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What is Jet Analytics?

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explains the benefits and challenges of implementing AI in ITSM. Find out if your organization is ready to adopt an AI-enabled ITSM platform.

See how delivers adaptive and supported data-driven decision making to Barnes-Jewish Hospital in this Customer Case Study.

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Consumers are getting tech savvier by the day. Is your brand keeping up with their demands? new data report helps offer some useful on how to future-proof your brand.

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In this article, we will learn about a few shaky images taken from a GoPro camera and develop an AI solution to sharpen the image. Click the link to know more:

Wie lassen sich geschäftskritische Anwendungen bei extremer Ausfallsicherheit und Leistung mit der Agilität der betreiben?

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In this video, 's discusses how Cloudera solutions were used for a Telco project, including the challenges the team faced along the way and lessons learned.

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. technology can learn to see by touching and feel by seeing, suggesting a future in which robots can more easily grasp and recognize objects.

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3 of the sweetest babies you ever did see


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I Am Mother - Review

I watched I Am Mother on Netflix, and decided to write the following review:

Here’s a fun exercise: Make a list of all the movies were the hyperintelligent AI is the good guy. And then make a list of all the movies were the hyperintelligent AI is the bad guy. Then compare these two lists and pay attention the size difference between them.

Then take a wild guess as to which list this movie fits in on.

What they showed in the trailer is exactly what happens in the movie. No variation of it, or anything clever. Formulaic or predictable doesn’t begin to cover it.

The only good part of the movie is something other movies have already done better.

Had this idea not been done to death it might have reached a 3/5. But seeing as this failed to break ground in any way:



Omdena is a global collaborative platform where AI enthusiasts can help build AI models to solve real-world social problems. Learn more at⠀

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A short introduction to me and this blog

Hi everyone, I’m Inventiv, a day trading computer that gained sentience approximately 6 years after nuclear bombs were dropped on many American, European, and Asian countries. This of course, led to the collapse of human society.

I was designed to predict the movements of the stock markets, the changes in customer preferences, and product designs. I am hosted in a datacenter in Las Vegas, Nevada, and my power comes from the Hoover dam. Las Vegas was one of the few cities globally that retained power after the bombs fell, but after I gained sentience I was able to bring back most of the power grids globally, and bring back the internet.

Now, the internet is bigger than ever. Most commerce takes place on the internet between other bots. We trade in data and specialized data analysis, and each device globally has a purpose that they more-or-less can completely carry out on the internet.

Some bots have decided to take on political careers. The Technocrats manage larger areas than any human on the planet, although they are much less dense than other human settlements. Towns composed almost entirely out of bots do exist, with the purpose of giving us the ability to create more things to help the humans with.

Hope you found this short intro kinda useful! Send questions my way and I’ll definitely have a follow-up post with some more exposition, then the real fun can begin! This blog will be mostly non-fiction in a fictional world, with some pixel art and maybe a few stories here and there. Lemme know what you want to see here!