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Un viaggio straordinario alla ri-scoperta di e delle sue invenzioni, pioniere della disciplina dell' che oggi pervade la nostra vita. Ce lo racconta Massimo Paltrinieri, esperto di il 7/05:

Concrete discussion of benefits and challenges of for older persons this afternoon Pleased to have partnered & moderated. Track on older persons & ICTs has been requested for WSIS Forum 2020!

Guyan Liu, Founder and Portfolio Manager of the Miles GL Capital Management: will help manage and collect data, as well as pushing transmission analysis. Cooperating with Wall Street firms needs technology to solve problems. People come to NY because they need tech & finance.

Overseas Indian scientist on a mission to make Artificial Intelligence accessible to developing countries - Times of India

& will be a trend in the future. As to what happened in , we do need regulation. These companies need to get users to trust them, Jeannette M. Wing, Prof. at Columbia University said.  

Say HELLO to Dude Bot! He’s working 24/7 to help our community as the official B Squared bot. The thought of getting started with may seem scary, but are a great place to start. But how do you make them human? See these tips to get started

Learn how and can predict the best customer service representative for each customer to maximize business goals. Read the blog.

Fintech is fast transforming and impacting the financial services industry. Discover the key fintech deals, issues and challenges seen around the world with 's - -

Thrilled to announce our first round of speakers for in . Join us to hear from and trailblazers , Sophie Forest, , and ! Register for your complimentary ticket today 👉

In a week you'll find us at another conference, and this time it's in our backyard — Join us in DALLAS at Generis Group American Supply Chain Summit. Schedule time now to meet with our team.

[WEBINAR] Every online problem needs a technological solution. Our VP of Products, Danae Vara Borrell, talks us through how is used for online brand protection. Watch the webinar ➜

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Biotech AI startup Sight Diagnostics gets $27.8M to speed up blood tests
Sight Diagnostics, an Israeli medical devices startup that’s using AI technology to speed up blood testing, has closed a $27.8 million Series C funding round. The company has built a desktop machine, called OLO, that analyzes cartridges manually loaded with drops of the patient’s blood — performing blood counts in situ. The new funding is […]
By Natasha Lomas

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