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Un vendredi 13 très mouvementé en Bretagne. Pas de chance🍀 du côté de la météo avec des turbulences💨 Bulletin vidéo disponible ici: 🔽

“La du consiste à passer chaque journée comme si c'était la dernière, à éviter l' , la et l' .” (Marc-Aurèle De Marc-Aurèle / Pensées pour moi-même... )

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Sad, but a reality in Assam. A generation has already lost precious academic period in these mindless student agitations. In early 80s years of academic loss. Enough please 🙏🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

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બીનરાજકીય આંદોલનને કોંગ્રેસનો ટેકોઃ પરીક્ષા રદ ન થાય ત્યાં સુધી લડી લેવા યુવાનો મક્કમ...

मडगावातील लोहिया मैदानावर जीवरक्षकांचे आंदोलन, सेवेत घेण्याची मागणी, जिल्हाधिकाऱ्यांना देणार निवेदन

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People see me and tell me how much better I’ve gotten.. But the truth is....

I just say less, open up less, show less.. My trust is in nothing, my faith is dead. I still hurt myself, I just hide it better. And I know that if I would tell anybody how bad things are right now - they’d either distance from me or dissapear..

Unadulterated emotional anguish linkedin...

Regarding inconsolable screaming infant

christened Matthew Scott Harris woke

eureka insight about said newborn self,

experiences ultra sensitivity courtesy

loud noises and/or sleep disruption.

I purportedly cried mine

trademark noisy hullabaloo

no matter pallor turned

fifty plus shades of blue

nonstop nary a clue

lovely writhing baby bones

pitiful sight Matthew

eventually, invariably, and ostensibly

slumped into fatigue he brew

utter exhaustion and drew

round the clock few

till helplessness that no hue

man parental unit knew

not remedy only

parental frustration didst ensue,

nein body but mother coaxed xanadu

quickly instinctually, and

dotingly attempted to construe

why “mama’s boy” solely

wanted her, she knew

not why, I only permitted

maternal acquiescence to quell grew

absolute zero clue

scant hours earlier yesterday

November 26th, 2019

inexplicable insight shone through

after decades long mystery adieu

reckon unlikely circumcised as Jew,

albeit Unitarian in

later years voluntarily withdrew

attendance basically, I now eschew

contemplative, introspective, and meditative

hodgepodge transcendental spirit chew

wool awareness keenly, profoundly,

and unexpectedly piqued

clear out of the blue

courtesy oppressive wallop true

red hot volcanic rage, a violent brew

within walls of b44 deathstill milieu

expressed in most recent previous poem,

previous poem titled Even if yours truly

could repeat every grade…

where I maintain hermitage milieu

experiencing violent ready to slew

myself and/or spouse, but… whew

blinding, deafening, frothing…

heaving, jackknifing lacerating

as iterated to you

Fred Flintstone’s catchphrase,

he hightailed jabbering yabadabadoo

lest his fate witness him

serving as cannibal stew

unbearable, unmanageable, untenable…

eventually subsided without

limp or lifeless body ignoble deed

yours truly did eschew.

Éprouvant subitement une répugnance insurmontable pour la vie en société avec son cortège d'intrigues, de méprisables agitations et de paroles creuses, toute cette chaleur d'étuve qui émanait d'une promiscuité que les sinistres obligations de la vie m'imposaient, je n'aspirais qu'à m'en dégager pour goûter aux bienfaits de l'air pur et du silence…

Louis-René Des Forêts - Le bavard

The escalation of the crises of capitalism is both becoming more evident and increasing at a faster rate. This also means that the suffering of people, especially the proletariat, across the world simultaneously will become more evident and increase at a faster rate as well.

To the proletarians in the world; Organize!