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Collage/edit that I did of pics from the American Horror Story Apocalypse Emmy consideration event. I really like how it turned out. 😀 Credit to and/or as well as Cody's Instagram for the pics

📷 | Billie Lourd with the cast of AHS Apocalypse attending the FYC screening & panel (May 18)

📷 | Billie Lourd with Leslie Grossman & Adina Porter attending the AHS Apocalypse FYC screening & panel (May 18)

📷 | Billie Lourd attending the AHS Apocalypse FYC screening & panel (May 18) via

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Un panel sur 'AHS: Apocalypse' se tiendra le 18 Mai prochain avec Brad Falchuk, Sarah Paulson, Frances Conroy, Emma Roberts, Cody Fern, Billie Lourd, Adina Porter et Leslie Grossman. Peut être plus d'infos sur 'AHS: 1984' à venir ?

Murder House to Apocalypse 🤭🤭🤭 it’s coming full fucking circle

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Ok...but why did Ayra look like Brock from Apocalypse 🤷🏻‍♂️

confirmed my obsession with Myrtle Snow. "It appears as though we're fucked, my dear."

¿Me explicas el personaje de Maduson Montgomery en AHS:Apocalypse? O sea, ¿donde está la bruja cabrona que se vio en Coven?

I'm watching 2001 A Space Odyssey. This movie always wigs me out. Anyhoo it reminded me of the theory that Meade singing Daisy while dying in Apocalypse might be a clue about aliens in 9 I think Meade sang it because HAL (Robot) sang Daisy while he was dying. Thoughts?

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Apocalypse es la temporada más sobrevalorada solo por él hecho de que salen las brujas y murder house.

DM: AHS Apocalypse: It would have been have been more interesting to know what happened to Kyle in Apocalypse since it was a Crossover

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here is a tiny blurb for my dear friend @langdonsdemon that she wanted based off this gif she sent me. i’m still working on the other special request, gatita ily

warning: I hardly ever write for outpost!michael and i apologize if this feels ooc or is complete trash. please tell me what you think! as always not proofread. also SMUT AND FLUFF IF U SQUINT (also I’ll add a read more thing soon (unless someone knows how to on mobile?)

She opened her eyes and tried to blink back the confusion. She didn’t recognize where she was or how she had gotten there. Sitting up, she looked around her surroundings; white candles flickered throughout the room casting a warm glow on the walls and her skin. 

Heavy footsteps approached her from behind, making her jump. She wasn’t alone. Remaining on the floor, she turned her body to be met with a dark angel. 

The man towered above her, dressed in all black with long blonde hair cascading to his shoulders. Her wore the ghost of a smile on his lips like a signature accessory. 

“Y/N,” his voice was as smooth as silk, “About time you woke up,” the familiar sound of his voice sent a shock down her body. Like when you smell a familiar smell and memories come rushing in. 

She took a closer look finally allowing his features to claim a name in her memory; Michael.

Only he wasn’t the Michael she knew. The soft roundness of his cheeks were replaced by angular cheekbones and a razor sharp jawline. Cherub curls were now grown to delicate waves. 

But his eyes were still as blue as ever. 

“What am I doing here?” she kept her tone steady. She hadn’t seen him in years.. and yet his presence still did a number on her.

“Well, that depends on a number of things,” she saw his lip curl up slightly. “For one, do I happen to still linger in your memory.” 

It seemed like a trick question; like if he knew the answer but he wanted her to say it out loud. 

“I don’t think there would be a point in lying with this state of the world,” she looked down at his boot, not able to hold his gaze. 

“And how do I appear in your thoughts, kitten,” he bent at the knee and lifted her chin with a single finger, forcing her to look at him. 

Hushed touches and rushed kisses flooded her thoughts as memories of her and Michael at Kineros Robotics made her cheeks burn brightly. 

I remember h-how we,” she searched for the word and tried not to let her eyes spend to much time on his lips, “we touched.” 

Touched,” he laughed at her choice of words, “Interesting way to put it.” 

