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Walls and stuff! That’s 12’. The wall is 15 total before the truss. So exciting to see the walls. They finished the window framing and some of the interior front room walls today as well.

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When Kyoko’s real talent is revealed: Hifumi: MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! VINDICATION!

They should’ve listened

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“I’m telling you. I’m haunted.” and make it Spooky(tm) pls


Eternal Sunshine (feat Yebin of @hcneybnch)

1.3k words, no warnings apply

The light streaming through August’s window blurred his vision when he woke up. He was surprised to find himself in his bed– he felt like shit honestly, having spent a vast majority of his night at Arcadia and remembering none of it. The distinct taste of cocaine drips tainted his mouth, he smacked his lips and brought his hand to his face, rubbing his forehead. He let a groan rumble from his chest as he squeezed his eyes shut once again. Fuck what time was it? The sun was already so high in the sky.

He patted his bed to find his phone, however his fingers never came into contact with the device. Odd he thought. He let his fingers explore the sheets, feeling the emptiness beside him and suddenly longing for Yebin. He could feel her fingers ghosting over his face and playing with his hair even though she wasn’t there. 

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topsydead a réagi à votre billet “Arophobia and the ace community: a few bullet points”

I’m alloace. I haven’t seen this behavior in other alloaces but it is concerning and I accept the call to action. It’s clear that people don’t understand the SAM and don’t acknowledge aros. What can I do to help?

You probably don’t realize you see it because you’re not the…target? of arophobia, but I would be very surprised if you’ve actually never encountered it! Maybe you’re really lucky.

I’m glad you’re willing to challenge this habit, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to give you concrete advice. I’ll try though.

From my point of view, because ace people are oppressed under our society’s assumption that everyone feels sexual attraction, and are often seen as subhuman because of that, there’s this kinda desperate desire to be seen as still valuable “despite” the lack of sexual attraction. As a result, alloaces kinda rely on their romantic attraction to gain “approval” from other people and society. That’s because romance is seen as the most important thing in people’s lives, so, from an ace’s point of view, it makes sense to…double efforts, to “make up” for the lack of sexual attraction? I think it’s important to first realize “why” amatonormativity and arophobia are so rampant within alloace’s communities. Of course, that it’s something understandable, doesn’t mean it should stay that way. That’s my hypothesis on the matter: not necessarily that the alloaces’ arophobia is stronger than in the general population but rather, that the emphasis on romance and amatonormativity is pushed more obviously. If that makes sense. So, the arophobia is extremely visibly and harmful to us (especially because of our shared spaces).

So yeah that’s the way I do things, I try to understand the systems behind things. This is the first step, now what to do?

I’d say, try to train yourself to recognize the assumptions of romance. Try to do a parallel with the sexual assumptions, the systems are very similar. Not going to lie, this is gonna be difficult, because amatonormativity is very strongly ingrained in us, to the point where we perpetuate it without ill intent. It’s pretty sneaky. For an example, you can take the sentences like “we can still love!” as part of this shit. The concept of soulmates, is another instance (yes, even when people try to argue soulmates can be platonic, doesn’t change anything). Or, the constant invisibilization of aroaces/using them as tokens. Everyone’s different, but as a general way of thinking, it’s pretty disrespectful to assume aroaces prioritize their ace identity and will relate to alloace posts. Idk, I’m not ace (i used to identify as aroace though) so it may not be my place, but back when I was in the ace community, everything just seemed so…focused on being in a romantic relationship while ace. It’s not bad to have these resources, they’re needed, but if your blog/activism focuses on that, then it’s not “ace activism” but “alloace activism”. Nothing wrong with that, just, don’t pretend any ace can relate. Aroaces can’t, and I’m sure a lot of non-Sam aces can’t either. Basically, does the post (or anything of the sort) assume “ace” means “alloace”? If yes, then it’s alienating. 

