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Rendez-vous ce soir à 19h sur notre Facebook et Youtube pour une nouvelle libre antenne 🎤 spéciale ! 🚀👽💫

I've always been fascinated with Space Exploration - I'm a bit disappointed we haven't already colonised Mars which seemed so likely to 1980s child me! For let's use this poem to ponder whether there's anything out there?

PC. Poem about Space

In the garage, no one can hear you screen... Running some old cine films through the projector

Совместный арт по Зиму, с замечательной Yukoi Kanami (ее группа с замечательными артами. ) Узнали мем?

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I had a little bit time and I tried out a make up for the reptile eyes. I hope you like it 😊

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Everyday I’m mad about the fact that Chris brown is still popular and has fans. He should be in prison!! Imagine being a Chris brown fan and being able to live with yourself 😂🤮


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