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The marketplace pays for value, so how valuable are you today? mlm

For a business, what are their current challenges? How do you help them meet those challenges? For an individual, why are they giving philanthropically? What do they hope to accomplish? How do you help make that happen?

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So many anxieties in the air 😫😯😥😥 yo neccesito un sacred poner y a arbrazo grande !!!

Drawing, twitching/dancing, breathing, daydreaming, praying, studying my Spanish through es dias.. hard knock life and rewarding for the advanced spiritual. Anxious abt getting into these dance classes, learning spanish, getting new home, more closely uniting w my boo, attaining laptop para studies, freelance work and almost all 3d involvements ahora. :(( i need a lap and shoulder to soak in, for hours. Why is cuddling too much to ask


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Don’t get me wrong, I’m sort of in the same camp at the moment, but I legitimately find it kind of funny when people say they don’t want children. When you think about it, it’s essentially saying “We’re so advanced we can actively deny the only reason animals exist!”, and if that isn’t a power move than somebody tell me what is.

CLASS Volunteer Leadership

Comprised of community leaders, friends of the University and alumni of the College, members of the CLASS Visiting Committee serve as ambassadors to the greater community as well as a “listening board” for Dean Greg Sadlek throughout the academic year. They willingly give of their time, talents and treasures, and we thank them for their support and service.

Beginning a new three-year term (July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2021) are new members Nikki Byrd (’00 BA Communication) and Angela Salviejo (’02 BBA Information Systems, ’08 MBA Business Administration). CLASS would like to acknowledge the service of all of our Visiting Committee members, and also Chris Hendryx (’96 BA Economics) who officially concludes two terms of service on June 30, 2019, and his role as Chair of the Visiting Committee. Taking his place at the helm will be Alan Nevel (’96 BA Liberal Studies), Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer, and Chief Diversity Officer at the MetroHealth System, who will begin his second three-year term as Visiting Committee Chair.    

Boyd Watterson

College Completion Scholarship Fund


The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS) is pleased to announce the establishment of the Boyd Watterson College Completion Scholarship Fund. This new scholarship fund is intended to provide support for students who need financial assistance to complete their first undergraduate degree.

Brian Gevry, CFA, ’90, CEO and CIO of Boyd Watterson Asset Management LLC, became re-engaged with his alma mater in 2015 when he became a member of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Visiting Committee. In 2017, he also joined Cleveland State University’s Foundation Board. After getting re-engaged with CSU, it didn’t take long for Brian to realize the valuable role Cleveland State plays in furthering the lives of its students, as well as the vital role the university plays in helping to build our local workforce. “Cleveland State University was instrumental in my advancement. We at Boyd Watterson Asset Management wanted to provide the same opportunity to students who might be struggling to complete their degrees,” stated Mr. Gevry.

For many CSU students, the decision to complete their college degree often comes down to financial need. To apply for the Boyd Watterson scholarship, applicants must complete a 500-word essay describing the challenges they face in their college education and a vision for what they will pursue with their degree. They may also choose to submit a biographical essay. Scholarships are given in both the fall and spring semesters to deserving students who meet the scholarship criteria through the application process.

Mariah Pausch, a senior who is studying Journalism and Promotional Communication, was the first student to receive the Boyd Watterson scholarship in spring 2019. Her anticipated graduation date is December 2019. “As the first student awarded this scholarship, I feel honored and inspired that more nontraditional students like myself are recognized for all of our hard work.”

Boyd Watterson is an independent investment advisor specializing in fixed income, real estate, and equities. The firm’s headquarters is in downtown Cleveland and also has offices in Chicago, DC, Detroit and Tampa. The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences is grateful to have the representation of Boyd Watterson Asset Management LLC among its list of contributors and for the establishment of this new scholarship fund. Dr. Gregory Sadlek, CLASS Dean, stated: “Brian Gevry’s gift will support one of our top CSU goals: student success. It will make it possible for hard-working but financially challenged CLASS students to finish their studies and go forth to find their places as productive citizens in our community. We could not be more grateful for Mr. Gevry’s leadership and generosity.”

Yahoo Finance: I’m A Data Scientist Making $125K – & I Don’t Want To Do This For The Rest Of My Career.

How would you explain your day-to-day role at your job?

“I analyze data on a day-to-day basis, which means building dashboards or writing code to summarize various datasets. I usually partner up with teams across the company to solve different problems. That sometimes means defining metrics, creating visualizations to see changes over time, or making sense of the large datasets that we have.”

Did you negotiate your salary?

“Yes! Always negotiate. Always do your due diligence and market research for roles you are currently in and want to be in. I didn’t negotiate my salary for my previous jobs, and I still regret it. I received a few offers during my recent job search, so I was able to leverage that for my current role.

"Be firm but understanding when you negotiate. Have some supporting evidence as to why you should receive a higher compensation (such as certifications or niche specialty), but be open to other types of compensation as well


If you want to reach the next level and you’re waiting for someone to pull you up, it will never happen. The people who could pull you up won’t because you’re only welcome on the next level if you climb up there yourself. Once there, you’ll get all the help in the world but you must show initiative to be considered worthy. People who want to level up but don’t level have a million excuses and those excuses boil down to “I want someone to do it for me.” You’ll never level with that attitude. If your company doesn’t give you the training needed to level up, go out and get your own training. Don’t just sit around and complain. Once you get trained, look out for opportunities. You are surrounded by unseen (by you) opportunity that the training will reveal. See the opportunity, take the opportunity. That’s initiative. That’s what the people at the higher levels have done and that’s what they are looking for in you. Train, watch, see, take. Do those things and you will consistently level up in whatever you do in life.


Don’t fall into the one year of experience after working many years trap. A lot of people do the same things they did at work their first year over and over again, year after year. They get really good at doing that one set of things and after a while, they lose the ability to effectively do anything else. Once that happens, the person becomes trapped at that experience level, usually trapped in that job and at some point, unemployed with limited prospects. Always explore new ideas, volunteer for everything, look around to see what’s going on, prepare for the future and take the opportunities the preparation will open. Life is an ocean. Experience a surf board. Surf instead of swim and life will be a sweet ride instead of a grim struggle.



I and my Father are One; He in me, and I in Him. Peace, bliss, omnipresence, reign in me - in the God in me.

Spiritual Advancement Is Measured Soley By the Depth of Bliss in Meditation

Spiritual advancement is not to be measured by one’s displays of outward powers, but solely by the depth of his bliss in meditation…

How quickly we weary of earthly pleasures! Desire for material things is endless; man is never satisfied completely, and pursues one goal after another. The ‘something else’ he seeks is the Lord, who alone can grant lasting joy….

After the mind has been cleared by Kriya Yoga of sensory obstacles, meditation furnishes a twofold proof of God. Ever new joy is evidence of His existence, convincing to our very atoms. Also, in meditation one finds His instant guidance, His adequate response to every difficulty.

-Sri Yukteswar, Journey to Self-Realization p 327; Affirmation, Yogananda, p 329.


As humans we’ve always had the desire to explore things outside of our normal experience. For most of us, it leads us to movies and entertainment. But every now and then, it is this desire that pushes humanity forward, that forces us to advance, and make for ourselves a life even better than that which we had before 🔥🔥

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