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Why I don't spend money on marketing. Well... for 4Eur I can mingle with people and get a pint on top of it!

wishes you a Happy Valentine's Day. ❤ Official dealer of pleasure. Credits: Agency: Extrême / Springer & Jacoby, Paris, France Art director: Christian Vouhé Copywriter: Alexandre Toso

This is an open door to Buddhism. Ajahn Sumedho is a gifted explainer who makes even the complicated understandable. From a  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Review for 'Don't Take Your Life Personally’. Ajahn Sumedho

Review for 'Don't Take Your Life Personally’. Ajahn Sumedho

Last week on Wednesday, we recorded a episode with Atom, Xavier, and Lorenzo. Our editor is doing his final stage of editing the podcast. This podcast is epic, you’ll see what we mean.

Plan ahead is 💐🌻here and won’t wait for your procrastination outdoors is what’s up! canopies ⛺️on NOW!

"When all the fibers in your body scream yes and it's go-time again (..)" ⚡️ w/ @mika_yaacov for @crosscamp_official 🚐 - - - Road Trip X Lightroom Presets: Link in Bio 🍂 - - -

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Watch out. 💘 Love is in the air. Heineken 🍺 Credits: Agency: PublicisFergo, Panamá Chief Creative Officer: Germán White Art Director: Dilva Valdes Copywriter: Germán White Account Director: Fabián Ward...

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Came across this of published in in the year 1969 literally urging people and encourage also convincing how an product is at par with imported ones. Also read the last para :)

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Publicidade antiga | old advertisement | 1926 by Hemeroteca Digital | Old magazines & newspapers | Portugal

Cold cream Marya.

in: Ilustração N.º 7, 1 de Abril de 1926.


Publicidade antiga | vintage advertisement | 1926 by Hemeroteca Digital | Old magazines & newspapers | Portugal

Perfumaria Elite.

in: Ilustração N.º 12, 16 de Junho de 1926.


Publicidade antiga | vintage advertisement | 1926 by Hemeroteca Digital | Old magazines & newspapers | Portugal

Ilustração N.º 13, 1 de Julho de 1926.

Fucked up things for work

So I work in advertising and this one time our clients briefed us for a script that would really tug on heart strings…. And this was for a cheese brand mind you. So we thought and thought, came up with really sweet films with kids doing nice things, learning outdoors, helping their elders etc - all while eating a sandwich.

Of course these scripts didn’t fly cause they weren’t “emotional enough”. So after 2 more rounds like these we finally asked the clients what exactly they wanted. I kid you not…. They told us they wanted to show some kind of disability because their tag line was something like goodness in every bite. they wanted to show that despite disability, kids learn to be good.

So feeling really weird about this… we wrote a script where the main kid was blind and helped out his younger siblings. We tried to write this as sensitively as we possibly could and as we guessed by now… It got rejected. This time their issue was that it can’t be a disability that makes the cheese seem like it’s not giving enough nutrition… So that people don’t think the cheese is causing the blindness. After hours of debating with them they told us… Out loud… That they want to “cut off some limbs”. To date I remember my boss just losing it on them. Like I know we work in an industry which demands emotional writing, but this time I really saw how insensitive you need to be to get anywhere. It was just so shocking the lengths they would go to… Just to sell cheese?! Sadly, despite our protests, we had to write a script anyway…We’re definitely going to hell.

Do you guys have any incidents where you literally felt like you were selling your soul?