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Competition [G.D, E.D, A,A]

Throwing it back to the 4OU tour days with my first smut, based off a recurring dream I’ve been having recently.

summary: Y/N is dating Gray and is accompanying the twins and Alex on tour. While in their shared hotel room, the four decide to have a little “competition” to cure their boredom

warnings: smut, oral, sharing

At seventeen years old, I couldn’t imagine my life getting any wilder. I was already travelling the world with my boyfriend, his twin brother and their best friend, visiting cities I had dreamt of my entire life and putting on shows almost every night. It’s safe to say tour life was incredible, and my experience was only about to get even better.

The adrenaline after each show often kept us awake until the early hours of the morning and we usually used this time to do stupid dares for snapchat or play video games and occasionally have deep conversations about the future (those times were my favourite) but there’s only so many video games you can play before it starts to get boring. And that’s what we were the night that it happened, bored.

We tried the whole dares thing again but none of us were really feeling it that night.

“I dare Ethan to get his tongue pierced when we go back to Jersey,” Alex suggested from the double bed next to the one Gray and I were sprawled on, barely even looking up from his phone.

“No way!” Ethan shook his head, mirroring Alex by scrolling through his twitter timeline, looking at the meet and greet pictures from that night.

Gray moved his head slightly from neck so he could mumble out “Yeah that’s not going to happen, E’s too much of a little bitch,” causing Alex to snigger. Ethan, however, was less impressed.

“What the fuck, I’m not! I just don’t want a fricken metal bar poking though my tongue, it’s weird!” He said, flopping on his back at the foot of the bed.

“Yeah well, I heard the metal feels good on a girl when you go down on her, maybe you should consider getting one after all,” I added, referring to Ethan’s lack of ability to keep hold of a girl for anything more than a one night stand. He’d been with girls in the past, but there’d been no long term love interest - or anything even remotely close to it to be honest. That was something the three of us had been teasing him about a lot so far on tour, suggesting it was down to the fact he was a bad fuck.

“Yeah well,” Ethan mimicked me. “Maybe you should tell your boyfriend to invest in one.”

I rolled my eyes and smirked. Grayson definitely did not need a tongue piercing to please me. Our sex life was incredible, it had just been put on hold slightly while on tour. What with constant rehearsals, travelling and shows every other night, it was honestly difficult to fit it in, never mind sharing hotel rooms with Alex and Ethan. Gray’s hand would usually find itself wandering into my pyjama shorts when we were in bed, but I always batted him away playfully. I couldn’t face the embarrassment of one of the boys potentially waking up to the sound of my moans while Gray pounded into me relentlessly. And there’s no way I’d be able to control my moans, not with the way he fucked me. So with that being said, we satisfied each other with the odd quickie here and there when they went to collect food for the four of us.

“Y/N can barely handle me eating her pussy to begin with,” this was true. “I’d probably kill her off with a tongue piercing.”

“Yeah, riiiight,” Ethan rolled his eyes. “All I’m saying is, I don’t need a shitty tongue piercing to give good oral, I’m fucking great the way I am.”

I couldn’t deny all this talk of eating pussy was making me wet. I could feel it dripping right out of me, my thin panties soaking it all up. Squeezing my thighs together, just in case Ethan caught a sly view of the damp spot between my legs that was barely covered by Gray’s hoodie I was wearing, I only hoped that Gray would slip his hand into my shorts that night. This time I definitely wouldn’t bat him away.

The three boys carried on bickering about who was best at eating pussy for what seemed like hours and I was surprised I was holding it together. Alex even insisted he almost made a girl pass out one time because he ate her out so well and as much as I hated to admit it, the damp spot between my legs was definitely more of a puddle by now. I so badly just wanted to touch myself and relieve the burning sensation that was building up, or even better, have Gray pound me into the mattress to satisfy me completely. Everything I was hearing was like porn to my ears, although I’m not sure if all of it was exactly true.

“Are you guys seriously still arguing about this,” I sighed, pretending I’d dozed off and hadn’t been listening to their confessions this whole time, innocently rubbing my thighs together in the most subtle of ways to give me the tiniest bit of relief.

“Yes, we are Y/N, it’s important,” Ethan spat back, with Alex nodding his head in agreement.

“Well, I guess there’s no way of finding out who truly is best,” you replied, throwing the bed sheet over your body and turning your head on the pillow. “Such a shame, goodnight!”

A few seconds of silence passed as you pressed your eyes shut, hoping the boys would get the memo and would also hop into bed, speeding up the potential chance of Gray’s hand diving into your pants.

“Yeah,” you felt Gray twist a strand of your hair around his fingers as he shifted closer to your curled up body. “Such a shame there’s no one here that could be our judge and help us settle this after all,”

Your eyes burst open as you stared at the wall next to your side of the bed, feeling his eyes burn into the back of your head. You couldn’t even see him but you already knew he was biting his bottom lip slightly, his go-to expression when he was horny and wanted something.

“Such a shame there’s no one here that knows what it feels like to get their pussy eaten out real good,” Alex added.

