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Luminous Cartoony Decals with Space and Other Various Themed Designs

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Ahora entiendo porque giraba su reloj y se convertia en 🤣

Navy Officer on Seeing a UFO Over Military Base A two-mile-wide UFO that was hovering over a military base in Virginia. Credit: Jocelyn LeBlanc, MYSTERIOUS UNIVERSE Video: - Mike and Maurice’s Mind Escape - YouTube

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So, for a brief spell thanks to a recent episode’s frame grab, , , , , , , , and even were trending all together at once and the world felt fun and geeky cool for a bit of time. 🙂

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anonymous asked:

Adrik seems like a cool character!! Can I get a headcanon? (if you are still doing them Ahaha)

I am still doing them, no worries!

Adrik carries around a bag of teeth stolen from past enemies, to intimidate people. On vargon, teeth are very important, since they’re a vampiric species.

Les ongles fusionnent avec la troisième partie de la salive intérieure. Les ongles de la partie intérieure fusionnent avec le levier. Les ongles du levier fusionnent avec l’intérieur de la salive. Les ongles se dirigent vers la salive  du levier intérieur. Les ongles des doigts sur l’intérieur fusionnent avec le tunnel de la gorge du tunnel gorge de la vague gorge grogne gorge grosse gorge éternelle gorge au-delà de la grotte gorge gagne la salive menaçante gueule de gorge.  Les ongles larges sans le moindre sans le moindre remord sans respirations sans réchauffement climatique fusionnent avec l’usine de plastique dedans la salive qui conduit l’articulation. Les ongles tirent la formation des veines. Les grandes ongles forcent les grands cailloux forcent le toit à l’intérieur de la salive. Les ongles nagent à l’intérieur des systèmes de transformation. Les ongles sortent de la mort à l’intérieur de la salive pousse la gorge vers le haut. Les longs ongles fusionnent avec le siège central en cours de constructions au-dessus de la manette de jeu qui prend la salive très au sérieux. Les ongles fusionnent avec la tête et les bras qui annulent tout qui sonnent qui surveillent qui prennent  la salive de le gorge salive gorge. Les ongles fusionnent avec le contrôle du levier gorge salive gorge de la main gorge la main force la gorge annonce l’accès. Les ongles bougent sous les cotes. Les ongles laissent des traces. Les ongles salive mesurent le levier fusionne avec le déplacement du nombril menaçant. Les ongles entrent dans le regard de la salive. Des ongles en vrac fusionnent avec l’ombrelle autour du cou. Les ongles mangent des entrailles fusionnent avec la salive autour du cou autour de la vaste gorge menaçante autour du grand cou autour de la gigantesque mâchoire autour de ce monde-là en cours de constructions. Les ongles se concentrent et s’approchent lentement. Les ongles du tentacule ont fait le premier pas

Khalid EL Morabethi


Challenge Day 196, Year 5
Lem found most patients at the hospital where he worked as a nurse loved his little robot mouse. He doubted they would love a real one in there as much.

What I used: Muji Light Blue 0.38mm nib pen on Muji Sketchbook.
What this is: Daily Character Design Challenge, 2019-12-07 Year 4 - No196a, by Jeff Stewart

Title: Draco

I wasn’t the kind of person who believes in mysticism, magic, mythical beings, monsters, beast, creatures, etc… etc..I was a man of pure science and not fantasy. But this very event had changed everything.

Ours was a two man mission. I Van Garley and my partner Richard kid, We were sent to investigate the source of strange extraterrestrial signals transmitted from an unknown planet. Since our technology was highly sophisticated, we carried out our mission in an automated capsule space ship name D2. Our job was to land and identify its true source. On arrival, we found that the planet is highly similar to ours and so we didn’t deny the chances of extraterrestrial life.
But what we saw was beyond, challenging every theory of my skeptical approach towards myth and magic. There standing before us the titanic towering figure of the one, that our ancestors once proclaimed that existed on our very own planet. Yes, to us these Mythical creatures are known as Dragons. Draco is what I would like to call them.
If this is true, how did they were able to travel to our planet centuries ago? What technology and who brought them there, or here.
We do not know.
But now I do understand one thing, what we heard, read and feared is absolutely true. Now I cannot deny the fact of their existence. This is proof and I saw it. No, we saw it. We saw Draco.
- Van D. Garley (scientist, Aerospace engineer , Astronaut ,Test pilot ) (National Aerospace and Advanced space technology centre / Testfield ) August/1969
A page from the diary of Van D. Garley ( undisclosed )
It is said that on their return to the base.
They found Van Garley in a state of trauma with unusual marks on his neck.
Beside him, they found the pale, gaunt, bloodless stiff of Richard kid.
What happened inside the ship, still remains a mystery. Van Garley never spoke again and he spends the rest of his life in an Asylum.

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© Sanskarans
SANS Entertainment 2019

Zeb Orrelios appreciation post.


Originally posted by jlassijlali


Stan Zeb Orrelios, in fact, watch Star Wars Rebels! It is an excellent cartoon, not just an excellent Star Wars cartoon, but a great cartoon in general. It’s better than clone wars in my opinion, as unpopular as that may be. I love every character, especially Zeb orrelios if that isn’t obvious. He’s possibly the first character I ever shipped with anyone, first it was with Sabine, but the family dynamic became so prevalent that I no longer went along with that, of course then kallus ignites the shipping fuel that I needed. Zeb is a great character, funny, and really cares for his family! He’s like a wonderful older brother to Ezra, but a dad to most. 😉

I love him.


AW: So she walked up to him, and just pantsed him, in front of the entire platoon. Needless to say she was on plate washing duty, but she told me it was worth it to see that stupid hunter-type, condescending bitch get a taste of-


AW: Are you recording me AGAIN!? I’m going to stop telling you gossip, you know!


EW: ehehehe…