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: « Au lieu de devenir un énième parc à touristes, pourquoi est-ce qu’on ne pourrait pas faire de une ville leader en urbaine ? En terme d’image, on gagnerait autant, si ce n’est plus »

Regional Project Coordinator Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Location: Suva, Fiji

Wouldn’t it be nice if this was the reality of living in big cities? On a not-so-utopian note, perhaps vertical & modular will become more viable in areas, less capital intensive & produce a wider range of in the near future.

enabled germination- Provided same and having identical genetic makeup, [A] germinate/grow faster than [B], under limited & / availability. may help fighting stress on . —

कृषि क्षेत्र में विकास को गति देने के लिए एक सर्व-समावेशी डिजिटल प्लेटफार्म कृषि हेल्प ऐप्प -जिसका लाभ 2018 में हज़ारों किसान भाइयों ने प्राप्त किया lअब आपकी बारी है ,आज ही डाउनलोड करें   

किसानों की आय बढाने में सहकारिता की अहम भूमिका | 16-01-2019 | |

On day 2 of her visit to , Executive Secretary Armida Alisjahbana met with various Ministers and high-level officials to discuss improving regional , sustainable , as well as cooperation.

By 1959, STIHL-manufactured chainsaws were travelling around the world. The “Contra,” a gearless gasoline-powered chainsaw, revolutionized forestry work.

. has signed a MoU to buy parts of Bio ’s crop protection assets. The purchase is expected to include activities at the main site, with the possibility of expanding the deal to include other relevant assets

Retour en images sur la 1ere journée du salon à 🌱 Rejoignez-notre équipe Hall ARDESIA allée D Stand 82 pour parler semences, maraîchage, agriculture ...👨‍🌾🌱

9 Ingenious to Grow High-Quality . If you have already faced these problems while high-quality hydroponic lettuce then the tips that we have

Depuis 10 ans, Les Jardins du Volvestre font de la réinsertion professionnelle par le . Ce mois-ci, les néo-maraîchers et leurs encadrants sont dans la tribu de . -Garonne

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Chapel in the fields by pavelrezac // Small rectangular chapel under the village of Strazovice in South Moravia on a sunny autumn day


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Brazil to fight invasions by landless workers as terrorism

Brazil’s right-wing government under President Jair Bolsonaro will seek to classify invasions of farmland by landless workers movements as akin to terrorism, with harsher penalties for perpetrators, an Agriculture Ministry official said on Monday.

Nabhan Garcia, land issues secretary at the ministry, said the government must convince the National Congress to change the law to more stringently deal with such invasions and give police broader autonomy to act against invaders.

“It is the challenge of this government to demonstrate to Congress that this is a thing very close to terrorism, or it could be said in some circumstances is terrorism, and to have a more severe application of the law,” Garcia told reporters.

Garcia founded the far-right group UDR that is militantly opposed to land invasions. His newly created secretariat of land issues consolidates previously disparate powers over rural land reform and demarcation of indigenous territory under the Agriculture Ministry.

Many landless workers’ movements seek to take over properties in the name of social and economic justice to more equally distribute rural wealth, but farmers argue this flies in the face of the country’s property laws.

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Fact: When you live a ranch life, eventually you start considering everything a date because otherwise you have to admit to people you’ve never been on one despite almost six years together.

Another fact: I am on a date as I type this because it’s a date to haul drys 2.5 hours to town for a sale tomorrow.

A third fact: The dinner part of this date will be from a gas station because we’re classy…. and on a budget.


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