He straightened himself out, still leaving her on the floor. “Did you miss me?” he asked all while slowly and suggestively running his hand down his abdomen and grasping at his cock. He held his hand there, palming at his growing erection. He even had to admit he missed the way she’d let him use her. She was always so eager to please him. 

Anywhere. Anytime.

Countless were the times she hid under his desk to pleasure him with her mouth or the times they’d hide out in closets’ like a couple of teenagers. 

“I did,” she admitted. Not that she could ever hide anything from him. She knew first hand what that man was capable of. Even when he was younger, he exuded power - and that turned her on more than anything. 

She began feeling a familiar sensation pool at the core of her panties. Damn him for having this effect on her. Y/N couldn’t tell you how she ended up in a bunker with Michael of all people, but she was more than ready to have him feel her again. 

Elegant fingers toyed with the buckle of his pants, “I missed you too, kitten.” he began to free himself of the clothes covering his hardening member. “Show me how much that pretty little pout of yours missed me.” he didn’t ask. It was an order and she knew it. 

Y/N sat up on her knees, coming eye level with his cock. Just as pretty as she remembered. 

She swiped the tip of her tongue over the slit of his cock - a kitten lick. Her infamous trick that had earned her the name. It was one she was proud of. There was something so liberating about making a man like Michael crumble for her. 

His large hand tangled in her already messy hair, “It’s been too long. No time for teasing.” the hand in her hair a warning to her. 

“Yes, sir.” she nodded and wrapped her mouth around him. She bobbed her head forward, hallowing her cheeks. The tip of her nose met his base. She gripped his thighs tightly to keep from gagging at his size. Saliva began to pool in her mouth and she slurp back the fluid, making Michael hiss in pleasure.

The grip in her hair tightened as he groaned out her name. “Fuck.” his head rolled back, “If I had to cause the end of the world to feel that mouth of yours around my cock, I’d do it again and again, kitten.” 

How sweet, Y/N thought. Michael was sweet in his own way. 

She pulled herself completely off, dragging with her sticky strings of spit. Tear brimmed eyes, red cheeks and a spit covered cock; Michael missed this sight more than anything. 

“Don’t stop,” he growled, pushing her head forward again. 

Her steady pace had gone out the window with the arousal coursing through her body. Sloppy wet, slurping sounds filled the room and she knew he was close to cumming. 

She continued until every last drop of his burning hot cum washed down her throat. 

Michael gave a throaty laugh as he watched her lick her lips clean as if the load he had given her wasn’t enough; greedy little thing. But he couldn’t blame her. Not when it had been over 18 months since they’ve had each other. 

He grabbed her hands and pulled her up. His arms trapped her waist and his face was hidden in her neck. A tingle ran up her spine feeling his breath on her skin. “It’s good to have you back, kitten.”

perhaps i wrote more than i planned to?? lmao mari literally said “it can be 2 sentences” but uhh sorry lol

i hope its okay that i tag some of u bc i literally nvr write for outpost!michael SO I wanna know your thoughts:

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tate langdon || bad guy

Breaking Down Doors (Cocollory)

Originally posted by televisionsgif

Anonymous asked: Can you do  "You burst through the door because you thought you smelled smoke but it was just incense, listen you’re paying for that buddy.“ au with Coco and Mallory?

Note: They are not witches in this one. This is also pretty short. My apologies.


After a tedious weekend of moving and unboxing, Mallory had finally settled into her new home.

With a new home came new neighbours, and one of her kooky neighbours had gifted her with incense. “Just in case,” the grey-haired woman claimed before making her way back home down the street.

Mallory didn’t think much of it. Crazy ladies are everywhere, she couldn’t be serious. However, after a night of horror movies, she figured it wouldn’t hurt — right?

Meanwhile, next door, Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt was gossiping with her roommate, Gallant, when the alarming smell of smoke wafted up her nose.

“I’ll be back, something’s wrong next door,” she told her friend, slipping into the nearest shoes she could find.

Coco ran into her new neighbour’s driveway and knocked on the door a couple times. Mallory couldn’t hear over the music playing in her earphones and continued pottering around the second floor of the house, waving the stick of burning incense in the air.

