. Lost to the creature of that hunt. It was nearing the time of her first hunt, the initiation right into becoming a true master of the hunt: The Lone Hunt. There was a werewolf in the area, the tactics she had been taught to kill being reiterated to her as the days led up to her fifteenth birthday— A night where a full moon would be present. Serena was afraid, she couldn’t deny that, voicing it to her father meekly only to be berated back into a corner where she could not get out of the situation until the following night. She had to go then, it was tradition, they couldn’t break tradition, or she would be as worthless as he thought she was and that he should have killed her on the spot when she was born because she hadn’t been the son he had wanted.

The night was off to a terrible start, light pattering of rain starting in the afternoon only to come down harder as time went on and she was left only with a silver knife strapped to her thigh and a gun with one single silver bullet inside of the chamber. More tradition, more fear settling into her bones as her parents led her to where they had last tracked the werewolf. The only help they would give her on this night. As she traveled up the mountain side, feet slipping in the mud as she darted from tree to tree she felt an overwhelming panic start to roll over her. How was she supposed to track them in this? In an area she had barely surveyed before, a chill traveled up her spine as she heard the cracking of limbs somewhere off to her right. Gun pulled and cocked, she turned in that direction to meet glowing eyes in the darkness and her entire body froze. Everything she had learned shooting out of her mind as she scrambled back, feet slipping in the leaves and brush as the werewolf stalked near her. Almost as if it was a game to them, and she knew this was a werewolf. Huge, hulking, fur dark and eyes glowing with a sickeningly humanistic quality with a mouth pulled back in a mocking grin. Shaking hands she let out the only shot she had, the werewolf closing the distance between them without giving her a second to even blink.

All she remembered was the searing pain as the werewolf sunk its jaws into her shoulder, heavy paw and sharp claws dragging across her throat to silence her . Then the falling, tumbling down the mountain until cracking against a tree. It was a wonder how she hadn’t died, staying alive long enough to actually turn fully. When she awoke, hazily into the light of a new day her senses were overloaded. Home, home, needed to get home, it’s all she could think, but she had failed. She hadn’t killed the werewolf, but she was alive. She could try again another night, she knew it. Clawing up from the ground, she walked, moving across the mountain for weeks as she followed the familiar scents and when she finally stumbled upon the place she once called home she was overcome with relief that she had never expected. Serena was fine, she was home, but why had no one tried to find her? How long had she been gone? Had it been two weeks? A month? Night was closing in as she teetered to the center of the cabins, bleating out for her parents. The moon was starting to rise as her family trickled out of their homes, and they looked… afraid. Serena wasn’t the same anymore, tattered clothing, wild hair, and her eyes were locked upwards in a trance at the moon.

Pain shot through her, bones shifting and anger bubbling inside of her. Why was no one coming to her? Why were they all staring at her? Is this all they did? Ridicule and criticize her? The moon was so pretty, calling to her insides and she wanted them out. Her fingers curled around her stomach and the cracking of her bones resounded across the camp ground, then she went blank. Only to wake up the next morning, naked, covered in blood with everyone dead around her. Everyone she had known and once loved. She wondered what happened, but she touched her throat to trail across the scarred claw marks, then over to the bumped bite marks over her shoulder. No. It couldn’t be, it wasn’t. The memories came flooding back, overwhelming her  at what she had done. What was she to do now? She washed herself up with whatever she could find, making sure to grab one of their supply backpacks in a panic and anything she could find— Money, provisions, extra clothes, anything.

Serena’s new life started, constantly running and moving to get away from her past. She knew someone could come, people her family had worked with. Other hunters that would come across the cabins, see the carnage, and look for any signs to see what had done this and come after it. She worked odd jobs, lying about her age wherever she went so she could just get paid under the table and survive for herself. Sometimes she would even work for different parks, or forest ranges to help with tracking because she had a knack for playing on the rangers softer side, then impressing them with her abilities to track, only enhanced by her new found abilities. She worked hard as she always had, to control what she was and figure out a way to be in tune with the wolf, but that could be hard sometimes when you had to hide what you were from everyone you meet.

Then she heard of the whispers about Hollow Grove, finding solace in the idea of a place for people like her. So, she searched and she found. Now she is trying to find her solid footing within the community.

❝  the nature of the beast

Serena is someone who keeps others at arms length, afraid they are going to shun her based on her past. She can be short with people at first, guarded in the way she speaks and sometimes unnecessarily aggressive if someone says something that gets under her skin. A mouth that works faster than her mind sometimes. She struggles in some areas — especially reading and writing. She knows how, but it takes her a while. It is something she is insecure about, avoiding to do it in front of others if necessary in fear that someone will ridicule her for it. All of this can cause her to seem shy at first, generally being one to listen rather than speak unless someone is stepping all over her, or someone she likes.

