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Surprise her. A single rose, a loving text message, a picnic at the lake, a late night drive. It doesn’t have to cost money. Just catch her off guard.

you can’t expect people to understand you fully when you are unwilling to explain yourself. you’re doing the people you care about a disservice by constantly lying about your feelings and withholding truths from them. you feel lonely and blame them for ‘not getting it’, but have you extended any true effort into getting closer to them yourself? the person you’re talking to can’t read your mind, they can’t unravel your feelings and pick your thought processes apart -not unless you openly and wholeheartedly express yourself. don’t self-centredly expect to be known by others when you’re unwilling to bare your soul to them.

14 October 2244

My girlfriend and I are having our first real fight, and it’s over plumbing. Sort of.

She took a field assignment while working on her thesis, and it brought us out to a lonely little town in highest Earth orbit. It’s a nice place, with everything I need for my own work, but it’s a big adjustment for us compared to the Lagrange swarms.

There just aren’t as many options and, in fact, when it comes to plumbers there’s only one. And thanks to my girlfriend, she isn’t exactly willing to play nice with us.

I think we need to make peace, or at least figure out how to do enough of our own work to finish out our lease. My girlfriend wants to stand her ground and somehow force this woman to redo half the piping in our apartment and not gouge us on the price. I just don’t see it ending well.

What can I do?

- torqued off

Well, whether or not your girlfriend is going to have any luck getting someone to do a remodel to an apartment you’re renting is going to depend on quite a bit more information than I have. I assume you’ve at least cleared the idea with your landlord, right?

In any case, I get the sense that you’re asking for permission to go grab a wrench or a plunger and fix something specific that’s bugging you. And as far as that goes, it’s up to you to decide if the relief of fixing the plumbing problem is worth the trouble of getting in the way of your girlfriend’s righteous indignation.

Rengi Yok aşkın, kokusu, sesi, görüntüsü de.. Bir sen'i var tarif edemediğim..

Yar… Kaç Umman aşmalı vuslatına kalbinin?

Kaç bahar daha görmeli gözlerine denk? Ya da kaç satır daha gerekir özlemin demine..?

Her kalbin kendine göre yandığı bu şeyde, ki adı Aşk..

Aşkıma ortağım bugün de iyi ki varım'sın…


zєуиєρ ∂єfиє


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So.. I suffer from instrusive thoughts. Violent ones and ones that are really just the opposite of what I actually think. Like I could be thinking 'aw shes nice' and then the thoughts in my head will be 'but shes ugly af' and I hate these things bcs thats not what I think!! And I feel so bad cause uts the same when I pray to Hekate and Persephone. I will thank them and all and then the thoughts will add something nasty and I feel so bad..

You aren’t your intrusive thoughts, love. They don’t define you or how you feel. And the gods know that. The gods know who YOU are and what is truly in your heart.

I mean the fact alone that you feel bad proves that those thoughts are nothing but thoughts that have zero connection to who you are as a person. So while I know it doesn’t take away the difficulty of dealing with those thoughts, do believe me when I say that the gods know you and they know those thoughts aren’t you. ❤️

Hey just a reminder that forgiveness when you’ve been hurt by others isn’t really about whether or not they deserve it but about whether or not you’re going to continue to let it affect you. Your hate for someone else can breed the same kind of behaviour, however justified that hatred is.

You have to break yourself from the chain of abuse before you can start to mend the hole it left in you.

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should I be scared of sending my nudes to someone?

I mean I kind of can’t really answer that for you? Tho I feel like if you have to ask then perhaps you shouldn’t be sending nudes to someone.

There’s nothing wrong with sending nudes but you gotta first understand your own feelings around it and how much you trust the recipient of these nudes.

Like do you not care that there’s a possibility that the nudes could be showed to others? Or would that really bother you? And if that does bother you do you trust the recipient enough to believe they wouldn’t leak or show your nudes?

I don’t necessarily think you should be scared BUT if you gotta ask someone on tumblr if you should be then I think you need to take some time to think it through before you do anything.

does anyone know a good app for making fake tweets? the app i have been using previously has basically gone to shit. problem is, i have an android (i know, poor me 😔) and can’t use all the ios apps. this sucks because its the first time in a really long time that i’ve had the motivation to get back into my social media series (half the sun!!) and its literally not letting me. idk what to do, someone help me :’(

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Hi 👋🏻 I think I may be trans? (FtM) but I’m just... not sure... I feel like a man but I also don’t feel a huge amount of dysphoria and I’m not sure about transitioning or binding I feel torn because I feel like I’m trans but I also don’t feel like I’m truly *trans* and that I might make a mockery of people who are trans, I feel like if I use the label, people would claim I’m faking it or I’m misrepresenting or appropriating being trans 😓 I’m just Rlly confused -Hella Confused Anon

Tobi: Hey Nonnie! I’m sorry you’re going through a confusing time right now but I can promise you that you’re not alone. I remember when I was struggling to figure out who I was, I had this same thought process many many times. Every once in awhile (even after being socially out for almost 6 years now), I still get the thought of “wait, what if I’m just faking it?”. I also remember that I didn’t have a lot of dysphoria when I first started questioning either, so you’re not alone in that boat either.

My best advice for you here is ask what you want. Your gender identity is yours and yours alone, so why let what other people will think/question/harass, what have you affect your journey on figuring out who you are? Not every trans individual changes their name, their hormones, their outward appearance, etc. the label of “trans” applies to anyone who has a disconnect with the gender they were assigned at birth. From your ask, you seem like you have that disconnect so I don’t know of any reason as to why you’d be appropriating the label?

Something you may want to ask yourself is why don’t you feel trans enough? What is enough? And why is it that you need to get there before you can call yourself trans when you seem to already feel you are?

If you’re still on the fence, take a look at this post in particular where I address a lot of the “am I trans if _____” questions and hopefully that will help also. Remember that figuring out your identity can be a process, and unfortunately it can be a confusing one, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a bad experience. You’re figuring out you. Embrace that!

I hope this helps, and feel free to message again if you’d like to chat!