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Regime Change or System Overhaul: Reviewing the ‘African Spring’

Indeed, like the phoenix, always rises from the dust. From the days of 's , through 's , has suffered violence, but the righteous restore it by force. Bravo . , is upon us, 👊

The candidate hand-picked to succeed him, loyalist, former interior minister , came third in the poll. - . For to democratise . Viva , viva , viva 👊

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Oh mate. is quickly starting to resemble full on bs. Same 2011-2 artwork elements, same m.o. of tiny protests outside foreign embassies with yoof holding bits of A4 chanting slogans. Sorry, but I've been there, done that and still have the T-shirt.

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Finally met "Madam Poetry" herself Sesi colour blocking me and Inspiring Sesi , two of us matching like twins on Christmas morning. 😭😭😭😭

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You're in good company, indeed, dictatorship and bad governance anywhere is abhorable everywhere. For to flourish all despotic tingods and looters of their nations must fall, no exceptions. beckons, as we prepare to drain the swamp! tyranny

My attempt to test the limits of alliteration whilst telling a story through my poetry, this one is titled 🙈.

We love personalized deliveries from published authors bathong😍🧡 Rea leboga hle !

It's be an amazing journey. Spring deals up next!

Our Spring comes with the celebration of a new poetry book and a solid Parfum .

The time has come to get your very own copy of 😍 R150 for a paperback from $14.99 on worldwide Visit if you would like to request a signed copy delivered (courier fee will apply nationwide)

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Ouagadougou, 2 novembre 2014 (Burkina Faso) : “Zida dégage” (Issac Zida est le lieutenant colonnel à la tête de l'armée qui a pris le pouvoir suite à la démission du président Blaise Compaoré)

Ouagadougou, November 2, 2014 (Burkina Faso): “Zida go away” (Issac lieutenant colonel Zida is the head of the army, which took power in quite the deprarture of President Blaise Compaoré)

photo AFP, Issouf Sanogo