When she becomes close with someone, she is fiercely loyal. When presented with this dynamic, Serena can act awkwardly because she isn’t used to it, especially if someone is being nice to her. She has a hard time believing it to be something someone is doing of their own volition, but thinks they are doing it to an ends to a mean. It can take a long time to crack her, but once someone does they get to see all of her for who she is and not what she presents to outsiders.

             AMELIA THORNE

(age.) twenty
(species.) werewolf
(occupation.) nursing student
(residency.) arrived march 2019
(mirror.) odeya rush

❝  a pavement of the past

Amelia doesn’t remember many details about her father. She doesn’t remember his middle name or how tall he (actually) was or how old he was when he left. She just remembers the feeling of his scruff scratching against her face and the way his hand wrapped around her arm just a little too tight. She remembers the loud timbre of his voice and how he looked so giant hovering over her older brother. Jacob had never wanted her to see, she’d figured that out young, but she’d always been small and hiding was her strong suit - she always won when they played hide and seek. Those days were long gone, though. The days of standing on stools to help mom in the kitchen and giggling madly with her older brother were waning memories, buried beneath the rubble of her tiny childhood home.

Things had always been tough in her house. Sometimes she didn’t know how tough, but she could always see the exhaustion in her mother’s eyes. Jacob had always been better at hiding it though. Amelia could have sworn that Jacob had hung the moon and the stars just so her room wasn’t so dark at night - not that she spent her nights alone anyways. It wasn’t until she was about 8 that she stopped sneaking into his bed at night, snuggling close and hoping he wouldn’t wake up. Looking back now, the memory fills Amelia with embarrassment and sadness. Those were simpler times. Still, her childhood hadn’t been all bad. By the time she was twelve her dad had been gone for almost a whole year and their house felt better - lighter. Jacob never did talk to her about what had happened that night, he just let it simmer and dissipate until the topic was no longer boiling hot, but a gentle lukewarm.

For a while, things seemed like they’d be good forever. Jacob was happy, mom was happy, and she was going to be an aunt. Her, the baby of the family, was finally going to be older than someone. Amelia had goals for the future - college and nursing school, the works. She’d even started filling out and submitting applications for colleges. Most of them were local so she wouldn’t be too far from home. There was one school, however, that was on the top of her list and of course it was far from home. Amelia wasn’t sure how her family, especially her brother, would feel about the distance and kept the application hidden in her pillow at all times. It may have seemed silly, but they were all close, and she felt like she was abandoning them whenever she thought about leaving home.

Amelia’s desire to attend the school overpowered her guilt and the morning Jacob left to buy a ring for his girlfriend Maia, Amelia left to visit the school’s campus. Ultimately, the impromptu trip both saved and cursed her life. It was about a 7 hour drive to the campus, but Amelia only made it five hours. She had only looked down at her phone for a second, just to check why it was buzzing so much, but that was all it took. The hospital nurses told her she was lucky to be alive, but as she watched the news in bed she had wished she wasn’t. “SUMMERDALE DESTROYED, TWO DAYS LATER STILL NO RECORDED SURVIVORS” was the only thing that played in her head - on a loop like a tired song you just can’t get rid of. The news only got worse when she was told the driver of the other car hadn’t survived the accident. With the accident happening in such close succession to the bombing of Summerdale, she practically got off scot-free. It didn’t sit right with Amelia, although, nothing seemed to sit right anymore - not with her family and friends all gone.

She tried to carry on normally once she was out of the hospital, but that didn’t last long. Her first shift happened suddenly and without warning. The moon Jacob had once hung solely for her had turned on her, casting her into the shadows, a beast without a pack. Amelia could only slightly recall the things her father had talked about, but those had mostly been directed at Jacob and she’d only half paid attention. She was eighteen and lost and alone and suddenly so, so, angry. She didn’t remember most of her first shifts; They were a whirlwind of pain and anger and electricity. Safety for the supernatural was dwindling and she was running out of options. So, the next two years Amelia struggled to balance the two lives she was living: Human vs. Werewolf. Slowly, Amelia began to gain a little bit more control over her shifts. Like her time of the month, the symptoms hit strong and became predictable. She could chain herself up and ride out the waves like a beginner surfer on a wobble-y board. Eventually, she was able to begin picking up the pieces of her shattered life and start putting them back together again. She hopped from city to city, waitressing her way through them all and taking online classes where she could. Hotel’s became a common occurrence, but her grades and determination never wavered. Her family (Jacob) would have wanted her to continue pushing forward, even if she had been burdened with the family curse… with her father’s curse.

Amelia had found Hollow Grove purely by word-of-mouth. Another supernatural safe haven seemed unreal, like a dream, and even more so when she discovered there was a university. If she could manage it, maybe she could really start to rebuild her life again - the right way.

