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Merci à Monsieur Aboubakry Sy et Monsieur Jérôme Lartigau pour la présentation très détaillé de L’ENA📋 - Photos de la promotion de François Hollande et Emmanuelle Macron📸

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No trip to Washington is complete without a picture of the famous White House. Built in 1800, it’s has been the home of every sitting president since president John Adams. The building has undergone major and numerous renovations over its 218 years and saw a return to its historical significance under the Kennedy Administration. This view is of the North Portico.

Region, administration, appointment and organisation: translation of Region, administration, appointment and organisation in French

Region, administration, appointment and organisation English to French, Region, administration, appointment and organisation Meaning in French, Region, administration, appointment and organisation French definition

Region, administration, appointment and organisation in French

Trump’s declaring a national emergency to get his wall. He’s forcing a constitutional crisis.

Put simply, Congress heard Trump’s plea for emergency funding and used its primary authority under the Constitution — the power of the purse — to say no.

That’s not an answer Trump likes to hear. So he’s not taking it.

Instead, he is planning to announce Friday morning that he will declare a national emergency and draw $8 billion from the just-passed bill and other existing federal accounts to build the wall anyway, according to an administration official. Lawsuits will ensue, and the courts will have to decide whether and how to intervene in a power struggle between the other two branches.

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Morgana is the Creator of Reflections. Most duties tend to fall on Morgana’s shoulders, including: creating new forum layouts, seeking out new writers, advertising the page, keeping up with everyone on events, managing new events, all of the coding on every site,  updating the chat, updating all of the topsites that host Reflections, managing affiliations, adding/following sprees, ect. 


Yusuke is the reason that Reflections exists at all, originally it was created as a gift from Morgana to Yusuke. As a result he manages the applications (as in goes over who can join, ect.), and he manages several stories. He is the true Owner of the group. 


Akira is the group’s checkup admin, who acts as a counselor to all members, he is also the representative that tests the functionality of most of our concepts, and takes most inquiries from members and hopefuls. Joker is very talented when it comes to knowing just how to make everyone feel at home. 

Next week I’m on staycation from work. (Yay!) But I’ve set a meeting for the following Tuesday with my boss. (Let him sweat for a couple of weeks about why I requested a meeting for right after vacation…)


I will be negotiating my compensation package for the first time EVER. Anybody have any tips? Are there things I should do to prepare for this meeting? 

(Please feel free to reblog this so people I’m not already connected to who are well suited and willing to answer might see this post. Thank you!)