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I so proud of making this. This honestly turned out great.😊β™₯️

Listened to Uttatemita's covers that involves Kalmia when I was drawing Shion then I was able to somehow nail the artstyle www β–’ β–’

80's Aesthetic Me I got inspired after a friend challenged me to do this. And now this'll be my Loser self. I love it way to much because damn I'm proud.

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So, I reorganized/decorated my shelf. There's no before pic, but let's just say, it was a mess before.

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Ad for Kama Sutra Condoms via /r/DesignPorn

last one for tonight I promise!!!


today’s spread!!! er, well, yesterday now technically but shhh

anyways, since it’s the weekend I decided to do only half a page bc I dont do as much but after doing that I may just do two for everyday. I do still want some kpop recommendations so pls pls pls gimme some!!! ya boy rlly needs it.