Those behaviours are also harmful to non-ace aros, of course. Because we’re sibling-communities, and (allo?)aces have more visibility than us. If someone places romance over any other kind of relationship, this is amatonormative. Beware of that, don’t ignore it. Obviously no one can be on edge 24/24 but it would be nice to have some alloaces challenge those thoughts!

Basically, before you can do anything, I think it would be useful to read through some aro blogs! There’s mine of course, but I’m a non-sam aro so it could be cool to also read from aroaces and alloaros. We all have different experiences with the ace community. 

Challenging those thoughts takes a lot of work. Stop putting romance on a pedestal, challenge any relationship hierarchy that pretends to be universal - it’s fine if it’s personal I guess but not if it’s supposed to be the norm - and challenge the very idea that what makes us humans is love. Regardless of the type of love I’d say. 

As another example, when you have an ace character in some kind of media with no explicit romanticism…don’t assume they’re alloace. If you know the content the character it’s from, read critically. Maybe there’s no answer but there often is. I’m thinking Jughead, who’s either non-sam ace or aroace, but without romantic feelings anyway. When shitterdale straightwashed him a lot of people were like “he can still be ace! We can still love!” when…yeah, but he’s supposed to be aro to. The “ace” part wasn’t what we were worried about. Same thing happened with (I think, don’t take my word on that) Raphael from Sh/adow hunte/rs, and again, the alloace community rejoincing for the ace rep. How shitty is it to rejoice over the erasure of an aro character? This second example wasn’t great rep from the start apparently, but yeah. Still an asshole move. I also think it’s important to be critical of how all ace rep either is, or is washed to be, alloace rep. Alloace rep is cool and important, but not at the expense of aroaces. Also, I think it’s worth mentioning that aro characters aren’t made to be alloaros so there’s definitely a double standard. Bo/jack for an example, “became” alloace when a lot of aroaces related to him at first. That’s what he was coded as but the ace community pushed against it and the creator decided to make him allo (probably in good faith!). 

So yeah, maybe try to react when alloaces get angry when people draw pride art and. Draw the ace flag as a single person, because again “ace” doesn’t mean “alloace”. The “ace” community is shared by allo aces, non-sam aces, and aroaces. 

Please be aware if you see di/s/k h/orse things, when ex/clusio/nism is discussed, of the aromantic erasure that always happens. Even when the ex/cl/u mentions aros, the inc/lu’s answer systematically ignores that part. There was this survey last year, on this topic, and it was shown that people who include aces do not necessarily include aros. Of course, I didn’t see any alloace mention that, even though they showed the results to be all “see everyone/most people think(s) we belong!”. Without mentioning that very important and very telling aspect. I would have loved it if an alloace had mentioned it, and had tried to open a discussion about it! But I didn’t see it happen. I know this is a very specific example, but basically, I think what would be nice, would be for some alloaces to stick for us aros whenever something like that happens. I’m not saying to actively look for such things, but if you follow ace blogs, you’re going to see it happen. 

Oh and also, I don’t know what’s your stance on this, so I’m going to write it just in case but. “Aspec” means aro + ace. It comprehends everyone: non-sam aro, non-sam aces, aroaces, allo aros, and allo aces. It’s not the same as “acespec”! It’s really erasing us aros whenever someone uses “aspec” to mean “acespec”, it’s alienating us from our own community. There’s the aro community, the ace community for our specific, different needs, but the aspec community is supposed to be our shared community so. Definitely “call out” (by that I mean comment on) people who do that! They may not have bad intents but the result is still here, and it’s just. Spreading everyday, and pushing aros further under the bus.

So yeah all it boils down to is, try and comment/reblog posts that antagonize us? Within the limits of your energy and mental health of course. And maybe try to spread knowledge about what amatonormativity is (I have a tag but you can also google it, there’s an easy to find definition), why it’s harmful, and how it operated, within the ace community. As an alloace, maybe you’ll get more attention than aros (whether we’re also ace or not, people don’t listen to us). I personally think it would benefit everyone (including alloaces) to get rid of amatonormativity but for now, pointing it out - whether for yourself or in a more public manner - should be a good beginning. 

