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Coming out from the mouth of a mamas boy

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My serpentine Life. Before, now & yet to come. . True ; "based on a true story." others in the genre of an or OP-ED. About me, others I know, about of the day.

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**PRICE DROP** Purchase your own highly rated with full A3 licence in an neighbourhoods. Reduced to: OFFERS AROUND £70,000 Find out more about this business

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British chemist Rosalind Elsie Franklin was born into an affluent and influential Jewish family on July

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The Affluent (Villain idea)

Here’s one for you DM’s that want a villain that is rich & wants to use it to get more!

The affluent, more wealth than most can comprehend & more than they will ever hold. THe affluent uses their vast monetary & or physical resources to attempt to gain what they want. Money is not outright equal to power, & they know, but they use money to gain power is something that they know all too deeply…


The affluent types.

The Monopoly: Their wealth is used to gain more power for their money making. Getting money, to get power, to get monet, a self perpetuating cycle that will continue till sabotage or freak change. The monopoly will use any means necessary to make sure their profit is ‘secure’ & that production to make more is ‘most effective’. They don’t tend to be very popular with opulace, though those in power to make deals with them will love them (till they get in the monopoly’s way way)

The Influence: Their wealth is used to gain more influence over others. THey have realized that having influence over others, is much better than having wealth over them. After all influence allows them to sway there wants & needs to best set their own plan. They are usually a planner & web viewer, but if you find the right strings to cut, their whole plan will come crashing down

The Bottomless Pocket: Their wealth is used recklessly to gain flights of fantasy. Having gained so much money that they won’t be able to throw it away in a lifetime, the bottomless pocket spends is very freely. Their ambitions will be thoroughly over-funded & poorly planned out, these are the easiest to deal with in a roundabout way, since facing them head on may be a death sentence due to their endless funds & the resources that can come with.

The Illegitimate: Their wealth is illegitimate & used to try & gain legitimacy. They lack the wealth associated with everyone else on this list, but has been able to keep up the appearance of being fabulously rich. They use their skills in deception, manipulation, & just general charisma to gain power & wealth. They are hard to deal with in a roundabout way, & attacking them head on will reap the most benefits, due to them lacking many resources that they should have for their amount of ambition at this time.


La beaume par Isabelle Blanchemain
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La Beaume, affluent de l'Ardèche. En 1960, 1961, 1962, nous nous y retrouvions chaque été, en famille. A cette époque là, la rivière formait une large surface, au milieu de laquelle il était possible de nager dans des eaux assez profondes et très calmes. Plus de 40 années plus tard, il me faut constater que les crues automnales et hivernales, ont profondément changé le lit de cette rivière. C'est là, un courant impétueux qui court sur ce qui était alors un bien paisible plan d'eau immense pour mes yeux d'enfant.

Who am i?

 I’m a young adult who is trying to invest in herself by learning languages and by educating herself as much as possible. I wan’t to reach the stars , i wan’t to get to my full potential. Why know 1 language when you can learn 5? Why buy clothes when you can design your own? Why watch the kardashians when you can watch a documentary? why eat outside when you can improve your cooking skills? Obviously even the “bad things” such as “trash tv shows and fast food for example” are educational. There is something useful , educational and weird with everything in this world. 

What i want : Self-improvment ; Invest in languages , increase my current income , be more sincere , date affluent gentelmen only. Control of my mind and body. Get rid of past and learned ‘’diet behaviours’’. Literally become the female Gordon Ramsey and my own personal trainer.

How to reach my fully potential : By taking risks , practice law of attraction , educate myself by meeting all types of people and by reading more books. Traveling and learning more languages aswell as organizing and staying more focused on everything i do.

What i will post

I will post long in deepth posts about myself and my life. In this broad term , topics such as ‘’ love , money , job , traveling , dieting , mental health and school’’ will be presented. I will write my oppions on them and my experiance. I will also be as open as i can , tell you guys about my secret life.

Gadgets convicted of making us miserable, dodgy stats used as evidence



Gadgets need to be rounded up and thrown in a cell right alongside meat glue, child pageants and other notorious public enemies. The crime? Stressing people out, according to researchers at Ipsos Mendelsohn. The evidence? A survey of affluent Americans with a household income over $100,000 who moaned that their lives are more “complicated” than they were a decade ago. Damningly, the vast majority of these respondents also admitted that their lives are more “technology-infused” than a decade ago. The researchers also highlighted evidence from a separate poll of affluents, showing the growing prevalence of certain gadgets that add to the “complex calculus” of our lives: E-reader ownership has doubled over the last eight months, smartphone ownership is up to 52 per cent, and a third of affluents either own a tablet or expect to buy one soon. Sufficient proof, it seems, to send these poor devices down for life – especially if we disregard all the other things that have stressed out rich Americans over the past decade (recessions, deficits, bad TV serials) and the possibility that busier people might actually need more technology to help them cope. Read more