Growing worried, Coco slammed herself into the door in an attempt to rescue her new neighbour. After a futile try, she slammed herself against the door again.

And again.

And again.

Finally, the door burst open. The loud thud of the door falling into the corridor startled Mallory. The girl quickly pulled out her earbuds and sprinted down the stairs.

“Are you okay? I smelt bur— oh! My bad.” Coco offered a sheepish grin, leaning against the doorframe.

Mallory was livid. “What the fuck? You broke down my door!”

“Well, sorry, but I thought you were in danger,” Coco argued her case, watching Mallory’s lips purse.

“Oh, you are paying for this!”

Silver Eyes (Michael Langdon x Fem!Reader)

Plot: Reader is chosen as a sacrifice for the Satanists but something about her stops Michael.

A/N: This was a lovely idea from @soph3218 Thanks for the great idea!

Warnings: sacrifice, not proper representation of Satanism, foul language

Originally posted by latenights

She was in a van. They had taken three lefts and four rights since she was thrown in the back. Or was it four lefts and two rights? Ugh, her head hurt way too much to concentrate.

The bag over her head didn’t help. Or the rope on her hands. Rubbing her wrists together, she tried to loosen the knots.

The van doors were thrown open. Y/N felt hands wrap around her arms. You struggled, fighting against the hands. “Let me go you assholes!” Your feet were dragged down metal stairs.

You could hear strange singing surround you. Puddles from the pounding rain outside soaked your feet. The hands held you down as you were forced to kneel.

Though you couldn’t see, you could feel the people around you. They were singing songs like you used to hear in church, only with demonic meanings. They sent chills down your spine.

“We bring a new sacrifice for our great Lord.” A female voice reigned out. The crowd cheered. “And for our wondrous leader to do the honors.”

The voices fell to whispers. You heard single echoing footsteps getting closer to you. The cool touch of metal rested against your neck.

“Take her hood off.” An enchanting voice danced across your ears.

The hood flew from your head. You blinked in the dim lighting, looking at all the red cloaked figures. What a bunch of weirdos.

A blonde haired boy looked down at me, a look of power and intrigue filling his eyes. He cocked his head, holding the knife lazily in his hands.

“You have silver eyes.”

You smiled up at him, hoping it would stir a feeling of lust in his loins.

Then you spit right on his cheek.

He didn’t flinch, or even blink. He wiped the spit away with his finger and smiled wickedly at her.

Turning the conclave, he dropped the knife. “We will not be sacrificing this one tonight. She is a gift from my father to the people.” Raising his hands, he didn’t turn back around. “Send her to my chambers.”

The men holding her down picked her up with ease. They carried her across the audience toward a back room. Throwing her onto a soft chair in the room, they closed the doors behind her.

Sitting up, you continued to rub your wrists together feeling the skin grow raw underneath. “Damn YouTube hacks are shit.”

“Perhaps you should read more than watch videos.” The blonde haired boy appeared before you. He blue eyes staring at the marks the ropes were forming. Waving a hand the ropes fell limp at your feet. Rubbing the skin, you looked him up and down.

“Thanks for not slitting my throat.” You stood on shaking knees. “But I’ll be leaving now.”

The lock on the door clicked. “Not until we’ve spoken.”

You continued to stand from your chair. Better to have something between the two of you in case of an attack.

“You have silver eyes.” He remarked again, his own blue one staring at me.

“As you continue to point out.”

The boy casually walked to a goblet on the table, pouring two glasses of wine. “Do you know the story of Lilith?”

You crossed your arms, leaning against the wall. “She’s the mother of demons or something.”

The boy laughed, taking a sip of his wine. “Or something. She was also the first wife of Adam. God cast her aside when she didn’t want to be bossed around by a man for the rest of her life.”

“Are you really keeping me here for a Bible study?”

He offered the second glass on wine to you. You took it, not caring if the damned thing was poisoned or not. “It is said you could tell her descendants because of the color of their eyes.” Over the rim of the glass he stared at her. “Silver eyes to be exact.”

