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Before we head to space in , lets have a smoke session with the new category for Glad to see the progression of allowance and acceptance on the platform for plant

In an effort to encourage self care for cancer advocates, we created the Escape to Thrive Leadership Conference. This year's conference will be held Jan 26-30, 2020 in Tucson, AZ. Applications are due by Sept 15. Learn more:

AIA Illinois Q3 board meeting. EVP Stacey Pfingsten's first meeting and EVP Mike Waldinger's last Illinois meeting. We definitely have wonderful people advocating for Illinois architects!

Less than 60 days until Election Day! Thank you to everyone who has attended one of our town halls across , our next one will be in Strathroy 🎉

Huge thanks to for touring our manufacturing facility yesterday. starts with awareness, and we're grateful for your dedication to helping the blind and visually impaired community in Oklahoma.

Education Advocacy 101 ~ Getting Started Tuesday night, September 3, 2019 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM Based on the book by Pete & Pam Wright: From Emotions to Advocacy Last hour is an open discussion! Please join us.

Thank you to Vapor Hut and Kimo Gee for joining PSFA. We appreciate your support to help the vapor industry in PA. If you are interested in joining PSFA, check out our website for more information at .

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James Rauh's recently wrote an Op-Ed for that brought the illicit fentanyl issue to the surface, explained China's role in it, and expressed his deep for on this matter. Read the full article here: 🌎

Another great meeting for August Recess with on behalf of . Thank you for your continuous strong support!

BHAP provides , , and opportunities: our members benefit from effective and relevant resources that keep you focused on what matters most: the health and well-being of your clients. Join today:

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The CustomerJourney is changing to delivers loyalty & that creates strong, sustainable brands CX customer experience

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Mental Disability

Once, a woman spotted me sitting outside my apartment building in my wheelchair reading. She handed me $5 because she thought I was lost.

I was 21, and showing no signs of distress

You can’t make this shit up, I swear.

anonymous asked:

Do you have links on the Shane being ablest against people with learning disability’s things ? I’ve only really recently started to watch some of his videos. He seem like the kinda guy who be up for learning if educated in a nice way and I like to watch for it anyway.

Hiiii anon!

The primary issue I have with Shane is the fact that he distances himself from other disabled people, almost as though he feels that he’s too good to be associated with us, and he specifically has made fun of intellectually disabled individuals in his books. I don’t have any links to specific examples, but I know that I was immediately, viscerally turned off by his written work.

He honestly just comes off like a huge asshole who thinks he’s better than everyone else because he has an advanced vocabulary. It’s kinda gross.

Sorry for the Shane rant lol. I just think he’s extremely, unnecessarily divisive and I’m really not a fan.

I was speaking more generally with regard to learning disabilities. I wasn’t specifically referring to anything Shane had said. I was talking more about what I’ve seen within the disability community there.

One of my biggest pet peeves is the judgement and prejudice that goes on in the disability community.

Like, we’re blahalized enough without people within the community yelling about how certain disabilities aren’t real disabilities. And don’t even get me started on the way that those with physical disabilities look down on, and in some cases, even make fun of, those with intellectual or learning disabilities (Shane Burcaw, I’m looking at you).

I mean, sorry for getting all high school musical about this, but we really are all in this together, and if we don’t make more of an effort to build each other up, this world is gonna tear us down in the blink of an eye.


So, YouTube has been demonotizing channels that advocate awareness about Autism, Anxiety, Depression, and different disabilities mental and physical illnesses,etc. Stories that NEED to be seen and heard. But YouTube is paying people that are racist,sexist,homophobic,sexually harassing people, transphobic,faking deaths,and psychologically traumatizing (and according to the military,that is considered psychological TORTURE) people as “pranks”, pedophilic behavior, and a whole list of other fucked up things. YouTube WHAT THE FUCK?!

You can’t do any real good sharing posts and giving opinions about every topical social and political issue.

Find the issue that means something to you and dive into it like your favorite video game. Uncover every nook and cranny. Don’t waste your life knowing just enough about every headline when you can know far more about a single community and cause.

These are people experiencing these issues after all, and if you don’t talk to them, then you’re missing something very important.

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My family are very sensitive when it comes to talking about animal suffering and tell me not to talk about it because it upsets them, but they still eat animal products and sometimes fish. If I tell them about the suffering involved they tell me not to say anything because it’s too upsetting for them. Yet they also think it’d be too hard for them to go vegan. I don’t believe they don’t care about animals, but they find it too upsetting to become informed. How can I best advocate to them?

