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"Mother : A title just above Queen" - @eleanorgoodeyphotography Mommy @queenchinenyenwa and her babies Rex and Roy Hairstylist Mua Headpiece @urezkulture 📷 @eleanorgoodeyphotography

Female writers from Africa who have had their work produced for either TV, film or theatre can find out more about the Writers Lab & apply to write for ’s FIRST animation Mama K’s Team 4 at ! Read more:

Did you know that when an and person with a blood cancer desperately needs a lifesaving transplant, 80% will not find the match they need; due to there not being enough African & Caribbean people signed to the register.

A unified philosophy with the award winning Centre of Pan African Thought #Liberation#Identity

A unified philosophy with the award winning Centre of Pan African Thought #Liberation#Identity

swine fever is plaguing 's pork production. The disease is killing of animals, hitting the global pork supply chain, and driving up prices

In the Central Republic, there’s been an increase in violence against . for God’s# grace on all those affected by such violence – may them from the trauma and comfort them in their loss.

Over $351m’ found at al-Bashir’s residence. Reuters quoted a source in Sudan’s judiciary as saying suitcases loaded with more than $351,000, €6m ($6.7m; £5.2m) and five billion Sudanese pounds ($105m) were found at Bashir’s home.

is a pioneering as a platform and conscious about using media and digital as a disruptive enabler to profile has constantly crafted and curated her media story-lines to celebrate game-changers

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Masterful Jaguar by randy_r


NY grimy ehh!? Any’ting Busy Signal touch issa hit! Low budget vid, yet NUFF shots fi dis!!!

Clouis is…

One of the few mainstream couples that both characters are majorly or fully black. Clementine canonically having two black parents (not forgetting to mention prominent black mentors in her life as well; Clementine’s blackness showing in her hair, and her - like mine, me being darker than her - semi broad nose, darkened skin, and having black eyes which really means her having any type of eye shape and colour tbh) along with Louis having dominant black features (coarse, kinky hair being made into dreads; broad nose; defined jawline) which makes it extremely likely of him having two black parents.

*her being “light” (which I don’t see her as) does not take away from her blackness, as long as she identifies with being black and you see semblance of it, which you do by the way…*

*them being not so dark but not exactly light skin either is not an issue to me as black people comes in all types of colours.*

As a young, black female, I am proud of Telltale and have further love for this couple that transcends race.

The narrative of interracial coupling is always pushed which is not terrible, not in the slightest, but the fact that the rare narrative of a YOUNG black couple is being shown is just utterly amazing. Putting this narrative along with the interracial/open narrative brings you to what I believe is a better state of mind. You’re not limited in your perspective.

So no, I am not racist (well entirely at least) for liking two people of the same race I just so happen to identify with being shown together in a romantic sense, hell even in a platonic sense as it shows black people can get along and be healthy mates to one another. It helps brings to light this all inclusive narrative we all are trying to portray. Not to brainwash people into hopping on the bandwagon of something, but instead present to them that their views shouldn’t be limited.

The Violet x Clementine ship helps tremendously in that respect as well.

When you weigh the two ships together, looking at them objectively, equally, and separately again, TOGETHER, you’d see how much of the message to be versatile is essential to healthy living and co-existing with others and yourself.

Being homophobic, racist, ignorant or hateful hurts you the most.

The media controls the people. Yes, this post matters.


Black Americans Need To Stop Trying To Be African (Kobie Smith)