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With the academic year set to resume in a few weeks, Prime Minister James Marape has again clarified misconceptions surrounding the student loan program. story in link:

📢📆 Hoy abre el plazo para la presentación de solicitudes a la convocatoria para la financiación de Proyectos de Investigación en salud de la 2020 Principal convocatoria para la financiación de proyectos en de ámbito nacional 👉

FW3160 Compact Fanless Network Appliance. One machine which can act as firewall,router, desktop, display center solution and much more.

Aún estamos convocando a profesionales para el cargo de Facilitador/a AES - PACE UCN Antofagasta. Interesados enviar CV, respaldos y pretensiones de renta a nuestro correo

やっとSNKの復刻ポスター第四弾が発売されたー!! Reprinting Posters Selection Vol.4 ★収録タイトル★ ・THE KING OF FIGHTERS '95 ・真SAMURAI SPIRITS ・リアルバウト餓狼伝説2

Don’t miss today’s event at 4PM in which we’ll talk about Dynamic EQs and their applications!

Duke perspectives from 2019: New data from LAANTERN registry, Novel hybrid micro-electrocorticography array for seizure focus identification, and More!

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13/100. i haven’t updated the past few days since i’ve been out of town but i was doing homework nonetheless. had practice for tech challenge from 10-3 today, and then i came home and did my response paper and some memorisation for a monologue. i also scheduled a doctor’s appointment to figure out why my body is so fucked up. it’s likely either pots dysautonomia (my sister has it) or orthostatic intolerance.

do y’all have tips for staying on top of work with chronic illness? if you do, please let me know.