“What do you say baby girl?” Grayson asked softly, grabbing your waist and turning him over so you were facing him. His gaze flickered from your lips to your eyes as he cupped your cheek. “Think you can help us decide?”

You could not believe this was about to happen. Or could you? After all, what you’d said before climbing under the sheets was pretty much a suggestion for the three boys to use you as their little fuck toy to settle their stupid argument. Had you intended it to sound that way? Had you secretly hoped they’d catch on? The sexual tension was clouding your brain to the point that you didn’t even know what you were thinking anymore. All you knew is that you were horny as fuck and needed some kind of release. And this was certainly going to help you release.

Nodding your head innocently in agreement, your eyes met Gray’s as his huge body looked over yours. The corner of his mouth curled up into a smirk and he bent down to press a gentle kiss to your lips before turning to Alex and Ethan and smirking again.

“I guess we’re about to settle it,”

“Wait woah woah,” Ethan exclaimed. “It’s obvious she’s going to say you’re the best since you’re dating! We’ve gotta make this fair somehow.” He had a point, there’s no way you would’ve picked Ethan or Alex of Gray, he was your boyfriend, you couldn’t do that to his ego even if it somehow did turn out to be true. That was, if you could tell it was him.

Gray climbed off the bed from near you and rustled around in his suitcase for a while before picking up an olive green tank top and tearing it right down the middle as if it was nothing, staring you dead in the eyes as he did so. You could’ve swore you felt yourself orgasm right then and there.

“We’ll do it with Y/N blind folded,” he announced as he stalked back over to you. “That way it’s fair. You ok with that sweetheart?” Again, you nodded, still speechless that this was actually happening. What had you got yourself into?

“We don’t have to do this you know Y/N,” Ethan said, standing up from his position on the edge of the bed to walk closer to you, as Grayson tied the makeshift blind fold around your head.

“I want to do it, I’m horny as fuck right now so one of you better make me cum,” you replied, eaning a giggle from the three of them.

“Why’s that E? You worried you’re going to lose?” Alex joked.

“Before we do this, we’ve gotta set down some rules,” Gray announced as you made yourself a little more comfortable with the pillows propped up behind your head. “Number one: tongues only, not fingers, if we’re doing this we’re doing it properly. Number two: there’s no time limit, you’ve just gotta try make her cum, but Ethan if you’re taking to long I’m going to have to stop you, we haven’t got all weekend.” You heard a thud, assuming it was E punching Gray. “And number three: she’s still my girl, so don’t get any ideas after this. It’s a one time thing. And let’s be honest, she’s only going to want me after I prove to her and you both that I’m the best at eating her. Always have been, always will be.” You smirked and shook your head, boy was he cocky.

One of the boys slid your panties down your legs and pushed your legs apart at the knees, causing goosebumps over your entire body as the cool air of the hotel room hit your soaked pussy.

“Holy shit,” you heard Ethan gasp, making you smile and bite down on your bottom lip, anticipating what was to come.

“Told you,” Gray replied, sounding closer to you this time.

“When you’re done admiring me, I’d really like someone to eat my fucking pussy, please!” You almost begged, beginning to get impatient. You even began lifting up your hips, desperate for a touch.

“Ok ok baby girl, one of us will start now,” Gray told you.

And with that, you felt hot breath against your dripping cunt, making you shudder. Hands spread your thighs further as the tip of their tongue swiped in between your folds to have its first taste of your delicious juices. It was just streaming out of you now that you were finally getting some sort of relief, it felt amazing. Your hands gripped your long hair as their tongue circled your sensitive nub, flicking it and sucking on it. You’d been trying to hold back your moans until now but you couldn’t any longer. The heavenly sound of your whimpers paired with the first boys tongue lapping up your pussy filled the air of the hotel room.

You couldn’t help but lift your hips higher off the bed, only wanting more and more. Your moans were beginning to sound more needy until they eventually pressed their tongue right inside of you, getting a real taste.

“Oh fu- that’s so good yes! Yes! Yes! Right there!” You squealed, rocking your hips against their face as they tongue fucked you. Your stomach began knotting as you ran your fingers through their hair. Their face pressed further into you, desperate to make you cum on their mouth. The light scratching sensation on your thighs from their stubble pretty much convinced you that this first boy was Ethan and you were surprised. Pleasantly surprised. It made you mentally take back the teasing from before; he was pretty good!

Their nose nudged your clit as they continued to lick up all your juices that you just couldn’t stop leaking out. Your thighs, the bedsheets and their face was absolutely soaked but you weren’t complaining.

“Please pleaseplease YES! oh fuck yes I’m cumming e-ethan I’m cumming!” You screamed, panting and reaching for the back of his head, pushing it further against you so you could ride out your first orgasm of the night.

“How’d you know it was me?” Ethan panted, eventually drawing away from you when you settled down and began to gain your breath back. You lay flat on the bed, chest pounding, and removed the blind fold from your eyes.

“I could feel your stubble, honestly there’s not much point in this stupid blind fold. I’m going to be able to tell who is who. I guess we’ll just have to judge it on how hard I cum,” you shrugged, looking at each of them.