This is a fairly classic defence, people use “don’t tell me because I’ll find it too upsetting” as a shield to not have to endure criticism or find out the truth about where their food comes from. Don’t buy it. They find it upsetting because what is happening to animals is upsetting, and they are contributing towards it. Keep advocating regardless, obviously be polite and gentle about it, but if they object on the basis that they find it upsetting, agree with them that it is upsetting, which is why you don’t think that they should be contributing towards it. They want to keep it out of sight and out of mind, it’s your job to make sure they don’t have that luxury.

I am a disabled woman.

Trump has mocked and demeaned both women and disabled people.

So I and those like me are doubly fucked. And those of us that belong to further blahalized communities (e.g. LGBTQA+, mental illness, people of color, immigrants) are triply, quadruply and quintuply fucked.

He hates us. And if you support him and his bigoted, misogynistic, racist, ableist administration, you hate us too.

If you tell me that you identify as a “person with a disability”, that’s what I will call you.

If you tell me that’s how I should identify, I will tell you to fuck off.

If you don’t see the difference, you are part of the problem.


Christy Turlington – iconic looks 

Christy Nicole Turlington (born January 2, 1969) is an American mother, model, charity-founder and campaigner, and filmmaker.

“…I feel as if you learn most about yourself when you put yourself outside your comfort zone. I like to be in remote places where there’s no internet—and oftentimes no hot water." 

For a very unique experience, please come and join us for some light-hearted DID-awareness improv! Where we will have very talented actors playing each of the boys (my alters) and answering your questions in complete character! As part of our plan to humanise the disorder, we’re aiming to bring a physical body and voice to each part that makes us whole.

Please come and support the actors by joining us on 20th August @ 4:30pm GMT! Where you can test their skills by asking them questions and having a glimpse into the dynamics and goings on in the mind with someone with DID.

Hey, everyone, I would appreciate your advice/help I’m doing a booth at a walk/fundraiser for autistic people.

Last year when I went to this fundraiser it had this overwhelming ambiance that it was for autistic children and their parents. Which was awesome but even though I’m autistic I felt like the adults were defiantly underrepresented. I’m now running a booth this year for autistic adults. I’ll be offering information on the program I’m in but the main point of this booth is to be for autistic adults and educating the people about them.

My main idea is for it to be a “Ask An Autistic Adult” any question you want a type of thing.

What do you think about this idea?

They can keep men in here, under lock and key, deep in the dungeon until the final moments of their lives, so that men like York and me will never taste the rain. But they cannot keep us from passing our condensation on to the sky. They cannot keep us from raining down in China.

Rene Denfeld, The Enchanted

It’s been two weeks since I read this book and I still don’t quite know how to feel about it. It was surreal and sad and horrifying - even more so once I learned about the author’s advocacy and investigative work in this field - but so beautifully written. I read the whole book in a single sitting. If it’s one that you’ve got on your TBR pile, please be aware that it contains descriptions of, and allusions to violence, sexual assault, mental illness, and child abuse. Don’t be fooled by the appearance of the book, this is not a light read.

If dreams can come true- I had better change my will!

One of the features of my depression is sleep disturbances and very vivid dreams (I woke my partner up a few nights ago repeatedly screaming “mum, mum, mum” (hmmm, that’s not a scene from a horror film at all! *points finger to mirror growling “REDRUM*).

So if as Gabrielle sang in the 90s, “dreams can come true”, it occurs to me that I had better change my will. Because in my dream a former partner was about to inherit all my worldly goods.

I wrote my will over 17 years and two long term, two brief-stint relationships ago, and I have been with the current “light in my life” for over nine years. And yes the beloved has been on the mortgage, but I, in my infinite avoidance to admin,  have yet to change my legacy and testament so that my ex-ex-ex-ex doesn’t get my stuff (although I might still leave him enough cash to afford a stint in rehab… it didn’t end brilliantly).

This will be my project for today. Now, needless to say, I have more stuff today than I did back in the day, but what was really nice is that everyone apart from his nibs is still in my life (many by choice, not just by blood) and I was more than pleasantly surprised to see that I have maintained these friendships for over two decades.

I think one of the worst features of mental illness is that it saps your (my) self-esteem and gives you a false perspective on your (my) importance to other people in your life. I get that many self-help gurus advice that you need to “believe in your own value” but for me it was overwhelmingly positive to have, in black and white, objective verification that I mean something important to this handful of people, and that they love regardless of my broken brain.

And so if you are in my life, I just wanted to tell you that I love you too, and thanks for sticking around. And if you are a meany-poop-head don’t be expecting to inherit no jewellery… but none-the less I wish you well on your forward journey through life;-)!  


Please sign our petition, to OPPOSE HEMP FLOWER BANS in the UNITED STATES


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