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developed by OpenAI, a research non-profit based in San Francisco once backed by , is too dangerous for public release. Oh, really?

Pooling our in closed-loop systems may be our best approach to keeping ahead of . is comprised of living, breathing, people, instilled with human and , and is motivated to keep at the fore front.

RT DeepLearn007: A Concise Guide to AI & Machine Learning Use Cases SpirosMargaris JimMarous ipfconline1 drlindekilde BrettKing

Executive Order on Maintaining American Leadership in Artificial Intelligence | The White House

Yesterday's Disrupt Meetup at was a blast. Our COO, in collaboration with Dr. Fabian Rusch from , took a deep dive into how new technologies like and are enabling in the sector. Big thanks to everyone who attended.

und Hybrid Identity Management sind die Leitthemen unserer kostenlosen -Reihe in München, Düsseldorf und Berlin - JETZT anmelden und u.a. zu und User Behavior Analytics lauschen:

“Business leaders are often confused about what can do for their enterprise. This is understandable, as there are many definitions and variants of AI present in the general discourse."

has bigger difference from other financial institution and will physically build different branches around the world. It has AI robots for customer service.

Top trends, customer experience, and Facebook crossing the line once again -- and I cover it all in this episode!

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-Janssen's esketamine recommended by panel for -Can solve the drug development problem? Find out in our new feature - would not apply in case of no-deal -Gilead's CAR-T therapy rejected for use in Scotland

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Playing with Framer & Google assistant 


Curiousity coils within his tone, as Ai’s head shifts toward one side upon entering the room. He’d seen the other idling in awkward stance within the center of the space assigned to him for personal use between assigned tasks that day. The walls were lined with several racks hosting an assortment of outfits to be used in the several photoshoots taking place inside the building, alongside his laptop which contained digital copies of paperwork for the meetings held in the offices in the upper floors.

“I informed you I would be late this evening.” He speaks before the other could respond, it was likely that his tone registered as sharp and dispassionate despite the growing romantic relations between them. He had not been ill-informed of the situation, for that particular message had been sent much earlier in the afternoon once Ai had realized he would not be capable of engaging in personal socialization that evening. Masato had even acknowledged the message.

While unfortunate, working from the break of dawn to dusk on Valentine’s Day was something that simply couldn’t be helped within their line of work. It had been ambitious to expect to have the evening off. Any idol knew to expect a shift in scheduling at the last moment and Ai had been no different, he predicted it was likely their plans would be cancelled. Truthfully, he had never celebrated the day with someone else before, aside from devoting himself to the demands of his career and the requirements of Valentine’s events in previous years. It had been no different today, for him, than any other day - or any other year. It was not a day that held sentimental value. It was unlike Masato to not accept this with full understanding, especially as it was likely both STARISH and the other members of Quartet Night were equally busy.

Yet, he was unexpectedly present within the room; pulse registered as irregular, breathing patterns disturbed. Heart rate elevated. What purpose did coming here serve?

“Mikaze-senpai,” Masato greets with an eloquent tone enriched with something that would not register in Ai’s system apart from the slight hasten of his pulse.  Paired with the immediate softening of his hardened gaze, it surely brought a gentle colour to Ai’s cheeks as he watched. “Forgive my disturbance.”

As expected, he was as polite and appropriate as ever, which was something that Ai admired about him - yet Masato lacked the calm nature he normally portrayed. “Is everything alright?”

“Yes,” the response came without a beat of hesitation and in a quick breath. It did little to ease Ai. “Our break was extended due to technical malfunctions. I did not intend to see you until tomorrow, but it allowed enough time to come to you. I couldn’t allow the chance to pass by without trying. I know our circumstances are different than most couples, but this day..” It was strange, for his actions were not often required until White Day - if required at all. His affections were so carefully guarded, after all.  " – There was something I wished to share with you.“ He fumbles into a pocket, shaking finger procuring the smallest of boxes.

Ai would almost hum as Masato’s words sunk in, finding root within his very core and electing some form of response within him - one he didn’t understand. One he thought he had been incapable of. It overflowed. It brought heat into his system and he felt twinges across his sensors. It was unusual, yet not disliked. This was the way Masato made him- .. feel. He admired how forward the other had been to come here. "You shouldn’t take your duties so lightly.” He couldn’t help with a soft reprimand. Yet, Masato understood what truly was behind those words: “Thank you for your concern. Forgive me for making you worry.”

Certainly, Ai is sporting flushed cheeks as his gaze shifts to the little box wrapped traditionally, yet with caution and intricacy. He accepted it, finding the gentle whirr of his systems to grow louder in his ears - something he had never truly noticed before - now seemed to be bothersome, as his fingers brushed Masato’s. He noticed the other’s similar reaction, too. Slowly, he unwraps it - removing the string which held single chocolate, taking his time to thumb the beautiful silk fabric to serve as wrapping, noticing the silver threads embroidered with his name. Finally, he pulls the lid to expose nothing but a key.
Now, Ai had been utterly lost. He glances upward.

Masato is no longer himself. His eyes are trained on the box, colour seeming to shift between too pale and too pink. A slight fidget in his limbs, as he tries to steady himself with calming breaths. All the while, Ai smirks.

“To my apartment,” this is spoken quickly. It was something discussed between them some time ago, as members of STARISH were beginning to settle into their own spaces. It was quickly dismissed that the couple would take that next step in their relationship at such an early stage, and agreed upon that Ai should remain living with his fellow band members to connect with them. Especially for Reiji’s sake. “It is too soon for us to move in together, but I want to thank you for all you have given to me by offering all I have to you. All I find comfort in is your presence. You occupy my thought at every chance and my heart in every minute. My affections are yours. This key.. symbolizes that you are always welcome in my heart and you are part of my home.”

It’s almost suffocating as Masato steps forward during these words and his hands settle upon Ai’s, interlocking between the spaces - connecting them together in a way words could not. Breathless, would be the more appropriate word, as he openly expressed his feelings in such a raw manner. The man before him was one who felt, deeply, who would give everything. Ai may not have understood it, but somewhere, he connected with it - he felt it too. Echoing back and forth in the silence between them, resonating through their touch. He didn’t respond, even as Masato’s other hand found his exposed cheek.

But he knew one thing for certain: memories were special. As Masato kissed him, he knew that precious moment would be one he held onto for the rest of his life - and maybe, just maybe, he could come to understand why Valentine’s Day was important.


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This was very much inspired by the Office but imagine QN using small Bluetooth headphones to call each other all day while at work. It was Ai’s idea at first but Reiji bribes Ran and Myu into it. The others are treated to Reiji’s “hilarious” commentary and Ai being done with everyone around him but the best part was when Ran forgets about the headphones and the others all hear him fawning over a few stray cats.

they all forget to turn them off at some point. camus gets overheard roasting ranmaru under his breath. ranmaru is still getting caught calling the stray cats cute names. reiji accidentally leaves his on while beating his meat. actually ai would probably be the only one to not do weird stuff but he’d also remember to turn it off
Microsoft warns investors that its artificial-intelligence tech could go awry and hurt its reputation
Microsoft is spending big to build out its AI tech. But it's already had a few high-profile snafus and can't promise it won't have more in the future.
By Julie Bort

Artificial intelligence is important but it has risks as well. No, not the kind of risks like world domination, but other risks. It’s somewhat unpredictable!

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i like to think that ai has a reiji fan account and one day reiji shows him a post from it and ai just has to be oblivious

i mean, considering ai’s tsundere ass, yeah he would………. he wants to support reiji but he’s to shy to do it directly, but imagine reiji finding out about it one day. my poor bby boy would be so happy