“Ok, well Alex you’re up next,” Grayson pushed him closer to you and he climbed up on the bed, crawling between your legs.

Alex began by slowly pressing the most delicate of kisses to your lower lips, causing your eyes to flutter closed as he began to pretty much make out with your pussy. You hummed in pleasure while running your fingers through his thick hair, massaging his scalp in encouragement.

“Feels so good,” you almost whispered as your head fell backwards between your shoulders.

His tongue began to explore you further, and you couldn’t help but chew on your bottom lip while more of your tiny whines escaped your mouth. Alex was being so gentle with you, licking at your pussy as if you were the most delicate piece of china there was and if he touched you too hard you’d shatter beneath him. While you were used to getting it a little rougher from Gray, this was a nice change and you were loving every second.

It wasn’t long before your stomach began fluttering again and you were whimpering and whining beneath Alex as he brought you to your second orgasm. Watching Alex in a state of pure concentration while eating your pussy so well was a sight for sore eyes.

“S-so good, so fucking good Alex baby. You’re gonna make me cum,” even when you were so close to the edge he was still being so delicate with his kitten licks, eyes still closed in concentration. “Holy shit yes yesyesyes!”

Your entire body felt on fire as your orgasm washed over you, Alex still lapping up your cum before eventually pulling away, not wanting to overstay his welcome. He returned to the sofa opposite your bed, smirking slightly as you blushed.

Knowing that all three of them were so determined to please you (whether that was for their own ego or not) and were therefore trying so hard was blowing your mind. You’d never thought you’d be into this kind of sharing, since Gray did everything so well himself, but you were loving every second. Your entire body was tingling in pure pleasure, feeling almost high from your previous two orgasms, still with one left to go.

And last but not least was Grayson. Holy shit, you were in for it, and you knew that the minute he stood up from the arm chair in the corner of the room and glared at you as he made his way over. You couldn’t deny you felt a little intimidated by him, what with him looking at you like that and being so much bigger than you. But that’s what made the sex so hot. He loved how tiny you were compared to him and how he could just pick you up and pound you against the wall of fuck you in mid air without any difficulty whatsoever. You so hoped there’d be more of that soon, but for now he was looking at you like he was about to give you the best oral of your life and as much as your body was tired and ready to give in, you couldn’t fucking wait.

His hands wrapped around your ankles and he dragged you to the edge of the bed with ease, his eyes still not leaving yours. You squealed in surprise, and without giving you a chance to say anything, his tongue was already taking one long lick up your pussy, all the way to your clit. He took it in his mouth and sucked on it almost roughly, nibbling a little in a way that made your legs buckle.

He still had a tight hold on your ankles until he threw your legs over his shoulders, making sure he could push his mouth into you further. He was absolutely lapping up everything that had already came out of you that night, causing you to drip even more. Grayson was still glaring right at you, the eye contact so intense you were already ready to cum but tried to hold it back because he was eating you so good, you so didn’t want to cut it short or for it to end too quickly.

He pressed his tongue right into your tight little hole and began to tongue fuck you like his life depended on it, causing your eyes to roll right back.

“Oh yes daddy! Just like that,” you screamed out. For so long, you had been denying that you had a daddy kink while Ethan and Alex teased you for it, Ethan swearing he heard you moan it one time when he heard you and Gray fucking. He was probably right, you did indeed have a daddy kink after all, but you didn’t want to admit that to him. But right now, the way Gray was fucking devouring your pussy like it was his last meal you couldn’t help what was coming out of your mouth.

Grayson was absolutely dominating both your body and this whole, stupid competition. He’d already won hands down and you hadn’t even came yet. His pressed his large hands against the back of your thighs and pressed your legs against your body so you were folded against yourself, giving him even more access to his favourite meal.

“Mhmm fuck yes gray, make me cum daddy,” you whined.

He began moaning against your pussy, the vibrations against you causing your orgasm to near even quicker. Your entire body was shaking and you couldn’t stop moaning and screaming his name. He was just so good. His nose was nudging your clit and he was beginning to get sloppy now, your juices coating the entire bottom half of his face. It was an incredible sight and the last thing you saw before your eyes almost blacked out.

Your heart began pounding uncontrollably as you felt liquid gushing out of you, squirting all over Grayson’s beautiful face. He was absolutely soaked; covered in your sweet sweet cum. You couldn’t even speak and your entire body was spasming as he immediately began licking at you when your squirting stopped.

“Gray oh fuck yes gray, right there daddy!” You squealed as you felt yourself cumming on his tongue again, grinding yourself against it the best you could. “Yesss thank you daddy thank you oh fuck yes thank you!”

Grayson eventually pulled back when he knew you physically could not take any more. You were completely fucked out, tears streaming down your face because the pleasure was so much, almost too much. It was the most beautiful sight to him, seeing you like that, seeing what he’d done to you. He bent down, towering over you and pressed a soft kiss against you lips, allowing yourself to taste your wonderful juices all over him. His face was still so sticky. You whimpered as he pulled away, smirking as he turned round to face Ethan and Alex who were completely gobsmacked.

“I think I might have just about won this little um, competition, wouldn’t you agree boys?”



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