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Do you like ? Last week I played from . After some reflection, I am comfortable recommending it. I will leave more of my thoughts and VOD below. Did I mention it's only $20? Also, Portal.

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Thank you to the sponsor of this mic!!! I love it!!! Just need to tweak more settings but I'm loving it already!!! Thank you so much @msaivielee 🥰 #…

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14 gained from last night stream! Thanks to everyone getting me closer to status on ! It's been a blast and the from the community is great! If anyone can help me by going to my channel at you have my appreciation!!!

Lügen pflastern seinen Artikel. Vom -Komiker Neumann zum -Neumann. Kürzlich jodelte Neumann noch fruchtig einen raus. Bei Lichte betrachtet beinhaltet sein Artikel , Mutmaßungen, Lügen & FakeNews!

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You gotta be better than that to out play me with a sniper!

Join me tomorrow morning at 7am Pacific! It’s the last day for the Grand Soiree! Also, did you see Forge was murdered?

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Nineteen Seventy-Eight

All is not well in the wizarding world. They are in dire need of saving of a savior. The Ministry has turned a blinded eye to the horrors around them, denying that there is  a threat at large. But there is a threat,Tom Riddle, now going by Lord Voldemort, is terrorizing the wizarding world, with his loyal followers, the Death Eaters, no one is safe from their wrath. It seems every day someone is being kidnapped or found dead, Muggle-borns, half-bloods, and pure-blood alike are scared to leave their homes.

The Ministry of Magic has fallen, and no one is safe now. Who killed the Ministry? Why was she killed? The Question is swimming in the heads of everyone. Is no one safe. What has the world come to.

Is Hope lost?

There has been whispers of a resistance, of a group design to fight back, that vows to protect the muggle and magical world from the terror plaguing them. But who is this rumored resistance?  Where are they now when we need them?

Allegiances will change, people will die. The question is, will you survive?

Praedonum is a semi-canon Marauders era roleplay that is set during the first Wizarding War. We focus on character building and development, as well as building strong relationship foundations. We include both Canon and original characters. We are looking for a inclusive and wonderful group of writers that  enjoy exploring the what ifs of the wizarding world.