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this is how I look now watching and

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Shout out to and his team for their awesome customer service. If you havent stopped by In , you should. The team was friendly & efficient. Customer isn't dead.

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Se avremo la .al senato dovremmo andarli a guardare in faccia ad uno ad uno questi ONOREVOLI ....ONOREVOLI sembra una barzelletta Nella foto con .figlio di Soros esperto di

È arrivato il fine settimana, non mi resta che augurarvi sogni d'oro e buon weekend

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Still missing a better shirt, the red jacket and a radio, but at least I have the right boots, Bluejeans and my hairstyle (my hair is blue already) So yai, halfway there

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wonderful !

i’ve been slightly obsessing over finding a particular look of a silver filigree ring that i can picture in my head,,,and all these results are like ‘vintage-style wedding bands’ and the thought has just come to me that this ring must’ve been mine in one of the previous lives why,,,,,, so good fucking luck finding it now christ

I’ve been awake for about 17 hours now and still got at least another 24 to go before I can sleep : D this is going to be a long day, but hey, a con that’s in walking distance of my house, can’t say no to that


i’m going to be taking a long break from this blog. 

i haven’t felt comfortable with this blog in a while, and after some deliberating and well, crying the day earlier, i’m just going to take a break from this blog. i don’t know when i’ll be back. and i doubt it’ll be anytime soon. 

i lied to myself, thinking that remaking this blog would be enough to do the trick. to make me feel better about my boys. but, no. it hasn’t done anything for me. it’s just made me feel worse. 

i just don’t feel good about them. at all. i feel horrible and awful every time i logged on and it was the same for my last blog, too. i was trying too hard to make my boys great, to appeal to everyone, but it wasn’t working. no one likes OC’s like they like CANON characters. and that’s a fucking fact. 

but, i wasn’t feeling good about them and that’s the saddest thing. losing any interest i had in characters i invested so goddamn much into. and i have nothing to show for it. 

i don’t know when i’ll be back. or whenever i’ll be back, to be honest. 

i have two other blogs i’m on. 

SOULSBLED is the most active. it’s my multimuse of canon characters. it’s NSFW HEAVY, so don’t follow if you don’t, well, want to see NSFW stuff. 

@clxrentblood is my mordred blog from Fate Apocyrpha/Fate Grand Order. he’s semi-active but that’s where i’ll be at, too. 

goodbye, guys. 

i finally got around to doing this Yikes

i was tagged by @noctiilucent and i really have. no one to tag so here we go

how tall are you: i’m like. five feet even and it haunts me

what color are your eyes: they change between different shades of blue and green. sometimes theyre gray

do you wear contacts and/or glasses: i wear glasses, as im near sighted. things get blurry around twenty feet away from me

do you wear braces: i used to! a horrible time, now i just wear a retainer and i have a permanent metal one on the back of my bottom row of teeth

what’s your fashion style: i wear a dad sweater, skinny jeans, and a pair of vans most of my time. comfy fashion, though i wanna fix it up more. clothing-wise, at least. i’ll always wear vans, theyre my favorite.

when were you born: november 23rd of 2001. my sixteenth birthday was thanksgiving, wild shit yall

how old are you: im sixteen though i feel twenty

do you have any siblings: i have two half siblings, one i completely hate and one i adore

what school/college do you go to: i go to the same high school as the serial killer ted bundy

what kind of student are you: i do what i need to do, mostly through bullshitting, and i can be a sarcastic little shit. all of my teachers like me, though, so. there’s that.

what are your favorite subjects: history, foreign language, band, and uhhh i havent taken it Yet but i know ill love psychology

what are your favorite movies: deadpool, gremlins, donnie darko, the nightmare before christmas, ferris bueller’s day off, tenacious d and the pick of destiny, the breakfast club, etc

what are your pastimes: i read occasionally (thank you lack of motivation) and i write shit in notebooks quite a bit, along with listening to podcasts, music, and rewatching supernatural

do you have many regrets: uhhhhhhh i literally regret every second of my life

what is your dream job: something in the entertainment business. podcasting, film director, etc.

would you like to get married: yeah, but i dont mind if i never get married.

do you want kids? if so how many: i dont want kids, but if i end up with someone who does, probably two or three would be the number id go with

how many countries have you visited: aside from my own, one. it was canada

what was your scariest dream: probably some dumb lake monster dream i had when i was in fourth grade? it was scary to younger me.

do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other: nothing official, really. i just love a girl.

put your playlist on shuffle and without skipping the first 15 songs:

cold cold cold- cage the elephant

telelelevision- super whatevr

punchin bag- cage the elephant

blunder- michael blume

am i alive- from indian lakes

trouble- cage the elephant

how are you true- cage the elephant

why do i wonder why- super whatevr

sober up- ajr, rivers cuomo

dirty imbecile- the happy fits

turning out- ajr

au revoir (adios)- the front bottoms

reckless tongue- airways

loss of gravity- bed bugs

butch- saint motel


Blue Moon - Big Star

An achingly beautiful song by an achingly beautiful band.

For myblue moon and my favorite tumblr mutuals, especially the one who likes streams running through the country.

Let me be your one light and if you’d like a true heart, Take the time to show you’re mine and I’ll be a blue moon in the dark While you sleep you’ll see me there, Clouds race across the sky Close your eyes and don’t ask why and I’ll be a blue moon in your eyes Morning comes and sleeping’s done, Birds sing outside If demons come while you’re under I’ll be a blue moon in the sky Let me be your one light and if you’d like a true heart, Take the time to show you’re mine and I’ll be a blue moon in the dark                  —- Alex Chilton