❝  the nature of the beast

Amelia (AJ as she likes to be called), is an even mixture of quiet passion and fiery independence. Her mind is constantly filled with agonizing guilt, but she’s learned to compartmentalize and just deal with it. There’s too much else to worry about to stop moving and going and changing. She’s never felt more alone in her life, but she channels those feelings into helping others whenever it’s possible. Sometimes she forgets that everyone else her age is partying and kissing boys and other days all she can think about is how she should be doing those things. Despite the anger she feels toward herself and the world in general, Amelia is kindhearted and gentle. Her smile warms up a room and she has an energy that makes you want to tell her everything you’ve been holding in. Still, she keeps everyone at arm’s length, terrified of losing everything all over again.

             DORA LIND

(age.) two hundred thirty four
(species.) vampire
(occupation.) manager at purgatory
(residency.) since it was created
(mirror.) katheryn winnick

❝  a pavement of the past

Dora was born Thora Lindstrøm in Gothanburg, Sweden to a prosperous doctor and his wife, a talented singer and pianist. Henrik and Elsa Lindstrøm had a parcel of sons by the time Thora was born, and Elsa in particular was happy to have a daughter to raise. It was perhaps a pity that Elsa did not survive meeting her daughter for the first time, dying of childbirth fever, a common infection in a time before germ theory. Henrik buried his wife, hired a wetnurse, and remarried after an appropriate mourning period of four years to Katerina, his nurse at his practice. Katerina was a practical woman, and while her new step-sons seemed to please her, Thora never did. Her step-daughter was frivolous and artistic, and seemed to enjoy reading at home more than going to church, which the devout Katerina would not allow in her home. It was with an interest in keeping his wife and daughter from each other’s throats that Henrik sent his daughter away to a boarding school in Stockholm, where she was found to be a violin prodigy and a decent soprano. While Katerina disliked the added expense, Henrik, who was a tad pompous at this point and liked to brag of his children’s accomplishments, sent his daughter even farther away, to be educated in Venice, where there was a music school for girls taught by the students of the great Antonio Vivaldi.

Thora spoke no Italian, and spent several years there being miserable, except when she was playing violin. Her happiness increased at the same rate as her skill speaking Italian. By the time she was 18, she was fluent and irrepressibly good-humoured, which led to the school sending her on a tour, with several other students, of various courts to display their talents, please the nobility who might want them as tutors or governesses for their children, and raise awareness and money for the school. It was at the Austrian court that she met Maximilian, second son of a Duke, a dissolute libertine and drunk. He became her first love and she became his mistress. He sponsored her music, allowing her to become all the rage at the Austrian court, though they tired of each other.

She went through a series of wealthy patrons, but by the time she was almost 29, she no longer wanted to be a kept woman and left the court. She chose instead to travel, planning on going back to Venice to teach. Instead, she found herself in France just after the battle of Waterloo, where she was considered an exotic foreign oddity. She was in vogue for a period, performing and acting as an artist’s muse while living in Montmartre. It was there that she contracted tuberculosis. At first she just struggled to breathe at times, then she could no longer sing easily, then she began to cough up blood. It was a depressingly common ailment, and it seemed almost fitting that she would die of the Romantics’ disease after such an artistic life.

It was here that Desmond came to her. He had, up until now, merely been an avuncular patron and music aficionado who liked to compose duets with her and perform during soirees and the occasional concert. She’d never taken him as a lover and viewed him as one of her friends. It was somewhat of a shock to realize he was, in fact, undead. And even more so that he was offering her immortality. She insisted that he take her to the Galerie before she made up her mind, but the promise that one could still find beauty and joy in art and music, even with the potential loss of the immortal soul, made up her mind. Though she was a somewhat lapsed Lutheran, she chose life.

Her time with Desmond was in some ways the best time in her life. They traveled together, always searching for beauty and new ideas, always happy in each other’s company. Thora imagined it would always be that way, that they were like the moon and the Earth (she’d recently taken an interest in astronomy), and that they would orbit each other forever. Though she’d followed Desmond’s stricture to keep her humanity, she wasn’t immune to jealousy, and the discovery that Desmond had taken an interest in another potential fledgeling unleashed her fury. When Desmond arrived to offer immortality to his new find, Thora dropped the corpse at his feet from the second-story balcony and they had their first real fight. She fled afterwards, afraid of his anger and was forced once again to be alone in the world.

They kept in touch over the years, though it took at least a decade before Thora responded to Desmond’s letters with anything other than her own musical compositions, the only way she knew to apologize to him. Though they never again lived together as they had, they remained close and made a point to keep in touch, regardless of where they ended up.

