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Who has seen our new signs at our new office ? Don't they look bright and fresh! – at Dor-2-Dor

To keep winning, you have to keep learning and improving on what you do.

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Is it me, or does one of the muppets from the Barclay’s advert look the spitting image of Dr. Robotnik from Sonic The Hedgehog? It can’t be coincidence surely 😂

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“Rumble of the Milky Way” - poetry book. / “Łoskot Drogi Mlecznej” - tomik poezji.

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Domestic Violence Advert

This was really good advert i liked that at the start of the video you weren’t able to tell that it was a man that was getting the abuse. this is the type of work i want to make, where you can’t tell until it zooms out.