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wow today with was amazing can’t wait to go on thursday

Little came to us by chance - and we love her to bits! We know you will too. Check her out this . A little love is all she needs Home checks are standard Wonderland Rescue

"Politics is show business for ugly people."  - Paul Begala Vote Ferguson for President - because he's a freaking stud. Other Guy Greediest Generation Ferguson

Este dibujó lo hice al otro día sólo con tinta rosada XD es mi personaje Alex y me gustó como quedo así que aquí está,

Un dibujó en modo chibi que hice de mi oc Alex

Un dibujo de mi oc Alex no me gustó tanto pero lo subo lol

Please get your tickets for the London to see are amazing show called and you get to see yours truly known as on

La nuova campionessa di questa sera, Anna, si cimenta nella sua prima ghigliottina senza indovinare la parola misteriosa che era RITO. Voi vi siete avvicinati?

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アレックス来ないね。。。 ど〜したんだろ?見に行く?って、話してたら、この後、キュンキュン鳴き出しました。 大丈夫、すぐ来るよ。 合流した後は、知らん顔😅


La biblioteca municipal celebra el . Hoy presenta el cuento " escrito por Chus Maqueda e ilustrado por Ana Pi. 📆 Martes 23 abril 🕑 18 h.

Pues de es el típico mujeriego hijueputa pero versión adolescente... 😂 ya aburres

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dearestpartnerofgreatness  asked:

Heeeeeey so you should do that character ask thingy for Alex from LAFN because I 1000% know the "favorite line" you would choose and people need to hear it

  • favorite thing about them: the pettyness
  • least favorite thing about them: the pettyness…
  • favorite line: “I want to throw this drink in your face so bad, but I’m actually quite thirsty, so I’m just going to ask you to leave!” 
  • brOTP: Alex/Spencer 
  • OTP: none bc his bf is shit
  • nOTP: Alex/Orlando
  • random headcanon: He keeps his things super neat when possible and has a good grip on taxes and other financial information 
  • unpopular opinion: idk he’s not that popular
  • song i associate with them: …A Little Bit Alexis from Schitt’s Creek
  • favorite picture of them: 

Okay I know I just posted yesterday but this part is really short and I already posted part of it as a prompt so might as well at this point idk 

Part one, two, three

Davis woke up with a jolt of panic when he realized that he couldn’t move. It wasn’t the same as in the graveyard, the voice was still there as a persistent screaming in his head but it wasn’t holding him still. There was something pressing down on his wrists and ankles.

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so here’s the deal with me
I have a wild heart
i’ll love you endlessly
if you don’t make me settle down

Alexander Mundal Rey  (◡‿◡✿)