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True this.

Incredibly proud of the team for producing another Consumer Insights report (the second in a series) on consumption changes after adopting CBD in and other

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11 minutes of meditation can significantly lower your drinking habit, according study published in the International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology

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“...There are some real problems on tour, a lot of people take time off. is prevalent, there's lots of and because that’s just how people deal with .”

Can I serve Alcohol in my hair salon/beauticians without a licence or is it classed as selling as built in within my pricing ??

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Let me tell you the story that led to me getting blackout drunk at a baby shower

Some key details before we get started: I don’t like being around my mom and brother or babies, so I was uncomfortable. My brothers old frat buddy came and he is..Let’s say trouble. I’m hanging out and this man, lets call him matt comes over. So I start drinking because there’s also an open bar (which I feel was setting me up for failure). So then Matt brings me in on an old tradition he created called…


(Named for the printing press)

So what you do is take a giant glass, dump every half full drink, liquor, mixer into it and chant guntenberto as everyone drinks. If they choose not to partake they are shamed accordingly.

So matt and I turn this wholesome baby shower into a rager. I proceed to chug from said gutenberto multiple times, drink pint glasses that are 80% liquor and shots of whiskey.

My dad drove me home at some point. I woke up at 4 am to shower, I have a lot of unexplained bruises but I remain puke free and only a bit hungover.

So that’s how I ruined my sister in laws baby shower.

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Hi. I really love your work. Can I request um mc (fat or not) with Julian at the Raven and they get drunk and mc starts dancing on tables, singing and just having a ton of fun? Thank you!


————————————————————————————–Gods, how many has it been? You can’t quite remember, but its definitely been at least 5 salty bitters, one thing with an eyeball in it, and two, maybe three pints of beer. Julian is even starting to look at you like he’s impressed you’re still standing when you return your glasses to the bar. Have his eyes always been that pretty? They definitely have. God his jawline makes me want to– Your thought process cuts off as the little band in the corner of the Raven picks up a lively tune.

Standing up again you shake your head and get your bearings. Its surprisingly easy, considering. You turn towards Julian with a big theatrical bow. 

“May I have this dance, my darling?” The light plays mischievously in his eyes while he pretends to mull over your question. 

“I do believe that’s my line” he says while reaching out and taking your hand. 

“You should know by now, my dear Doctor–” Julian twirls you and you do your best to twirl him too, but end up catching him as he falls into your arms. “–I’m not above a little theft. After all, I did steal your heart.” You give him a flirty wink and watch him blush before righting him on his feet. 

The band starts up another song, a favorite of yours, but no one is there to sing the words. You take it upon yourself to right this wrong and begin to sing along to  the upbeat melody. Julian is still dancing and sweeps you up in his arms. 

“Say, lets make it a duet.” He lifts you onto the nearest table. You subconsciously do a quick reinforcement spell because you know these tables have seen better days. Without a thought Julian jumps up and joins you, so the two of you can sing, albeit slightly off key, to the patrons of the bar. Everyone there is about as far gone as the two of you and their clapping and laughing only serves to embolden the two of you as you start to spin and dance and sing at the top of your lungs. 

As the song begins to wind down, Julian calls out the name of another tune you both know by heart and the band picks it up seamlessly. The bar is alive with the sounds of your voices and your laughter as you sing and dance to the music that continues to flow through the night. 

By the time that Barth calls out for everyone to go home, you and Julian are draped over each other, consumed by nothing but your own laughter and the delight you find in each other’s smiles. Arm and arm you half-walk, half-dance your way back to the shop, oblivious to the sun starting to peek over the horizon.