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Stage/Level design 🔥

From market to meal, every step of the traditional cooking process is shared by Aminatha and her guests on this cooking class! 🇷🇼 Aminatha's Traditional Cooking Class 🇷🇼

"The context in is different from other contexts because Africa needs to build its . We cannot isolate the from issues in Africa"

"I was touched by the enterprising spirit of the people I met, & stepping into a different culture shaped by bigger economic forces is an experience that has impacted me deeply!" - Alyssa 🇰🇪 Mind Opening Tour 🇰🇪

ITIDA, RiseUp announce African App Launchpad competition prizes worth $60000 - Economy - Business  Ahram Online via

🇯🇲 Show after show till we done with the Ray Of Light tour here Ina Jamaica. Thank you Elder @Lucianomessenger and @nattykingofficial for the love and support!

Happy to witness committee meeting at ! LEDS GP operates thought its regional platforms—mainly in , and — to reduce GHG emissions, increase resilience to impacts, and achieve socio-economic-environmental development goals.

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hey twitterguys it’s free to interact with this pic from a funstuffsite tonight! I wanna see what you can do guys!😂😂😂

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Shucked Oyster Bar.

Johannesburg, South Africa.

-Maasai Mara (4)-

“Madam, you are so lucky. Almost every animals are showing up today.” “I have worked in this job for years now. But it is seldom that we could observe every animal in this place. This is amazing! Normally, we could see only a part of them.”

The driver-guide said so while shooting videos of animals in safari just like a tourist.

That was true. I’d witnessed lions, zebras, buffaloes, giraffes, Elephants, cheetahs, hyenas, and all other animals in the wild!

I was sure that it was an experience only happened once in my life.

Africa, it really was a magnificent land!

Recently, I heard the death notice of someone who I used to be close to several years ago. It came out of blue. The deceased was English who was born also spent his childhood in Kenya. He had his personality as if angel & devil existing together. But I remember that his angel occasionally squinted in the air desperately missing something. Perhaps, there was the spaciously great land of Africa deep inside of the angel’s heart where he could go back.

I could not avoid wishing the sprit that resisted aging could finally reach the entrance of Galaxy, the great land of Kenya, and eternally rest.

Nature is severe, thus gracious.

It was reassuring that visiting Kenya was right thing to do.  










老いるのを待たずに旅立った彼の魂が、天国(宇宙)の入口、ケニアの大地に戻り、 安らかに眠ることを祈る。




B. R. A. C. E. BOY. 🈯

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I… Had a lotta time outta this shit
But when I’m back better miss me
Momma say son
I’m 6 feet deep away from misery
Still cry that we live, die
Guess we won’t change black history
Pen & paper to the bottom of it
Ghost writing, Science fictioning
Game boring got syndicates
They snoring well…
It’s not important
She say I’m mellow like cornet
Fuck it fuck it I’m corny
Slide it through while she cooking
In the kitchen
Only make sense
Man that bitch
She be horny
You always say you fucking sorry… ⛔🚫🚯


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Headcanon 6

  • Atem love love loves African patterned cloth!
  • A lot of his clothes are made from these kinds of fabrics
  • He has skirts, dresses, and shirts made from the material and will wear them out anywhere
  • He makes them look really good too
  • He actually sews his own clothing sometimes so he knows he’ll get what he wants out of the style, and if it’s messed up he can only blame himself lol
  • I’ll post a picture of Atem in patterned clothes soon so y'all can see what I’m talking about