Thora moved to America after the Great War, changing her name to Dora Lind and becoming just another immigrant. She had no plan, except to play at Carnegie Hall, but assumed that, as ever, she would land on her feet. What she didn’t expect was to end up being hunted by a party of vampire hunters. She’d known from Desmond that such things existed, but not that a faction of them viewed the new world as the opportunity to create a ‘pure’ country without vampires in it. If it hadn’t been for Lukas Blackwell, she’d have died a second, more permanent, time.

She became Lukas’s assistant of sorts, organizing his life and traveling with him. It was different than when she’d been with Desmond, but she was equally devoted to Lukas’s well-being. They didn’t agree the same way, and Dora seemed to shock Lukas by openly disagreeing with him about certain things, but they stayed together nonetheless, as she made herself indispensable. When he chose to move to Hollow Grove, she followed, and became the manager of his club. This didn’t prevent her from continuing to manage his life as well, and the advent of mobile technology means that now she’s never too far away from him to arrange everything to his desires. Though she doesn’t agree with his politics she would never abandon him, and acts as his sounding board and conscience, even if he doesn’t always listen.

❝  the nature of the beast

Dora is insanely well-organized, always impeccably dressed, even when woken up at 3 am from a dead sleep, and never makes a major decision without making a pros and cons list. Though she has an artistic temperament and an eye for fashion, she’s very type A and seems to thrive on pressure and a need to excel. Her goal isn’t simply to meet someone’s needs but to predict them to the point where she’s met them before they even know they want them. She loves shoes and has an extensive collection, and will sometimes change shoes three or four times a day in order to match them to different outfits or simply settings. She’s pragmatic about most things, and unlike her employer, she doesn’t have any assumptions of vampiric superiority or any dislike of werewolves. Her home looks like it came out of a magazine, especially her displayed collection of jade sculptures, and she keeps Purgatory as eerily well-managed as her home, though it’s hard to tell from outside of her office. She’s not normally particularly violent, but makes sure to employ people who are when she needs to break up a fight, and it’s generally understood that pissing her off has extremely uncomfortable long-term consequences. She got a law degree with a focus on laws surrounding the supernatural in order to facilitate Lukas’s long-term plans better. She doesn’t make friends easily, remains highly jealous of rivals to the affections of Desmond, and has yet to make a protege of her own. With the introduction of the smart phone, she is rarely seen without it, and is almost always wearing a bluetooth headset, tastefully fitted to her ear.

               NYX BRRAGANZA

(age.) five hundred and three 
(species.) vampire 
(occupation.) owner of lolita’s playhouse
(residency.) february 2019
(mirror.) camila mendes 

❝  a pavement of the past

Eloa Rosa Maria Orleans-Brraganza and her twin brother  were born on a beautiful November morning in 1517 to a family of Portuguese and Brazilian nobles and into a family of 5 brothers and one older sister. Eloa was the baby of the group, the youngest, but also the fiercest as they aged. Her eldest siblings were groomed to become leaders, to bring peace and hope to the people, the middle children were taught basics but were thought to be political protectors of the people, and her and her only slightly older brother were the babies, the twin terrors. They were given more free range, allowed to explore and experiment where their older siblings weren’t allowed. They played pranks, caused chaos until they were 8, when they calmed down and became more clever than outright terrors.

The two were inseparable, where one went the other followed, when one spoke the other finished it. They were beloved by the people who doted on them. As they grew up her twin brother, Estevo, showed a proclivity to cooking, and herself a proclivity to fighting. She was highly skilled with a sword and moved like a cat. Her eldest brother taught her all he knew and while not the best fighter, she was well known as a great one.

And this skill came in handy when she turned 17, turmoil had been growing amongst the people, the Iguape war,  began raging around them they became involved with the fight. Her eldest brothers and herself raged into the battle. They had been in waiting, ready to attack one night when they were attacked by a creature it would take Eloa years to come to terms with. A vampire had found them, ripped her brothers and many others to shreds, but upon finding out that Eloa was actually a woman–they took pity on her. They whisked the 17 year old away and used her, they compelled Eloa to bring her blood and manipulated the woman into doing their bidding. Eloa was none the wiser until six years later when someone slipped some vervarian into her cocktail drink one night. After that Eloa understood what was happening, she found what she needed to take to keep her own mind and started to take it whenever she could. After time she rebelled back told her captor what she knew and was subsequently turned for being clever enough to figure it out. Her sire then taught her everything she knew and despite Eloa’s initial distrust of her sire, she grew to love and care for them.

Once her sire deemed her strong enough to go on her own the two parted ways, but promised to meet every ten years in the house they had grown to call their own. The last piece of their promise was when she was given a matching daylight ring to her sire as a physical manifestation of their promise. It was then, at 28, five years after being turned, that she returned to her hometown. She was greeted with hesitance and confusion until her twin brother saw her. In that moment, everything felt right once more. Eloa had her brother and family back, well, most of it. She spent the next ten years with her family hiding her dark secret. All had been well until Estevo found her feasting one night with another vampire friend she had made. The other vampire flew into a fit of rage and killed Estevo. Eloa retaliated subsequently killing the vampire that had killed her twin. She had moved to mourn over him when she heard others coming. Knowing the state she was in Eloa ran not wanting to see more death that night.

