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Wanting to clap back at a verified journalist on twitter right now but I learned my lesson last year and will take a deep breath and not engage instead.

I truly believe the first person to ever say "adulthood is fun" was being extremely sarcastic, and the sarcasm went unnoticed.

Everyone wants to feel that they belong, that they’ve earned their place at the adult table. Yet many of these rituals have been lost. What does that mean for you? β€’

When you decide to post something on social media, you should be ready for people’s reaction good or bad. Whether you are young or old, lgbtq or straight etc you cannot complain or say foul. Remember you posted it πŸ™„

Truth: As an adult I have found making friends is harder than it use to be. At some point in my late 20s I stopped asking, I should be friends with them and stated asking I need to network with them. TASK: in a meme, What's the best way to make friends...

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Complete nightmare. Avoid at all costs. . (Original source unknown) .

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Know a college student? Here are two types of support: 1. help them become an adult, and 2) college coaching. via

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Lmaoooo I saw 90% of my paycheck disappear today. On payday. Bc of bills.

I cooked a thing! For dinner! For probably the first time in a year! Be proud of meeee! Recipe courtesy of SkinnyTaste.

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I used to have the hugest crush on this guy, and I just curved him for some sleep 🀣🀣

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This is very me nowadays. Di ko na ramdam Yung sahod sa dami ng gastusin hindi pa kakauwi ng maaga dahil sa work.

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“Be fearlessly authentic”

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I have a stable job, I know I can keep this job for a very long time as long as I obey the rules. But in the back of my head there’s no fulfillment, no growth, just an infinite repeated data checking, no fun at all. Is it the reality of adults? To keep a job that sustain basic needs. I felt like I have to rush and stop wasting my time. I wanna do my best to find suitable job for me. I will fight and find something for me, I’m scared but I trust myself.

Do you know about the “brickwall” you’ve probably heard people mention at some point? Well here I am; looking at it.

What do you do when you try to break through it, but only pieces chip away? Not nearly enough to make a dent. Then you try to climb the wall and realize there’s no ending. You’re just climbing forever. So, you try to walk around the wall, but again the length of the wall is too long and infinite. You think, hmm, maybe I can dig under it to the other side? Then realize the wall goes too deep and there isn’t a way to.

You see my conundrum? I’m working on this wall. Please be patient with me because it’s new for me too. We’re not very acquainted, but I’m trying.

real talk now

so i got my first ever job and my first shifts were a week ago, and this morning i looked and saw on my phone i got a notification saying money has been deposited into my account,,, that was my first ever paycheck??? i stared at the numbers for so long,, 

like this feels surreal,, like a year and a half ago adulting was low on my list of priorities and now,, i can drive on the highway and get gas by myself and now i have a job where if i wanted,, i could start being independent??

growing up is one of the wierdest things. like no, i dont wanna grow up and have to take responsibilities and do work i wanna stay young and play and relax and not stress, but time keeps moving on, regardless, and now im exploring new freedoms and im afraid of the furture, but at the same time, i look forward to the new friends im gonna make and the joys along the way


to minors following this blog

(Other adults feel free to reblog if applicable)

I want to make it very clear that I am an adult.

As an adult, I want you to know that your safety is more important that my comfort.

As an adult, I want you to know that I will do everything in my power to respect your boundaries.

As an adult, I want you to know that adults making you feel unsafe and violating your boundaries is unacceptable.

As an adult, I want you to know that any adult who uses the excuse of “they aren’t old enough to know better” or “life isn’t fair so this is okay” is dangerous and should be reported.

As an adult, I want you to know that you are not too young or too inexperienced for your opinion to matter, for you to matter.

As an adult, I want you to know that no one else gets to decide if your feelings are real, if you are scared, or if you need help.

As an adult, I want you to do what is best for you, and help you pick the safest route, from your perspective.

I am an adult and I want you to be one someday too.

Be safe. Set and enforce boundaries. Be you.

When you’re little getting socks as a present is so annoying but as a grown up you’re like “omg hell yeah! I don’t have to buy myself socks because you bought me socks!! I loooove that for me!!”

Being an adult warps you in ways you can’t anticipate

With all the research I’ve done on CCs so far and having moved with baby steps in the past two years, I’m already pretty stoked to open my third within the next few months. Gonna get moved out and situated before then tho.

I’m glad to have learned all that I have up to this point, and also slightly happy I waited as long as I did to get started. Credit cards have such an awful stigma from people who are in CC debt themselves or know someone in debt. CC does not equal debt. That is the furthest thing from the truth and it’s a horrible scare tactic preventing young people from taking advantage of the credit system. Granted, if you have spending issues, then you probably shouldn’t be getting one, but if that isn’t you and you haven’t started yet, I would def do some research into starter cards.

I promise you it is not as intimidating as it looks. Do your normal monthly spending on the card and pay it back before the due date. Das it. In the beginning, you will have to be mindful of utilization rates because of lower credit limits, but it’s really not as difficult or scary as people make it out to be. You pay your shit back on time and you will never pay interest. That’s the point and where a lot of people fail and accrue debt.

me, cherry picking information for an assignment instead of actually reading the entire 30 pages, coming to an independent and well rounded opinion, and then decisively writing a 2 page essay using my logical, critical, and creative thinking skills that were definitely taught to me in school, because I need those 20 points and I don’t have the d*mn time: