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My cousin dug up these photos of smol me

Мы так часто говорим «люблю» случайным людям, превращаем слова в разменную монету, обесцениваем, и так редко даем тем, кто действительно достоин этого чувства и ждет его. Для кого «люблю» – глоток воздуха.

Okurrrrrrr I got spoilt yesterday on my birthday by my 🖤 Thank you to every single one of you who wished me happy birthday, I appreciate it all 😘

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For the Anon that wanted space themed non binary moodboard .

Want a moodboard ? Just shove as many requests as you want ( different each time ) in my ask box ! It’s for my 750 follower celebration!

I got these images off google , google is SUPER bad for references so please let me know if you know the credit due !!!!


Damascus steel tanto blade with custom scales. Red, white and blue liner and  .50 cal BMG head stamp inlays. Comes with a custom leather sheath. This beautiful knife and sheath is available at

rules: bold the aesthetic that applies to your muse

For Anestis, aka the Consumer


tired eyes.   coffee stains on the table. listening to the bustle of the city.  unmade beds.  loose ponytails. sunlight seeping through the curtains.   chapped lips.   walking barefoot across the floorboards.  dusty dictionaries.   black and white reruns. huge sweaters.   the ticking of the clock. hearing birds in the morning. fireplaces. falling asleep during class.


freckles.   the sun rising.   watching the sea.   taking shots of the city.   historical museums.  bright eyes.  looking up at the clouds.  walls covered in artworks. writing in the middle of lessons. tracing your fingers on the sand. painting for hours.  staying in uncrowded coffee-shops. worn paperbacks. messy braids.  going to bed with your socks on.


dark hair. a little sophisticated.   always observing the world around you. intricate designs. high ceilings.  extravagant musical pieces.   dim lights.   colourless photographs.  fancy furniture.  pale skin. hearing soft footfalls coming from outside the room. mischievous looks.   bitten nails.   candlelight dinners. dark shades of lipstick.


chandeliers.   the clinking of a teacup. laced clothing. modern architecture.   light hair.  watching the view from the terrace.  hidden birthmarks.  drinking tea in the morning.wandering about in an empty building.  botanical gardens.   old films.   ancient marble sculptures. expensive perfume .  breakfasts in bed.   reading about mythology.


compassion.   short writings on scraps of paper. blushed cheeks. a bouquet of roses.reading collections of poetry late at night.   loose hair. carpeted floors.   attending operas. faint music playing in the background.   staying under the covers until midday. the night sky. streetlights. picking flowers. dancing around in silk dresses. scented candles.

He set us a task: to write a story creating our own urban myth. The lesson ended with the boys walking around the classroom like zombies and the girls arguing over which was worse, clowns verses Slenderman. I left the classroom alone and no one noticed.

Between the Lies / Cathy Macphail————————————
Jude is missing. When Abbie receives a text from her, everything changes. But the question is why is Jude missing? Does anyone know? Maybe Abbie, maybe Jude’s friends. No one is sure- a thrilling tale full of suspense and surprises! 4/5


Get back to me when you grow up.

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i am notttt posting the ask. this is such a stupid thing to defend - this is a game, chill outtttt. 

nonny, i grew up around & working with various sorts of working dogs. we cropped or docked a dog to avoid injuries in the case of our livestock workers if necessary, same for our herd protectors and hunting dogs, again only if necessary. we had one dummy hunting dog that ended up getting docked ‘cause he kept injuring his tail & an injured dog can’t work. at that point it’s an extra mouth to feed that can’t earn its keep (not the stance i personally have towards my own dogs now but such is farm life out in the booneis), a simple docking early in life would have saved him a lot of pain & been heaps less invasive then the docking we had to do to him as an adolescent. 

cropping & docking isn’t a thing i have any strong feelings about one way or the other in regards to conformation or working. stahp bothering me about it! like, end of the day who gives a fuck it’s the sims.