You took a long swig of the wine. It was rich and instantly made you blood tingle. “So what I’m the descendant of some demon queen. Not like I have anything to show for it but some genetics.”

The boy sat in the emptied chair, lounging in it like a king. “Would you like to? Have something to show for it?”

You stood before him now in ratty clothes and sore limbs. “And what do I get out of it in return?”

The boy snapped his fingers, another chair appearing before him. He gestured for you to sit. “How about a crown?”

You sunk into the chair, leaning back and letting you legs spread before you. “I think I like that idea a lot.”



Michael Langdon headcanons

I’m just exploring so I’m sorry for the cliche headcanon,this probably isn’t the best,but I tried,and this is my first head canon ever and I was really nervous posting this

Originally posted by bbylangdon

Being his plus size s/o

  • First of all he loves the shit out of your body
  • His day to day quote is ‘more to make love too’,your love handles were his favourite part,the stretch Mark’s that curved softly and plumply creating art work of course in his mind he thought that.
  • You were an art form in the eyes of his deathly father satan
  • He had to have you,the moment he saw you but we all know young!Michael wasn’t that confident man he is today
  • Probably approached you confidently but resulted in him fumbling over his words
  • You agreed to go out with him and now here you are,dating the man people now would call the anti christ
  • Michael was intimidating and that’s a fact,but around you he was the utmost softest man youve meet
  • don’t get me wrong this lil anti christ is still the spawn of satan,seriously!!
  • He never wanted you to be involved in what’s going on,just to keep you safe
  • And cause the last time you came,someone poked fun at your body,you didn’t care you were a confident women,and people like that were normal
  • But boiiiiii did Michael take that shit seriously
  • “What did you say!!”
  • “I said shes a f-”
  • He didn’t get to finish his sentence before Michael wiped him off the face of earth,literally not even his soul existed
  • One day he came home throwing a pair of lingerie in your face
  • “Try it on"was all he said,staring deeply into your eyes,you watched as they flickered and darkened and that’s when you knew your soft lil Michael was gone
  • He loved when you tried on lingerie,admiring your curves and loving all the places you were guilty of not loving yourself
  • He would leave multiple bruises on your stomach,breast thighs neck and collarbone,some were from his harsh kisses but others were plainly because he wanted to mark you,which you didn’t deny him of
  • When he changed hes probably the most possessive person ever
  • Seriously don’t even come near his s/o or else he’ll do what he did to the other man and wipe you from extinction
  • Loved when you joined in on some of his rituals,cause after that you both would always have sex,bloodied and sweaty was definetly a Michael thing
  • Afterwards he would lay on your belly and caress your beautiful Mark’s
  • Gripping your thighs in his hands and cuddling up to you
  • "Your so soft,I love it"he was always in need of cuddles after a hard day
  • Overall Michael wouldn’t care what size you were but even so he admired the fuck out of your everything

Sweet Creature [Michael x Vanessa x Cordelia Love Triangle]

Originally posted by wwhatfinn

Something a little different. Vanessa is a queen and deserves her own fic.

Warnings: Lotsa lesbian implications, full on bisexuality, sad Cordelia, Michael wifey snatching


“Fuck!” Vanessa Giovanni exclaimed, pushing her big black cauldron off the table, causing the contents to spill all over the floor. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Stupid eye of Newt BULLSHIT!”

A soft knock came to the door as Cordelia slowly entered the greenhouse. “Potion not working again?” She asked gently, picking up the cauldron and placing it on the table. She looked at the brunette whos curls were thrown in a messy bun and whose hands were covered in various ingredients. She was a beauty, even in this state. “Ya know, I will never understand why you want a love potion. You are beautiful. You could have anyone. Hell, ya got me”

Vanessa rolled her eyes “Delia. You’re my teacher and my Supreme. If anyone found out about us sleeping together my head would be on a pike.” She sighed, putting the cauldron away. She turned back to Cordelia “and anyway, you know how I feel about Michael. We have a real connection”

Cordelia let out a huff and placed her hands on the table “Why? Because you’re both orphans with dark magic?” She said with a dry laugh.

