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My practice model 🌺

Sewing machine plays an important role in IndoLinen. We pay close attention to aesthetics, and it shows in our bed sheets. The colors, stitches, and shapes make all the difference among the other brands

Designed a new bag to sell at a future con. I miss playing Pokémon Yellow and Dr Mario until the batteries ran out.

Ok im just gonna go on a tweet spam shit thing cause its 4:00 am and im bored and i want to show the world my shitty ass art cause im af (Jfc kill me) A L S O John Laurens was hot and i dare you to change my mind!

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//18.10.18// 5/100 Days of Productivity

Aquarius moodboard: “ Aquarians burn cold. Their relationship to the arcane draws energy in from their surroundings like a sponge. They are incredibly sensitive to the world around them, able to pick up on more subtle energies. This is a common sign for psychics, emapths, and those sensitive to spectral energy. If they are not careful to disenchant themselves, this sensitivity can overwhelm, leading to panic attacks and anxiety.”

inspired in @normal-horoscopes post about signs and magic