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What Is Twitter? Getting Started to Twitter Marketing

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Advertising is not about selling an image, it is about selling a feeling. Your voice is the tool that will deliver that feeling.

Financial branding doesn’t need to be boring. Mervyn ten Dam, founder of Dutch creative agency Achtung! discusses B2B brand identities and why it’s vital to appeal to the mindsets of tomorrow’s workforce :

Native advertising is born out of brands finding better and more direct ways of getting their content in front of their target audience.

The real estate market is more competitive than ever. Learn cost-effective marketing options to reach buyers and sellers around your area!

We have a great selection of vintage advertising in from various dealers to suit different budgets. We are open until 5pm along with the Decodence cafe.

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1971 Sears by Converse shoes advertisement

Fireheart’s Promotion: Life as a Clan Cat

Are you tired of living the same, comfortable lifestyle day in and day out? Do you hate being able to wake up and know that you’re going to be well-fed and happy? Have you always wanted to grapple with the claws of death? Well, look no further because we’re giving you a one-time offer to join the Clans. 

When you join the Clans, you’ll never be comfortable again because you’ll be sleeping next to at least ten different cats, most of whom will be snoring louder than a monster on the Thunderpath. You’ll starve and freeze for at least half of the year, and you’ll never be happy because there will be cats who hate you for no reason. Death is around every corner and sometimes, your own family members will try to murder you for a few mouse tails. 

You still don’t believe me? Well, what if I told you that I took this special offer and became a Clan cat. That’s right, I used to be a comfortable, well-fed house cat just like yourself. But after being attacked by a fluffy gray kitten, I saw the way and gave up my happiness and at least half of my sanity. 

And don’t worry, you’re sure to receive a warm welcome. Just take a look at some of the things my Clanmates said to welcome me into their ranks. 

“Once a kittypet, always a kittypet.” 

“I hope he doesn’t sleep next to me with that stench.” 

“Redtail is dead!” 

I know the Clans may seem hostile, close-minded, and act like they have a superiority complex, but I just have to say…you’re absolutely right if you think that. 

However, beneath all that, we are a family. And we demonstrate this every day by fighting over petty things, then making up later because our sacred code forbids us from murdering each other. 

So please, jump over that fence and hope you have the fortune to run into a friendly warrior instead of Tiger–I mean, a less open-minded cat. The path to freedom, sickness, constant battles, mouse bile, ticks, famine, more battles, and probably at least one all-out war is just outside your cat flap. 


#Marketing #MediaPromotions #Advertising #Exerpist

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#Marketing #MediaPromotions #Advertising #Exerpist

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#Marketing #MediaPromotions #Advertising #Exerpist

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