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Mantap A N I N

This is my Taliyah cosplay from . Unfortunately, senpai will never notice me but it's okay. Taliyah is such a cute character that she need a cute skin. Let's pray for Star Guardian Taliyah (which is 1000 better than Mecha)

Everyone at Cleartwo wishes you all a happy Easter! We hope you received the right Easter eggs but if you didn’t, then act like us and be creative 😊

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Easter Sunday (and my birthday treat) at Glastonbury Medieval Fayre. The orb is beating down on us at only 11am but it’s been great so far.


To my dearest @marshmallow-phd:

I know, technically you asked for a moodboard, but I was kinda inspired for a video edit instead.

So here you go, a nice little Writer!Tao x Writer!OC video!

As Selija already mentioned, we all wish you a happy birthday!