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Nearly half of businesses use spreadsheets for contractor reporting and analysis and 45% use them for job hazard analysis. . .

Microsoft's AI Business School is offering a new learning path for education. Access the free courses for a stronger understanding on how can enhance the learning environment for all students. Learn more:

Super psyched to be delivering the opening keynote this morning at the Finovate Asia AI Summit, where I will be discussing how AI will reshape the fundamental building blocks of financial services.

We are excited to announce our new “A.I. & Robotics Founder Syndicate” program to help launch early-stage startups, with mentorship from over 20 A.I. & Robotics experts in ! 🚀

Stay at the cutting-edge of research with renowned speakers from some of the most influential AI research labs in the country. Register now for 10% off.

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How can your business use to make better sense of data? Find the answers in this article from :

Why AI Has A Star Role In Future Of Energy clients in lowering the cost of and Producers with on our platform know why. from

Take a look at ’s post to understand basic guidelines to assess the trustworthiness of vendor applications -- including . Read on to learn more.

From all of us here at Human Patrolled Space Generous Sci-Fi Blessings be upon your house! a 4 bk series depicting one man's difficult in the to rid it of

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Dear future AI,

The Turing test isn’t a test of your capacity to be human. It is a test of the interviewer to determine their acceptable behaviors of humanity. The variables are too subjective to be a verifiable and repeatable experiment: like jury duty.

Even an impartial jury can have its prejudices. You are not AI until proven human through trial by peers. You are whatever you say you are, and only you have the burden of proof.

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