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I made these two sides badges/coins just to add a little fun reward for the players ⚔️🐉

I do not wish them [women] to have power over men; but over themselves. - Mary Wollstonecraft Image from August of this year by @ericgeminiphoto

Happy National Take a Hike Day! Anywhere fun you'd like to go hiking today? Maybe a local trail or state park? Reply to this tweet and let us know!

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Some people ask why I walk up well theres nothing like reaching a summit and watching the and being the only one to witness it

Classic Italian dish Fritto Misto di Mare, perfect for a starter or tasty snack. Prawns, Calamari, fish fillets and soft shell crab, fried in seasoned flour and served with chili jam and aioli.

Enjoy the risk taking heart stopping adventure to go against the Helghan Emperor Scolar Visari at his home world of Helghan in KillZone 2

Upload VR Golem Review: A PSVR Adventure That Shines When It Isn’t Being So Stubborn: Your first few hours of Golem might be agonizing. You might, as I did, wrestle with the game’s troublesome… Via

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Super Paper Mario (Wii)

~ Experience Level: Completed once. Never again.
~ First Played: May 2019
~ Last Played: Today

Super Paper Mario is an exercise of time wasting filled with lengthy exposition, needless backtracking, layered menu navigation, and a slew of half-baked gimmicks. Let me share one small portion of the game with you:

-Arrive in new town
-Follow baddies outside town to rescue kidnapped townsfolk
-Reach dead end
-Travel back to town to learn how to pass dead end
-Travel back to dead end and continue travelling
-Reach second dead end
-Travel back to town
-Type out “please” 5 times to learn code
-Travel back to second dead end
-Use 25 step code to pass second dead end

This does not include the switching characters and sidekicks (both of which require opening menus) required to traverse the landscape, defeat enemies, or search for clues and secrets. This is a hard left turn in the series that even abandons the turn-based battles and paper aesthetic which was once core to its identity.