Since that fateful day Eloa has traveled the world, she’s changed her name many times along with her story. Never staying in one place too long and doing her best to only make temporary connections with people. She used her ability of compulsion to find out people’s desires, to help them make the most of their lives in the short time they had. The loss of her brother had made her truly see how precious and short human life was. Eloa has enjoyed the rise and fall of empires and seeing how the world progressed. But when war came on the supernaturals she fought back. She refused to hide and pretend. After a particularly fearsome fight a witch pulled her from rubble and brought her to Summerdale. There she lived for many years, she actually allowed herself to make friends, to relax and become wholly herself. She opened up her own business that helped people come to terms with their desires and to help fulfill them. It was pure luck that Eloa, now going by Nyx, was out of Summedale the day of the attack. She had been back in Brazil, waiting and hoping to see her sire once more. She heard on the news about the attack and went deeper into hiding.

She found a safe haven in her hometown, and she happily lived there until a couple months ago when she heard that other Summerdale survivors were showing up in Hollow Grove. Wanting to know if any were old friends of her she packed her bags and moved back stateside, promising her friends in Brazil that she would return to them. She’s been in Hollow Grove for a little over a month now and has grown to really enjoy the place, though she hasn’t really gotten herself back out there. She’s been somewhat reclusive but now that she has her own space and has rented a place to bring her old business back Nyx is starting to feel at peace.

❝  the nature of the beast

Nyx in a couple words is debonair, sassy, and intelligent. She puts up a strong front of a woman who knows exactly what she wants and who she is at all times. But behind closed doors, or with friends? It’s obvious Nyx is just as confused and hurt by things going on as everyone else. She deeply treasures people and wants to see them at their best, but she also has no problem using and manipulating people if it gets her into a better place in life or keeps those she loves safe.  Nyx is like a two sided coin, sweet and loving one moment, and a vengeful manipulative bitch the next. You never know what you’re going to get with her but, either way, you’ll get the truth. She’s not one who minces words.


(age.) twenty nine 
(species.) werewolf 
(occupation.) interior designer & niche décor owner
(residency.) returned march 2019 
(mirror.) shay mitchell

❝  a pavement of the past

Catalina was born and raised in New York City. Her father and mother were hardly around, both working two jobs to support their family. Soon after she started elementary school, Catalina was the one taking care of her younger brother.

Her family lived in a small two bedroom apartment in a good neighbourhood which allowed her and her brother to go to a good private school on scholarship. Due to this, she spent a lot of time inside and doing homework. Cat realized soon that she didn’t like school or the idea of it. Although, knowing her parents were working hard for her and her brother to have a better lives than they did so she stuck it out, for them.

Cat took an interest in Interior Design at a young age. Since she spent most of her time cleaning, cooking and caring for her younger brother; Catalina wanted the house to be filled with all the things she loved. Knowing this, for every birthday her parents got her a new Interior Design book each year.

By the time she graduated high school, Catalina knew she wanted to attend New York School of Interior Design. Her grades were there, her test scores were average and she had re-arranged the family’s two-bedroom apartment enough times to make a portfolio diverse enough for design school.

Things changed when Cat turned twenty. She was working, two years into design school and finally was able to move out on her own. One day while Cat was in the basement doing laundry, a boy walked in. He was attractive, he was outgoing and he had just moved in with his sister next door.

Their relationship blossomed quickly and Cat fell head over heels for Stefan. He was the first guy that she ever loved and to this day, she knew she would always love him. Cat and Stefan became inseparable for almost two years. He was there for her when she graduated design school, she was there for him when he became a paramedic and Cat even helped Stefan take care of his younger sister. Together, them and their younger siblings would go to movies, the park, take them back to school shopping. They were like a little family.

When Cat found out she was pregnant, she was terrified. Sure, she had always wanted a child but she questioned her ability to become a mother at such a young age. She waited a few weeks to tell Stefan and even longer to tell her parents. To her surprise, everyone was thrilled. Stefan wanted nothing more than to be there for Cat during her pregnancy and she was extremely grateful for that.

Belle Mariana Rose-Reyes was born on a warm day in July. When she was born, she didn’t have a name. It was Stefan’s sister who suggested Belle. She wanted her niece to have the same name as her favourite Disney princess and both Stefan and Cat agreed that it was perfect. For the first few years of Belle’s life, things were easy. Stefan and Cat never fought; they continued to work together to raise their daughter and they remained close.

