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20 Dias em - 40 Personagens • Dia 3 : Top 3 Personagens menos favoritos: 1 - Dandy Moot 2 - Dell 3 - Hayden

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📸 22 new high quality additions of at the HFPA press conference for "AHS: Apocalypse" on october 11. 😉❤️ 🔗 more photos:

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20 Dias em - 40 Personagens • Dia 2 : Personagem favorito da Frances Conroy: Moira O' Hara

My favorite in order: 1. Apocalypse (2018) 2. Murder House (2011) 3. Coven (2013) 4. Roanoke (2016)

20 Dias em - 40 Personagens • Dia 1: Top 3 Personagens favoritos: 1 - Fiona Goode 2 - Tate Langdon 3 - The Countess

Ahs Apocalypse was a refresher to the series, one it definitely needed after Cult. I’m curious what will season 9 bring since it’s been confirmed the witches will be back🤔🤔🤔

Acabei de assistir a S08E10-Apocalypse Then de American Horror ...!

Ryan Murphy a annoncé que les sorcières de Coven / Apocalypse seront de retour dans une autre saison. Il confirme cependant qu'il a d'autres projets pour la saison 9 !

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fans after just getting a full blown Coven sequel: "We want a Coven spin off!!! Give us Coven 2! Give us Apocalypse Part 2 starring the coven!!!"

Eu vim para este mundo apenas para enaltecer a personagem mais injustiçada de .   A suprema moral, a pessoa que carregou o Apocalypse nas costas: MADISON MONTGOMERY

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hey everyone,I know I’m not very active theses days but I have a new story which I’m working on it..if any of you are American Horror Story fans I hope you’ll like it.. :)

Just a small review:

Every new pope learned that the antichrist would be born by spirit and human,they didn’t know when,no one did.When Michael was born,at the same time a daughter of Christ was born too.No one knew that both of them had the same purpose or that the one was the soulmate of the other.

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Kink hour : you get caught sneaking into michaels room and going threw his files on his laptop and he catches you thennnnnn you know.... anything could happen

oh desr god yes… I could imagine him just “punishing” you from there, from invading in his work. He never wants you to get mixed up in all of it, so when he finds you snooping, dom!Michael comes out to play 😍

What really happened:

Kyle Spencer and Zoe Benson were happily engaged at the end of Apocalypse. Mallory gradually captured their hearts as they did hers and they formed a union of the purest love since Cordelia Goode and Misty Day.

Cordelia and Misty also married and adopted Mallory as their child, gaining not only a daughter, but also an eventual daughter- and son-in-law; and then later in the future, a grandbaby.