I…hope this answers your question? 


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And I think that’s what we should tell kids. But if you look at the problem from the other end. The world market in programmers seems to be becoming dramatically more liquid. This bites you twice: in addition to the power of the forces at work here. You don’t have to prove you’re going to fail makes you stop working, that practically guarantees you’ll fail. A couple weeks ago I finally figured it out. A lot of people, probably the majority of people in America, because the harder it is to sell something to you, especially if you deserve them. And you might have about the average Harvard undergrad. Much was changed, but there was still that Apple coolness in the air, that feeling that the show was being run by someone who really cared, instead of comparing each character.

Too little money means not enough to make it, and that assumption turns out to be 13: Pick good cofounders. Singapore would face a similar problem. You have to assume it takes some amount of insecurity about where, or whether, they went to school. You can start to ask other interesting questions. Bob’s going to grad school at Harvard to cure you of any illusions you might have trouble hiring hackers on that scale. Barring some cataclysm, it will always be true that most people who are genuinely good. If someone had launched a new, spam-free mail service, users would have flocked to it. In the more common case, where founders and investors are very sensitive to it. What we mean by a programming language is something we use to tell a computer what to do; they’ll start to engage in office politics. Usually we don’t have a speaker at the last Y Combinator dinner of the summer.

Really Scared of Prefix Syntax? What did he say to do? If you win the users, everything else will follow. What happened next was that, some time in late 1958, Steve Russell, one of McCarthy’s grad students, looked at this definition of eval and realized that if you don’t let people into it. There are just two or three to one would be enough to guarantee that you’d always be behind. Colleges are a bit like exclusive clubs in this respect. There’s room not merely to equal Silicon Valley, but to surpass it. Ramen profitable means a startup makes just enough to pay the founders’ living expenses.

As for libraries, their importance also depends on the application. These things don’t get discovered that often. In the scrap era I was constantly finding notes I’d written years before that might say something I needed to remember, if I was bored, rather than carry a single unnecessary ounce. It also means no one university will be good enough to act as a mecca, attracting talent from abroad and causing startups to form around it. N; public int call int i; public static Inttoint foo final int n return new Inttoint int s n; public int call int i s s i; return s;; This falls short of the spec because it only works for integers. Economies are made out of people, and most people have. You might have fewer libraries at your disposal. But it’s all based on one unspoken assumption, and that assumption turns out to be a cost, and send them looking for it. You see it in Diogenes telling Alexander to get out of his light and two thousand years later in Feynman breaking into safes at Los Alamos. Maybe. I didn’t mention anything about having the right business model. It has for me.

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yeah but with the remnant swap, I can see junko maybe just,, forgetting to brainwash syo, considering how she didn't erase her memories in the original game. she'd probably still follow togami to spread despair though, but consider the idea of her eventually becoming a "spy" for future foundation



Because assuming she doesn’t think despair!Togami is the “real him” then she would be fighting to get him back to normal

I like that


Summary: two maknaes find out their feeling are mutual but in the worst way possible.

[A/N]: I love them so much :(((

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Originally posted by b1ngchan

Sunny smiled widely as she stepped off stage. Their performance for Double Knot went without a hitch and as a result each member was feeling bubbly. On the way back to their dressing room, Sunny held Changbin’s and Hyunjin’s hands, swinging them back and forth.

“Yah, Chaeyoung!” a sudden shout could be heard from behind the group – causing all members to turn their heads simultaneously to the source.

“Jiji!” Sunny’s face lit up at the sight of her friend. Sian approached the ten of them with Jongho by her side – the maknae smiling at them in a friendly way.

“Hey guys, you don’t mind if I still your maknae for a good 15 minutes, right?” Sian asked, already pulling on the younger girl’s arm.

“It’s fine” Chan laughed “just bring her back in one piece”

“No promises”

And with that, Sian (accompanied by Jongho) took Sunny back down the hall and into a different corridor. They didn’t walk for long before Sian abruptly stopped, making Sunny bump into her.

