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Natural White Light Blush Pink Overtone Round Japanese Ten-Nyo SaltWater 8.5mm Pearls 18k Yellow Gold Pendant Necklace PP046

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Art Nouveau Lotus Keum Boo and Akoya silver pendant necklace



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Kobe Pearl Museum

Did you know that pearl has it’s own measuring name, called ‘momme’, just like carat for gemstones? Momme is exactly 3,75 grams - the same weight as a 5-yean coin. 

I was at the Kobe Pearl Museum, where the manager explained me, that Japan (and Kobe) ruled the world’s pearl market by 97% until the late 1950′s, and even today it’s more than 70%. Kobe to pearl is like Antwerpen to diamond: they buy rough pearls from all over the world, and turn them into jewels. The Kobe pearl companies advanced a technology that can ‘peel off’ a very very thin layer of the outside of the pearl, without harming itself, and make them more perfect, round, shiny and beautiful. So this is why Kobe is the center of the world’s pearl market today. They not only handle Akoya pearls, but tahitian and other pearls as well.

So, back to the 5-yen-coin story. In the ancient times, when fishermen found a pearl in a shell, they went to the shrine, and placed it on the offering altar - since the pearl belonged to the sea, and to the gods. It was an offering for good fortune, good weather and succesful fishing. But in the 1950′s when the government introduced the new Japanese Yen design, they decided to make the 5-yen-coin the same weight as 1 momme, so one 5-yen-coin equals and substitues as a single pearl. So when you throw a 5-yen-coin to a shirne, the gods take it as you are offering a pearl for them. 

The museum itself is super interesting, and the manager can tell you wonderful stories about history and culture. Highly recommended! 

Since I’m so eager to see the boueibu OVA that’s coming out sometime today, I’ve decided I’ll fill in my time by posting all of the Akoya’s I’ve doodled here an there in the past few months. 

I wonder if, now that 2/3 of Caerulas Adamas will be gone, will he persue the Conquest lineage or will he join the Earth Defense?? Who knows??

His magical boii’s color is a warm light pink (that I tried to emulate with 3 pencils i had at work) and his staff is a mix of a giant pearl and what holds it is a silvery design that loosely resembles his Caerulas Adamas sword handle.