One night, Cat had just gotten back from a work event and was washing her hands when she heard Stefan come in. She overhead him begin to yell and scream and heard a loud scream. Rushing out, the horror on her face was hard to miss. Belle was crying, the babysitter had her mouth open and Stefan seemed to be torturing her.

Catalina didn’t know what to do so she picked up her daughter and ran. She was so confused, scared and angry. She took her daughter to her parents house and for two weeks she stayed there until she could face Stefan again. With a lot of pleading and talking, Catalina agreed to allow Stefan to see his daughter twice or three times a week, despite discovering that he was a Witch. She had so many questions, concerns and even worried for her safety and her daughters safety.

When Stefan left, Catalina and Belle were heartbroken. He had moved back to his hometown, Hollow Grove to help out an old friend. She had no idea how long he would be gone for or if she would ever see him again. Although Catalina was having a hard time accepting this, it seemed like Belle was having a harder time than she thought. In the middle of the night, Catalina awoke to the lights flickering on and off, a power surge. She went to go check on her daughter but when she opened the door she found that her daughter was the cause of the surge. The lights were flicking on and off quickly in her room and even a few of her toys were making noises while the little girl was asleep in her bed.

Catalina didn’t know what to do so she called Stefan, hoping he could explain. The following day, he was there and told her what was happening with their daughter. While she was at school, Stefan and Catalina discussed them both moving to Hollow Grove so their daughter could be around more witches. Cat was not happy nor did she initially want to make the move but if it meant her daughter would be happy, she would do it.

Moving to Hollow Grove was difficult for Catalina, she had to quit her job, she had to end the lease on her apartment and she had to leave behind her parents and younger brother. Living in New York her whole life and transitioning to a small town was, unimaginable. She became irritable, unstable, depressed and resentful towards Stefan and Belle.

After a few months, Catalina was still adjusting when Belle had another surge of her power. Catalina had been told this would happen but she was scared; lamps broke, the TV had short-circuited and the young mother had enough. Unsure of what to do, she yelled at Stefan… calling him a monster, cursing at him and then saying the same about Belle. Disgusted with herself, Catalina packed a bag and left. She got on the first flight back to New York and wasn’t sure if she was going to come back.

Catalina was finally adjusting to her life back in New York when it happened. She was coming home from the gym, during a full moon. She took a short cut through the park when she saw it. A pair of bright eyes staring at her. It happened so quickly that when Catalina woke up, she was still in the park lying on her back. When she got home, she was confused. There was now a bite on her shoulder and it looked like it needed stitches. Scared and unsure what to do, Catalina avoided the hospital and her family.

A month later, Catalina began to feel weird and not like herself. She was light-headed, had a slight fever, sick to her stomach and even her senses seemed to increase. She was unsure what was happening so she decided to go for a run to clear her head. As the sun set and the moon began to rise, she transformed for the first time. Catalina awoke the next day with blood all over her clothes and missed time. She was scared, she was confused but she knew she couldn’t stay in New York.

Without telling Stefan, she packed up her life again and moved back to Hollow Grove. She pulled together all her savings that she was using to purchase a house and bought a storefront instead; a place where she could offer her design services and sell some local furniture. Catalina has just started to work hard on building her business and re-building her relationship with her daughter, but is afraid of what she’s becoming. She hasn’t told her family the real reason why she returned to Hollow Grove but she’s sure once the moon becomes full once again, they’ll figure it out and be just as horrified as she is.  

❝  the nature of the beast

Cat is a family person through and through. She would do anything for her family and although she has a bit of a temper, she tries to take it out during sports and through physical activity rather than yelling at her family. Catalina still lives with the regret of leaving her child and although she knew the girl was safe, Catalina was her mother and tries to make up for it every day since moving back to Hollow Grove.

Cat loves to cook and try new things. She loves to take chances, adventures and really doesn’t think a lot of her decisions through when she first makes them. Although Catalina is a smart woman, she has made some bad decisions.

Catalina struggles with herself and trying to communicate properly despite being able to handle herself well, she is extremely independent and doesn’t like to put her fate in the hands on anyone but herself.

When Catalina was bitten by a werewolf, she was furious. She was already skeptical of the Supernatural and now, she was one. She had no idea how this would affect her life but she was scared, alone and still refuses to talk about it. She pretends that it doesn’t affect her or her life but she knows the sooner or later, she will have to realize that her life is now completely different.

Name. Sebastian Alexander Smythe.
Faceclaim. Grant Gustin.
Pronouns. He/Him.
Age. 16.
Grade. Sophomore.
Orientation. Closeted bisexual.

Here’s what you missed.

