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It’s been unexpectedly cold and windy these past couple of days and of course I am never prepared for it.

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend! I was able to do a brief photo session yesterday before the wind really picked up.


I’ll cut right to the point here. Over the past few months, I have launched a new single product/branded store and have been able to build up massive amounts of data through traditional single interest/stacked & flexed targeting via Facebook and Instagram.

As you can see from the picture below, in the past 30 days alone, there has been close to (2K Purchase Pixel Fires).

So what’s the problem? Since the inception of this particular business, I have BARELY used any look alike audiences to grow the business. It’s profitable on it’s own still even with PPE and basic interest targeting…

I have other companies that are easily able to be scaled using LAA’s, but when it comes to this company, my LAA campaigns that have been ran thus far is not exciting like everyone says.

Although I will continue to do the targeting that works…I am looking for suggestions or tips on how to aggressively scale with the pixel data that I have built up for this brand.

I keep seeing everyone say, “I recommend starting your LAA targeting after around 100-500 fires”. So by referencing the pictures below, know i’m missing out on something here to say the least…

Please keep in mind that ad budget is not of the concern. The way I have been successful thus far with the e-commerce game is aggressively running adsets, so no ($3/$5) testing non sense lol.

Open to any suggestions/offers/tips at this point. I myself even run a Facebook ads agency, however most of my clients are in the local markets or in the startup phase, not necessarily the aggressive scaling phase like this just yet when it comes to e-commerce. (no I am not taking on ANY clients at the moment nor is this a sales pitch for that)

🔥Lets use this post here as the PRIMARY look alike discussion. It’s a topic that is danced around a lot in the online e-commerce community. So let’s settle that debate on here and use my store as the guinea pig.

👉Connect with me on instagram if you’re heavily in the facebook ads/ecommerce space as well and lets network!

Facts Below:

👉Some Facts About The Business:
- One product branded store, NOT drop shipping
- NICHED to ONE audience (very very big audience though…)
- The video ad has over 15M views and counting
- USA ONLY product as of the first half of Q1 here

👉What has been done so far (ads wise):
- Video went viral overnight on a $100/PPE (100k+ Views) months back when I first started
- Ran plenty of single interest targeting, stacked & flexed
- Have tested 1%-10% Purchase LLA individually in a CBO with a budget of $1,000 daily for the past week (okay results…)
- Have an email list of 200K plus customers over the past
- Simple retargeting campaigns (nothing too crazy)


Love this! Short….sweet and delivered the messsge…. video editing at its best…
Reposted from @azziescott - Check out the latest ad campaign spot “If Brands Were Heroes” Featuring @oketoburks for @herogroupnyc
“Is your content optimized for everyone?”
Directed by: @azziescott
Creative direction: @joeanthonynyc
Talent: @oketoburks
1st AC: @patrayman
Audio tech: @mattpiece182
Production: @thedreamdept
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