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Weaver Lake Trail. Favorite hike with my favorite person. 🖤

This trail allows your puppers on it, so I’ll be taking mine next time I go 🐶

KBT: O.Z. Distillery

First stop! O.Z. Distillery. 

I had not known what to expect in Onwensboro, TN.  There is really not much out there if you’ve ever been. There is a Hilton hotel and expensive bar/restaurant in the hotel, but we’ll get to that. A few museums and event center. Parking garages. I have only by this point lived in Kentucky for two years so I don’t know much of anything around here.

We arrived there and got comfortable set all our stuff up. It’s January so everything is chilly but my goal is to visit a distillery every month so that is what I did!

Anyway, getting there was easy. I booked the tour in advance to save the trouble. Online you have the option of buying this Classic Cocktail ( or buy it there ) made with their bourbon, so you can drink it on the tour. Of course you don’t have to but we definitely did!

I choose a Old Fashioned, and my friend J tried a Stillhouse Cider. Both tasted pretty good. This was my first tour so I was very shy about taking pictures but I promise I’ll have more to show next time. The tour went on about the history of the distillery and how at some point around 1918 it caught fire and burned the majority down. Eventually the Medley family purchased it and used it to form Medley Distilling Company and talked about all its owners after that until finally O.Z. Tyler.

Here is just a few bourbons that were produced there before O.Z. Tyler;

Green River

Ezra Brooks

Mellow Corn

Medley Brothers

Kentucky Beau

Old Medley

Five Brothers

More or Less I learned about how bourbon was made, how majority of bourbons come from Kentucky, and how a bourbon BECOMES a World Renowned Kentucky Bourbon.  After showing us around the the room with a purpose, the fermentation room. The building where it all goes down and out. How yeast is added and how it all goes through.

They had some really cool fixtures from the old system from wayyy back when. To the amazing computer system they have now.

We stopped in the barrel room to see exactly how many barrels they store or can store, its amazing. Great Photo OPP.  They also had an artist come in and paint on the barrels that were barreled the day of the Eclipse - I believe. I don’t remember. One of my good friend decided to travel on this tour with me. We look so cute!

The most interesting part of the tour had to be at the end. Where they show you their MODERN method of purifying their bourbon that cuts the amount of time down. It’s worth the visit.

Not the most traditional, but interesting. They are a newer distillery and new on The Bourbon Trail. Worth checking them out. 

At the hotel attached to the Hilton they have a fancy bar/restaurant. IF you go know this… can buy Pappy Van Winkle shot. JUST SAYING. I could not afford it though. 

I only got a Eagle Rare shot or two… and of course a steak!



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