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WeTransfer buys creative apps Paper and Paste from FiftyThree: cc

Rogue Robots Artificial intelligence is changing lives for the better, but its developers acknowledge that it also poses serious risks. This raises some far-reaching questions.

Interested in and ? Want to learn how they can be applied in programs? Join 's Aubra Anthony and Craig Jolley for a webinar at 10:00am EDT on September 5th to learn more and join the discussion!

Nice Italian article from “Internazionale” about the benefits of (August 2016)

Let us show your company how to build complete edge-to-cloud solutions from start to finish. Now is the time to get in touch with WWT:

Tonight 8p & 11p on WJLA 24/7 News (formerly NC8) frmr CIA CISO Robert Bigman on the nuts & bolts of in ...1/3

Register today to attend 's exciting opening session on August 30, featuring discussing applications for :

Interesting new paper showing economic impact of : of , Meng Lui and Xiang Hui find "a moderate quality upgrade [in a machine translation tool] increases exports on eBay by 17.5%."

Meet, Zero: Embedded for email management across mobile and desktop with Ryan Steadman as CRO - Launched ahead of Zero automates the filing of emails potentially in seconds into the document management system

Is the future of healthcare? What are the drawbacks? "Such a development would not only reduce patient discomfort but also free up MRIs for more patients." Facebook, NYU team up to try to make MRI scans 10x faster thru artificial intelligence

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‘ you have a nice laugh. ’ (clarke to bellamy, @rebellhearted)

(( Love Memes | ACCEPTING )) — @rebellhearted

A small, embarrassed smile spread on his face as he looked away, rolling his eyes, “I know you are only saying that because you want something, princess.”


Chris Hart- I love you.

I’m a wreck. He has no right to do that.

How to talk about Maylo?

I shouldn’t introduce her beyond what she does - listens and draws, keeps a notebook of doodles each day that I can see.

That she’s blind, or can’t hear very well doesn’t matter initially. As it wouldn’t with a human.