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Spot on LOL. I guess it saw my love of stuff combined with these buzzwords and figured that is what I'm after. I can say I have never watched hentai, or a single whatever you call overtly sexual .

Oberland is back at it with their self-critical campaign "Nothing Changes if We Don't." In this installment, they tackle tokenism and double standards. Watch the powerful at :

Visionner gratuitement des films sur , c'est possible "La plateforme qui expérimente donc un nouveau modèle économique, a commencé à lancer des films hollywoodiens soutenus par la publicité, dans une section » »"

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Nike Air Mag Ad by Federico Maccapani


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Hello! I'm kind of curious, what's your opinion on the new Gillette's ad? Because I just watched it and I don't understand why there's so many people hating on it. Thanks ✨

Honestly the add doesn’t seem bad. It just seems like it’s telling guys not to excuse shitty male behavior and to step up and stop it. I don’t understand the hate on the add either. I mean at first glance I think it’s a good message. Putting the pressure on men to step up and stop fellow guys from being creepy assholes.


<<: By the way, check out this crazy Super Bowl ad for Mac that ran last year. Nancy said it was based on that book Mrs. Burbenhausen made us read in 7th grade.

I said I was probably too busy huffing expo markers and eating paste in 7th grade, and found it a lot more interesting than reading Orwell. 

She didn’t take that too well…


So Gillette has made an ad tryna talk about “toxic masculinity” and make men look like shit.

First, let’s get out of the way the fact that they’re just trying to stir up controversy so they’ll be trending. If they’re trending, they’ll get more attention. If they get more attention, they’ll make more sales.

This is nothing but a marketing plot. They don’t care about how men or boys behave. They’re not socially conscious. They want your money. They’ll do whatever is trendy or shocking to get your attention and your money.

Now onto the actual add itself.

It talks about bullying and boys will be boys and the me too movement. It makes men look like sexist, inconsiderate zombies.

It shits all over it’s consumer base shamelessly.

For what? So that beta males will emerge to buy their products.

What’s next? Will they start making pink make razors?

Here is the kicker. They can’t ever go completely gender neutral bcuz guess what! Men have different hair types from women. They need to distinguish between the two so the consumer it’s getting the best shave possible.

Yet again, another undeniable difference between men and women that is biologically unchangeable!

Men and women are different for a reason. Forcing men to be pussies is not the way to go. Women need strong men so they can function as women, and trying to break the gender barriers is harmful for our existence as a species.

Trying to force ideology on the public through pointless ads created to generate revenue for a large corporation is toxic.

Forget shit toxic masculinity. Let’s focus on ending toxic propaganda!