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Reposted from @jean_nasser_ - Here is a sneak peek of my Interview at LA Talk Radio! I had a great time at the funny, informative and fun “Strange Kamelion Show”. Check it out! I come in at 18:20. You’re gonna have some laughs! LINK for Full Video on my Bio! @strangekamelionshow @the_kamelion @iam_marielat @latalkradio @candumanagement
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His hands slammed against the desk, “Why? Why do you feel the need to save everyone? Even those who shouldn’t be saved.” His action startled those in the room. Both Hanna and Michael jumped and then tensed, their eyes shifting to Daisy.

Daisy startled, but her reaction soon turned to anger. Teeth clenched she responded, “Because it’s the right thing to do, everyone deserves-”

“Bullshit! That’s bullshit! They’ve killed out friends and our families, they don’t deserve to live!”

The two spectators began to back up towards the door, this fight had been bound to happen at some point and they weren’t interested in remaining in the room for the outcome.

“The only reason you’re not going to kill them is because you’re weak! You can’t stomach it. Step down, you can run the operations if you can’t stomach a few deaths.” He sneered at Daisy, waiting for her to crumble, to cry.

But she didn’t.

“I’m right, aren’t I? You’re saving them because you can’t deal with blood on your hands. You’re willing to let others kill for you, but you can’t do it yourself. Just wait until-”

“I’m saving them because I needed someone to save me!” Daisy closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Yelling at one another wouldn’t solve anything.

“I’ve never been someone else’s villain, but I’ve been my own. Sometimes people need to be saved. We don’t know anything about these people other than what we think we know. How can we base our perceptions of anyone on glances? I’m not being naive, I know there are those who will kill us if they’re given the chance. But I also know that people aren’t one-dimensional. And before you interrupt me and tell me that all I’m doing is sending people to their deaths, know that I’m leading this operation. I don’t send people out to do my dirty work, I send agents out to do their jobs. I am the director, this is what I do. But since you’re accusing me, I’ll gladly go into the field. This mission is about saving everyone we can, which is exactly why you and you’re team won’t be on it. I can’t trust you behind the trigger.”

 - excerpt from the book I want to write

Mulder and Scully ♡

Don’t you love them together :-) I think the story between Mulder and Scully may be T.V.’s best ever relationship….and then they went and blew it but we’re just going to pretend nothing happened after the ending of season 8

Harringrove: Miss Congeniality AU

Steve didn’t mean for Tommy to get shot, but he couldn’t leave the Russian mobster to choke. It wouldn’t have been fair for his victims, to have him go out by: peanut stuck in the throat.

Steve expected the hearing in two weeks, he expected Hopper to be a little antagonistic- even outright volatile for his little stunt. What he hadn’t expected was Hargrove to be named team coordinator for The Citizen case, and for them to decide that Steve was going to be the man to run in the national beauty pageant.

He probably should’ve expected it, especially when the IT guy started listing off all the male agents under thirty-five. Steve was twenty-six, he should’ve known.

And seriously, did they have to use a barbie dress up game? Was that really necessary?

Steve had thought it was funny at first, when everyone got in on the game of seeing who looked good in what. It stopped being fun though when Hop decided to make his grand entrance, completely interrupting Hargrove, who had taken over and was currently in the moment of dressing the chief up in a bikini.

Steve was never going to let him live this down. Of course, any form of retribution was swiftly cut down at the knees when the IT guy’s next agent was Steve himself.

In a bikini.

Steve didn’t stick around, not even when the wolf whistles came and Hargrove was sending appreciative looks his way. Instead, he went to his usual haunt when he was frustrated: the gym.

Of course, he hadn’t planned on Hargrove following him there. Nor did he expect the other agent to swagger his way over and prop himself up against the dummy Steve was currently smashing the face of.

“You look good in a bikini, Stevie.” Billy leered at him from over the dummies shoulder, Steve just punched it harder and knew he hadn’t imagined the wince Billy made.

“I’m not doing it,” he snapped, unimpressed with the direction of the conversation. “I mean- seriously,” he stopped only long enough to throw a kick at the dummies head. Billy flinched. “Stevie Stars and all I want is world peace? Give me a break.”

Billy huffed, gave him a long look, which Steve ignored. He also ignored when Billy eventually moved around the dummy and went behind him. What he couldn’t ignore, was the sharp slapping sound followed by a stinging pain in his ass.

Steve ignored the laughs and jeers from other agents working out and spun around, his arm coming up and angrily wrapping around Billy’s neck. He dragged Billy away from the dummy, his head now in a tight headlock that Steve had no intention of letting him out of.

That quickly went to shit when Billy reached down, wrapped thick fingers around his thigh and yanked. Steve had no time to prepare and found himself with the wind knocked out of him and flat on his aching back.

Billy leaned down, his hands braced on his knees. “Look, you’re the only guy we got who looks even half decent in a speedo.”

“Yeah?” Steve asked, peering up at Billy through his lashes, Billy blinked and if possible, his face went a shade darker. It definitely couldn’t be from the brief exercise of throwing Steve to the ground. Using Billy’s distraction, Steve lurched to his feet and tackled the blond, knocking the wind out of him. “Fuck you, asshole. I’m not parading myself around for people to drool at.”

Billy grunted and pushed up from his sprawled position, catching Steve off guard and knocking him from his perch on Billy’s chest. They went tumbling backwards, Billy now leaning over him. “I had to beg, okay,” he snapped, his breath hot against Steve’s cheeks. “You know I hate begging.”

Steve wouldn’t mind if he did it a little more often, “I’m not doing it.” Before Billy could say anything, Steve shoved his legs up and wrapped his thighs around his head and squeezed. Billy lost his balance, they fell over.

In retaliation, Billy crossed his legs and shoved his sneakers into Steve’s face. They were on their sides now, an impasse if there ever was one. This gave Steve a moment to catch his breath, and allowed his hearing to clear, making way for the catcalls and encouraging shouts from the spectating agents.

“Okay,” Steve heaved, wiggling a little. “Let’s for a moment say I agree to do it. Do I have to wear the speedo?” Steve could feel Billy’s eyeroll.

“Yes,” he growled and somehow twisted his way out of the hold Steve had on him. He watched as Billy lurched to his feet, raising his arms in victory to the cheers from fellow agents. It didn’t take long for him to turn back to Steve, who was still sprawled starfish across the mats. Billy leaned over him again, “you have to wear the speedo.”

“Okay. Sure,” Billy grinned, his blue eyes flashing like the sun hitting water. Steve swept his legs out from underneath him. “I hate you.”

“I deserved that,” Billy wheezed, his grin not once faltering. “I can’t wait to see those pretty legs,” he smacked Steve’s ass.