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Word of the Day: CPD This is turning into a week of acronyms, isn't it? Let's stick with the theme and discuss CPD

On 17 July in London, AP Account Manager Zeina Rizk will be running a workshop at about the essence of affiliate, the basics, and the real need to know stuff. Suitable for anyone looking to brush up on the basics of .

सामान बेचो दुकान नहीं । Go for Digital marketing. खुद की website बनाओ और ग्राहक को website पे लाओ। Online डील करो और अब बगल वाले को मत देखो ।

Lee-Ann Johnstone discusses the infrastructure of affiliate programs and why it is important to understand how technology can support your program in this week’s . 🚗 Watch here ➡

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(at Makaha Valley, Hawaii)

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