Sebastian Smythe grew up in what most would call their dream family scenario; his parents were filthy rich, he got whatever his heart desired and grew up with connections that some could only dream about having in their future. But just because he seemingly had everything, there was always one thing he desperately craved; his mother and father’s love and attention. From being raised by nannies to being packed and sent off to his grandparents for months at a time, Sebastian grew up not knowing what it felt like to be truly loved and wanted. His parents expected big things from him and they warned him they would not settle for anything less. Sebastian Smythe was raised to pretend to be someone he wasn’t; his true self was like a figment of his imagination- a part of him that he seemingly could only dream about becoming one day.

When Sebastian graduated from Primary School, he was not treated to a party like his friends, he was not praised by his parents and told how proud he made them. Instead, he was told to go pack his belongings and be ready to move to America because his father had been offered a business deal he couldn’t refuse. Whether he liked it or not, Sebastian was forced to leave his friends and estranged family members behind; once again being forgotten while his parents thought of the money they would make. Dalton Academy had a waiting list for students and no amount of his father’s money would get him into the school, so he was sent to McKinley.

He finished Freshman Year without a hitch, mainly because he had been too scared to join any extracurricular due to the fear of being made fun of, but now that he was a sophomore, he decided to keep his head down and do the activities he wanted to do from the beginning- even if that meant being ridiculed and teased for joining them. Sebastian Smythe didn’t want to live more of his life as a lie, but the thought of being himself was terrifying. Was it really worth it? Only time would tell.

Name. April Rhodes.
Faceclaim. Ashley Benson.
Pronouns. She/Her.
Age. 16.
Grade. Junior.
Orientation. Bisexual.

Here’s what you missed.

Growing up, April’s childhood was far from glamorous.  Her upbringing and overall family dynamic was less than ideal. April was the result of a teen pregnancy; two naive, young kids who had no idea what they were getting themselves into. The only thing they knew for certain was that they were in love and were delighted to start a family. One child would quickly turn into four. Coming from a large family with parents that never got any secondary education meant moving around, a lot. It seemed like the young girl could never truly recall all the places she lived in. Whenever her dad would be promised a “better opportunity” or they couldn’t afford their current rent, bags would be packed. Her parents thought they would be together forever, but that wasn’t the case. While she was still pretty young, her parents went through a nasty and bitter divorce. The cause of it stemming from the stress of money and lack of love between them. April would eventually find herself living in Lima, Ohio at the age of twelve, shortly after her parent’s separation was finalized.  Now, her mother is currently dating a guy she met at through her job as a grocery store cashier. He moved into their home not too long ago and it only has been short of awkward. He is a nice guy, but April is hoping that he doesn’t break her poor mother’s heart.

April’s childhood led her to become the victim of other girls harsh words. She would recall getting picked on for not having such a privileged life. The words stung, and she didn’t know if she would ever grow a thick enough skin. But, as she transitioned into her teen years, she would learn to refuse to let certain aspects of her life define her. No longer be known as that ‘poor girl’. She knew she was so much more than that. One thing that the young girl never had growing up were nice clothes. It was always hand me downs and stuff from second-hand stores. Eventually, she got fed up with being made of for being less privileged. She started to shoplift items from stores. It started off small but as she got better at it, she became unstoppable. Shoplifting quickly would become a nasty habit that would snowball into other ‘hobbies’ April would adapt. Sticky fingers turned into empty bottles of alcohol and rolled blunts. High School April was becoming quite the character and the ultimate party girl. She transformed into the girl that would march to the beat of her own drum, not caring if you loved or hated her. Her social status at McKinley is an interesting one.  Her well-known status is not just simply because she happens to be on the Cheerios. With the boys, she’s rather popular due to her promiscuous behaviors and the way she outwardly appears. One thing for certain is that you’ll end up remembering April Rhodes; whether it be in a positive or negative manner.

Glee club is one of her favorite parts to her day that doesn’t involve illegal activities. New Directions has become the family she never knew she needed. Initially, she never found herself even joining. Sure, she always found herself liking to sing and everything, but she never gave it much thought to have it become a hobby of hers. Last year, one of her teachers suggested that it could ‘beneficial’ if she participated in something like Glee Club. Of course, singing show tunes hasn’t stopped the girl from being a bit of a miscreant, but it did catapult the belief within herself that maybe she was more than just some girl in a small town. As much as she loves the club, she is starting to get tired of simply swaying in the background and not getting the attention within the group that she knows she deserves. She respects the fact that the club is filled with so many amazing people and voices, but she is getting sick of the same people getting the majority of solos and special treatments. April desperately wants to be able to show the rest of the club just how capable she is at becoming a star.

Her worst fear is to end up like her parents. While she loves and adores her mom and dad, she doesn’t want her future to resemble theirs in any way, shape, or form. Stuck in small-town America, working jobs that they hate, not doing the things they truly wanted to do. April is determined to get the hell out of Lima after graduation and pursue her dreams. She wants nothing more than to become a household name and famous. Whether it be on Broadway or somewhere in the music scene.

