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The Wall - Pink Floyd 1979 .

Not sure why I didn’t discover years ago but glad I did. Working my way through all his & noticed ... Dare I say he could give a run for his money Be Will! 🖖🏻✌🏿

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33.45.78 Levis Bouliane et ses Blue Grass Ramblers - J'attends le jour de ton retour - Sherbrooke QC - 1965 live Theme Radio Show

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Movements//Outgrown Things

Mint, white blob on the flip side. Out of 1280.

#Artist: #Mike_Posner #Album: A Real Good Kid #Released: #2019 #Style: #Alternative #Indie #Electropop #Format: #MP3_320Kbps Album Bio : A Real Good Kid is the third studio album by American singer Mike Posner, released on January 18, 2019 through Universal Island. It was announced by Posner on social media on November 21, 2018.[2] It was recorded by Posner over a two-year period.It was supported by the singles “Song About You”, “Stuck in the Middle” and “Move On”.To “celebrate” the release of the album, Posner will walk across the United States from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean from March 2019.


It’s that time of the week where I talk about stuff I’ve been jammin’. Strap in!

First up’s “Scene Missing” by Sundayman. Ya like Air? Ya like… Air some more? Well, step right up, ‘cause this album’s got some sweet space-y tracks to scratch that space-y itch. HOWEVER, a lot of the songs are just OK; the album’s highlights are worth checking out, though. 7/10. (

Let’s skate on over to Elliot Smith’s “Figure 8″! The first leg of this album is absolute 2000s indie gold: from “Son of Sam” to “Stupidity Tries” (and, seriously, listen to “L.A.” if you haven’t already). Around the halfway point, the songs drop off from great to good, turning what could’ve been a super album into a pretty good album. 7/10. (

SONG OF THE WEEK: “To All of You” by Syd Matters (featured in Life is Strange [Episode 1]) (

#Artist: #Future # Album: #The_Wizrd #Released: #2019 #Style: #Hip_Hop #Rap #Format: #MP3_320Kbps Album Bio :Future Hndrxx Presents: The Wizrd (also referred to simply as The Wizrd and stylized as The WIZRD) is the seventh studio album by American rapper Future, released on January 18, 2019, through Epic Records and Freebandz. It was announced on January 4 with the release of the lead single “Crushed Up”, and the album was additionally promoted by a film titled The Wizrd, released on January 11 on Apple Music. The second single, “Jumpin on a Jet”, was released on January 9. The album features 20 songs and includes guest appearances from Young Thug, Gunna, and Travis Scott.The Wizrd received generally positive reviews from critics and debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200. It is Future’s sixth US number-one album.

attention all Spotify users and dark aesthetic lovers.

here’s 2 playlists, each their own separate genre.

the first playlist is a type of electronic music called witch house. you play that one in order if you can. you can find it here.

the second playlist is emo rap / lil peep type stuff. you’re supposed to play it on shuffle rather than in order. here’s the link to that one.

hope you enjoy! feel free to reblog.

More Albums I’m Excited For in 2019

This list is more for me lmao, just so I have all the dates in one place. But so many artists that I love are releasing new music, it’s almost overwhelming. So here’s the list:

Keepsake by Hatchie (June 21st): No shit, the album from my artist of the month is on this list. I’ve been hooked on Hatchie’s lovestruck brand of blissful dream pop for a while now, and the thought of having a new album from her makes me giddy with excitement. All of the singles off this album have been great, so be sure to catch up on them!

III by BANKS (July 12th): While I haven’t been super crazy about “Gimme” and “Look What You’re Doing To Me” as singles, I’m still pumped for a new project from BANKS, an artist that helped jump-start my love from indie pop with her first two albums. The more distorted, electronic-driven sound of those singles lead me to believe that this project will feature a different kind of sound from her, which I’m always open to. 

Singular: Act II by Sabrina Carpenter (July 19th): I guess that this is the year of “act two” albums, with this and the AURORA release from earlier this month. While none of the singles so far have hit me as hard as songs like “Sue Me,” I just have to remember that “Almost Love” was the single off of Act I and that wasn’t the best song off of that album but far. So yeah, I’m expecting bops. 

Fever Dream by Of Monsters & Men (July 26th): I’m not super into Of Monsters & Men, (aside from recognizing that “Little Talks” is a masterpiece and probably one of the best hit songs of the decade,) but “Alligator” was such a bombastic, energetic track that this album is now on my radar. So yeah, I’m stoked to see what this band has to offer on this new project. Maybe I’ll listen through their first two albums to prepare. 

IMMUNITY by Clairo (August 2nd): I really enjoy Clairo’s laid-back bedroom pop aesthetic, and her EP “diary 001″ was one of my favorites of last year. Singles like “Bubble Gum,” “Sis,” and especially “Bags” have really peaked my interest with their understated vibe. 

Now, Not Yet by half•alive (August 9th): These kings have delivered nothing but bop after bop. I have yet to meet a single soul that doesn’t like “still feel.,” and every other song they’re released has just as much bounce and energy. I have high hopes for this debut, I’m pumped to see what half•alive have to offer. 

Any Human Friend by Marika Hackman (August 9th): Marika Hackman is a recent find of mine, and boy am I behind the times, because she’s been putting out albums for years. Her style of easygoing indie is really enjoyable to me, I even put on her Christmas album by accident one time and totally vibed with it. The singles she’s released this year have a funky rock edge to them, so I’m excited to see what she brings on this album. 

Charli by Charli XCX (September 13th): It’s been six years since an official studio album release from Charli XCX, (apparently Number One Angel and Pop 2 are EPs or mixtapes or whatever,) and I’m so excited. The list of possible features is wonderfully bonkers, including HAIM, Christine And The Queens, and Sky Ferreira, not to mention that Lizzo and Troye Sivan were featured on the singles. Needless to say, Charli is a queen and this album is going to reinvigorate pop music like a fresh cucumber facial. My only concern is that Charli XCX might have some issues with her back due to her having to carry the entire music industry, but we’ll see.  

Other artists who are releasing projects this year that don’t have a release date yet, (at least according to Wikipedia,) include King Princess, Sky Ferreira, Tame Impala, The 1975, Dua Lipa, Grimes, Ellie Goulding, Maggie Lindemann, hopefully Rina Sawayama, and (if we are so blessed,) Lana Del Rey.

Any albums I missed? Can you guess who my artists of the month are going to be?😏 Let me know!

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What is your favorite song off each album? Love your blog! You’re the one who got me on the Gaylor train and I could not be more grateful! Lol

omg i am honored to have shown u the light alfjlfk i cant pick just one for each but my favs are:

debut- should’ve said no/i’m only me when i’m w u/tied together w a smile

fearless- change/fearless/ur not sorry

speak now- enchanted/speak now

red- the lucky one/state of grace

1989- blank space/i wish u would

rep- getaway car/end game/dress

NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: here’s what to look out for

Hello, my six AWESOME followers (and whoever stumbled across this post [hi])! Here’s a list of some HOT RELEASES that caught my attention:

“Water” by SadGirl: could turn out to be just another run-of-the-mill indie rock album, but the track “Chlorine” stood out to me when I was skimming through.


“Totem” by Franck Vigroux: glitchy, isolating electronica with sudden massive walls of sound (not for everyone).


“The End of Radio” by Shellac: hey-ho, it’s punk, with lots of frantic, yelpy shouts.


“Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest” by Bill Callahan: if pitchfork likes it this much, then it must be good, right?! soft folky snuggles from top to bottom.


“Jinx” by Crumb: been WAITING on this one since their Locket EP. here’s to hoping it’s just as good.