Vanessa’s look turned sharp “That’s not funny.” she said, turning and cleaning her hands.

Delia’s face dropped and she walked over, moving Vanessa’s hair away from her ear and placed a kiss right underneath her earlobe “I’m sorry, hun. I just…. I don’t like him. At all. He’s dangerous.”

Vanessa moved away “Well, if we are judging by powers so am I. I’m almost as powerful as you. You even tried to put me up against him to be Supreme” She said, feeling a bit upset “I hate to say it, but to be honest, I’ve been feeling a little bit used lately. I’ve been so insecure I have to make a love potion to make sure the guy I’m talking to even REALLY likes me.”

There was intense staring between the two before Vanessa turned and walked to the door.

“Where are you going?” Cordelia asked, shooting her shirt down.

“On a date.” Vanessa replied, walking out and slamming the door.

Vanessa made her way to the jazz restaurant down the street, checking her compact mirror once she got there to make sure her hair was in place. She jumped when she felt a pair of arms slither around her waist. Her fear subsided when she saw a pair of familiar blue eyes and cherubic strawberry blonde curls. “Hi, Mikey” she giggled, closing the mirror and turning to him.

Michael flashed her a grin and took her hand and pressing his lips against the back of it. “Good evening, ma chérie.” He said, kissing up her arm to her neck.

She giggled “As cute as the Cajun French is, I prefer my native tongue, mio caro.” she said with a grin.

He nodded “Right. I’ll keep that in mind” he said, leading her into the restaurant.

The restaurant was very upscale and dimly lit except the stage. Soft jazz played in the back as they sat in a booth. Vanessa was enamored with the decorations and pictures of various famous jazz musicians.

Michael watched her with a smile “I’m glad you like the venue. You told me you liked jazz and this was the best place I could find.” He said, reaching over to take her hand in his. He noticed, however, a distant look in her eyes when she looked at him. His eyebrows knit together “Are you alright? Do you not like something?”

“No no no! I love it! I do! It’s just something that happened between me and Cordelia…” she admitted, running her thumb across Michael’s knuckles.

Michael scooted closer in the booth and leaned his head on his hand “Tell me. Whatever is bothering you. I want to help.” He said gently.

Vanessa smiled a bit and took a deep breath before explaining everything to him. Everything from sleeping with her Supreme to what happened right before the date. She vented how she felt about the whole thing and how she felt about him.

Michael listened without interrupting, rubbing circles on the back of her hand comforting. “Vanessa, I understand her fear, but I could never hurt you. I’ve told you before, my father planned us out. He made you to be mine. He gave you your powers to be my second in command. You are my special girl” he hummed, his hand moving to caress her cheek.

“I don’t want to hurt her, Michael”

“You won’t have to, Ness. That’s my job.”

3 Year Later

“Mama? I can’t find my shoe!” Brutus, her oldest boy, whined, walking around with one black shoe on one foot and a blue sock on the other.

Vanessa sighed, straightening Judas, her middle baby’s tie. “Sweetheart, check your toy box. But hurry, we have to meet Papa at his work soon.” She replied, herding Judas to the car and getting him in his seat.

She stepped away from the car and turned when she noticed someone at the end of her driveway. It was Cordelia. Someone she hadn’t seen in a while, and for a good reason. She closed the door and walked over “What are you doing here?” She asked, crossing her arms.

Cordelia smiled and looked Vanessa over “I just wanted to see you. It’s been so long and Madison saw you not to long ago and reported your… situation to me.” She said, peeking at the car “I thought you didn’t want kids”

“Changed my mind.” Vanessa defended, stepping in the way of Cordelia’s view of the car.

“Did you? Or was it just that you didn’t want them with me?” Cordelia inquired, raising her eyebrow. Her aura was neutral, but Vanessa wasn’t gonna give her An opening to do anything.

“Cordelia. You were And still are twice my age. I’m not saying I didn’t care for you, but we knew from day 1 it wasn’t going to last.” Vanessa said, her hands going to her waist “And it’s not about you or Michael. Not anymore. I chose him because I had a real deep connection. I love him more than I can explain, but now I have something else I need to protect”

“So you didn’t love me?”

