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DM: AHS Apocalypse: The ending of apocalypse didn’t make sense, the whole reason the antichrist was born was because a demon knocked up a human. So what’s the explanation for the new antichrist?

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DM: AHS Apocalypse: AHS has 94 episodes currently, which means the 6th episode of season 9 will be a 100th episode. What a special milestone!

DM: AHS Apocalypse: The real Miss Mead was much more interesting and horrifying than the robot one. Kathy played both so well.

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DM: AHS Apocalypse: Apocalypse was a season full of missed opportunities simply because they chose fan service.

This may be a reach but in episode 7 of Apocalypse, Myrtle and Bubbles are both eating at a fancy restaurant. Restaurants in America were first introduced in the 1700s. Could we be getting an AHS: Cooking season?

Acabei de assistir American Horror ... Episódio: Apocalypse Then S08E10

es una temporada genial, de las mejores de la serie realmente.

I just finished watching American Horror Story season 8 (Apocalypse) and it was maybe my favourite season of them all 👌🏼

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Which one of you fuckers is Cody?? Spill the tea sis

Michael Langdon x Scared Reader Headcanon

-Who would have thought the Antichrist would fall in love with such a scaredy cat?

-A mouse could run across the floor and you would be fine but a clown would send you running for the hills.

-You hated the month of October.

-Nearly every tv channel was playing horror movies, making your skin crawl.

-Haunted houses and pranks were around every corner, making you walk on your toes.

-Michael took every opportunity he could to scare you.

-He knew your deepest fears but he saved those for himself. 

-He’d set up jump scares around the apartment and office to get you at every second.

-You would enter rooms with caution, checking every closet and under every desk for his latest prank.

-He’d pay off others to scare you and play along at your expense.

-He said he was taking you to a romantic dinner only to show you the scariest haunted house in the country.

-He even paid to have you locked in a closet, forced to find your way out of haunted house yourself.

-You were nearly in tears when you found the exit and Michael there laughing his ass off.

-But he had an ulterior motive for this.

-He’d take you home and watch as you marched away from him.

-He’d make your favorite desert and listen as you threw drawers and doors open and slammed them shut.

-When he entered your shared bedroom, he’d find you cuddled up on the bed, the blanket wrapped around you.

-He’d give you your desert and lay next to you.

-Eventually, you’d lay on his chest, allowing him to fun his fingers through your hair and calm you down.

-He’d convince you to watch a scary movie.

-He’d pay more attention to you as you jumped and screamed at everything and anything.

-He’d love to hold you in his arms and calm your racing heart down.