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El programa de anuncios “Facebook Showcase” permitirá a los grandes anunciantes disparar su y llegar a audiencias más jóvenes.

📢 3 nuevas opciones para el targeting de en : 1️⃣ Audiencias similares. 2️⃣ Plantillas de audiencias. 3️⃣ Datos de búsqueda de Bing. “LinkedIn Adds New Ad Targeting Options, Including Lookalike Audiences”

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“No One Left Behind” adalah tema yang diusung pada tahun ini. Pada 17 Maret 2019 telah terlaksana acara bersama Anak Down Syndrome () atas dukungan dari IDAI Jawa Timur Perwakilan V, FKUB dan beberapa donatur.

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Do y’all ever think that it’d be cool if games put their ads in nore natural places? Like if they were on billboards in game, or on t shirts or vending machines or magazines. I feel like mobile ads could be a lot better if they did this.

i hate how old ads are like impossible to obtain. i shouldn’t have to pay a literal arm and a leg for a dotd ad or a lovepire. when is kris going to find a way to help newer players get older items? it’s not fun to play like this.