“I did. But you could never understand me like he does.”

Cordelia sighed and nodded “You could still come back to the Acad-”

“And do what? Just leave my boys? Let some witches kill them like you tried to do me and Michael? Come and be your lesbian wife and pretend it’s all gonna be ok? I’ll pass.” Vanessa growled. She pointed at the car “I would take down every angel in heaven before I let anything happen to them.”

Cordelia went to speak, but was interrupted by a voice in the house “Found it, Mama! We can go now!” Brutus yelled to Vanessa. She turned to him and smiled “I’m coming, Mio amore! Go ahead and get in!” She yelled back before turning back to Cordelia and giving her a blank look “You need to go, before anything gets out of hand”

Cordelia didn’t speak once again. She only looked at Vanessa with tears filling her eyes. She was hoping Vanessa would say something. Anything. Vanessa’s eyes were growing damp too so she quickly turned on her heels and got in the car.

“Who was that lady, Mama?” Levi, the youngest boy asked.

Vanessa sighed and looked out the rearview mirror. Cordelia was gone. “No one, bambino. No one at all.”



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Day 7

part of day 7 with the Antichrist. 

If you want to know the full story (not ended yet) you can read it here

Summary: Reader had to stay 4 hours looking at the wall withouth moving as a punishment, but she wasn´t able to and lied to Michael about it. Now he is going to continue the punishment and take advantage of that to also claim her soul. 

Warnings: dub consent/non con (tease and denial) 

Words: 2.1 k

- I´m sorry – you let out as you turn around to meet his presence, begging, knowing that you have no escape.

- Come here – he repeats firmer now and sits straight.

- No, please, Sir… - you sound like a fearful kitten and although it arouses him, he is also losing his patience.
- You know I don’t like delaying in your compliance – he stands up and when he approaches you, he grabs you by the hair – But don´t worry, we can go all the way backwards if you want.

Keep reading

Cordelia Being A Mother Figure To Mallory


Request: Pls give us some headcanon of Cordelia being a lil cute ass mother to Mallory??! I mean honestly canon but give me more than Ryan Murphy does - Anonymous


Warnings: None


A/N: i don’t really like these tbh :(


Originally posted by billie-lourds

  • Mallory calls Cordelia ‘Ma’ try to convince me I’m wrong
  • she doesn’t really realize the first few times she does it but Cordelia definitely does
  • she doesn’t mention it though
  • but when the other girls hear it they all kinda just look at her and one of them goes 'Did you just call her mom?’
  • Mallory 100% blushes out of embarrassment and doesn’t do it for awhile until she notices the others are doing it too
  • it’s so natural now
  • like no one really questions it
  • “Hey Ma?” “Yes sweetheart?”
  • “Mom, can I ask you a question?” “What is it hun?”
  • Cordelia is SO scared for when Mallory is going to start dating because she’s knows she’s a fragile little baby and she doesn’t deserve to get hurt
  • oh but like subtle dating advice
  • or “slyly” asking about her love life on the occasion
  • Mallory’s always comfortable talking about that stuff with Cordelia though because the other girls can tend to be a little bit immature and make fun of her for it
  • Cordelia is just a support group Mallory always has
  • and that’s for anything really
  • magic
  • everyday life
  • there’s a problem? Cordelia’s there to support
  • no one knows but every now and again when Mallory has a really bad dream she goes to Cordelia’s room to help her get over it
  • she’ll just knock on her door and Cordelia’s ready with open arms to comfort her and make sure she’s okay
  • Cordelia is always shadowing Mallory to make sure she’s safe
  • sure she does this will all of her girls but she’s does it with Mallory just a little bit more
  • Mallory always turns to Cordelia when she has a question about magic or anything really
  • and Cordelia is eager to help no matter how long it takes to get it
  • there have been some nights where they’ve been in the greenhouse for literal HOURS
  • but the smile on Cordelia’s face never fades and she always shows how proud she is when Mallory finally gets something