Name. Jake Puckerman.
Faceclaim. Jacob Artist.
Pronouns. He/Him.
Age. 16.
Grade. Sophomore.
Orientation. Closeted bisexual.

Here’s what you missed.

If there was one thing to be said about Jake Puckerman, it was that he cared too little. That kind of thing happened when you grew up in a semi-rich neighborhood with no dad and a mom that worked hours too odd to keep up with. From the very beginning he knew that he didn’t fit in and honestly, he didn’t care. Being the only half-black, half-Jewish kid without a father figure where he lived was pretty lonely but Jake liked it that way. The jokes throw his way on a daily basis were hard to ignore but Jake managed to keep his cool until his mom was brought up. When the other kids saw how much it got to him, the snide comments increased tenfold. From there, everything started to go downhill. The string of fights that followed and school suspensions were too much for his poor mother to handle.

In an attempt to quell the growing anger in him, she enrolled him in ballet classes. He knew deep down that she just wanted to keep him from getting into more trouble than needed, but he kept his mouth shut and went to the stupid classes. His mother’s plan worked a little too well and Jake ended up falling in love with ballet. As cliche as it sounded: the music moved him. And it didn’t hurt that the male to female ratio was way off. As the years passed, he discovered different genres and even joined a dance crew that incorporated all different styles of dance. Finally, everything seemed to be looking up.

Then the recession hit and Jake’s entire life was ripped away and he quickly found himself in the passenger seat of his mom’s beat up SUV driving to the crappiest part of town and enrolling in an even crappier school. To top it all off, Jake discovered that he had a half-brother that his mom failed to tell him about until the last second. Hearing the rumors of his legendary brother, Jake dropped his last name and made sure the only proof that he was even related to Puck was shoved into a file that was locked away at all hours.

With nowhere to fit in at all, he quickly adopted a bad boy image. It kept people from talking to him and getting too close, plus it earned him a permanent spot in the bed of whatever girl was stupid enough to fall for his charms. With his mom working two jobs, it was hard for her to keep up with every single thing he was doing and Jake reveled in it. However, as bad as he acts and as many people he pushes away, Jake can’t hide the fact that he’d kill for someone to talk to who would know the real him.


Hey 👋 you guys! Doing sessions today and once again… Who are we living for?
Are we taking #care of ourself?
Are we honoring our #soul and our purposes, and our #lifeforce #energy?
You know it doesn’t help when we over give to others before we allow our #wellbeing.
And I find that when we do over give from that place of #suffering or #stress to try to help others, it ends up depleting ourself, and biting us in the ass because people don’t appreciate it!
So the more that we come into our own #wholeness, and allow our wellbeing first, we are creating a greater circle
of #love that can emanate from us, and that helps birth #light on this planet, it helps bring others into their own #alignment as well.
And then we can work togerher in new ways..
So here’s to it! ✌️❤️🔥🥰👁🙏⭐️🌈💰👌💝🎸
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  • Also Known As: Rip Lynn
  • Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
  • Gender: Cisfemale
  • Sexuality: Homosexual
  • DOB: May 15th
  • Job on Tour: Drummer and backup singer for Due Hesitation
  • Voiceclaim: GFlip


She absolutely loves her band, their vibe is exactly what she pictured herself getting into when she originally went into music. Playing drums and doing background vocals in Due Hesitation has been an absolute dream for her. When she joined the band it was clear that her passion was the drums: something about the bass and high hat that truly finishes a song and makes it complete that she loves.

Because Ripley’s former flame was an alcoholic she tried for many years to steer away from drinking. Though it eventually did get the best of her, something he kept in secret when she was living with her parents. Every night she used drinking as some kind of coping mechanism whether it was to feel anything at all, to be able to open up socially or to simply fall asleep. But one night her father found her unconscious in her bedroom. She was rushed to the emergency room and diagnosed with alcohol poisoning. This diagnosis scared her. She didn’t want to die and she certainly didn’t want to end up like her ex. So, Ripley went into rehab for six months before going on the road with Cordella Records and Due Hesitation. As a recovering alcoholic she knows the tour will be a challenge for her but she’s excited about this new opportunity.

Ripley has worked on a side project of her own before she joined Due Hesitation but she’s far too nervous to share it with anyone else. The only person that she’s told and shared her music with is her mother. She’s encouraged her to do something about it but he doesn’t think she ever will. She has a few indie pop songs recorded in her voice memos but she’s afraid of what his fellow band members would think - especially if they were somehow leaked to the public. So she keeps her attention drawn to backing up the rest of the band.

Truth being told Ripley’s pretty shy when she’s not on stage. She loves meeting her fans and being with her band when it comes to getting to know other people she can be a bit awkward and hide that with sarcastic humor. In general she’s a nice person but she’d much rather spend a night in watching a movie than going out partying with everyone else.