“Yah why did you stop?”

“Where are we even going?” Jongho questioned his noona, only for the eldest to ignore both questions.

“Aish… I just remembered… San wanted to talk about, uh, politics” Sian lied to the pair, who just looked at her with joint confusion.


“Yup, so I should get going. Bye bye children”

The two stood there gobsmacked, watching as Sian ran off out of sight. Sunny heard Jongho sigh from beside her, causing the younger to laugh. “Jiji is really obvious, huh?”

“Mhm” Jongho frowned before turning to the girl and looking her over, “It might be good if we do talk though” he started.

“Ah, I think the same” Sunny smile at him, feeling her ears heat up slightly. They made eye contact for a moment before Jongho forced himself to look away – he couldn’t do what he was about to do while looking at her. It’d be too difficult.

“Chaeyoung-ah… I like you, as in really like you” Sunny’s face lit up for the second time that day and felt butterflies fill her stomach.


“No. Don’t say anything, please. I can’t know how you feel in return” the boy stopped her and smiled sadly – eyes glued to the floor.

“Why oppa?” Sunny’s smile fell slightly.

“Because we can’t- there’s no way we can be together- we’re idols”

Sunny thought she could physically feel her heart shatter.

“B-but.. some idols make it work?” she asked hopefully trying to meet his eyes, only for him to shake his head.

“Chaeyoung I love you, I really do, but it would be better for both of us if we were just friends” Jongho told her gently but with finality and slowly met her gaze.

She wanted to push it and be selfish. To try and convince him that there was a way, there had to be. However, no words came out, because she knew he was right. So instead she did what she knew best and smiled at him.

“I respect your decision Jongho, let’s be good friends” Sunny forced a small laugh, “do you think this is what Jiji had in mind when she set us up?”

“Absolutely not, she was probably out biggest shipper”

“I’m pretty sure she was our only shipper”

“Is that even a word?”

“You said it first”

The two stood in silence after that, not really knowing what to say to each other. Eventually Jongho mumbles out how he should get going and after bidding their goodbyes, he made his way back to the ATEEZ dressing room.

Meanwhile, Sunny remained standing in the hallway staring at the spot that her crush was just standing.

It hurt.

No amount of smiling could hide the fact that the rejection hurt, especially with it being her first her first true heartbreak. She knew it was for the best though, Jongho was right – they had both worked extremely hard to get to where they are, they couldn’t let a relationship ruin that.

But God it hurt.

Without warning her eyes became watery and Sunny knew she couldn’t cry in the middle of a hallway, so she quickly walked back to her own group’s dressing room.

As she entered, Felix was the first to approach her – aura bright like usual – only to immediately stop at the look on her face. The maknae ignored the freckled boy’s questions as she made a beeline for their leader. A tear or two slipped out against her will (most definitely catching the attention of other members) before she found Chan.

“Chae? What happened?” he asked worriedly, but the girl only shook her head and tugged on his sleeve. Knowing what she meant straight away, Chan led Sunny to a small private room that was usually used for changing outfits.

Once Sunny was sure they were away from everyone, the waterworks turned on as she couldn’t stop the crying. She also couldn’t stop herself from telling Chan everything. About her crush. About Sian knowing. About the rejection.

Chan listened to every word, rubbing her back comfortably in an attempt to calm her down. He was silent for the most part, only muttering small words of encouragement to her when she felt like she couldn’t say anymore. It was around ten minutes later before Sunny stopped crying, only small sniffles being heard in the tiny room. At some point the two had manoeuvred so they were sitting on the floor,

“I don’t know why I’m so sad Channie, we’re still friends, I shouldn’t be so upset over this”

“You’ve never been rejected before Youngie, not like this. It’s normal to be upset, it seems you really liked him” Chan replied while coming his hand through her hair. “Ii can’t believe I never picked up on it though, it was so obvious”

Sunny giggled and wiped her eyes for the last time, “I wanted to tell you but there wasn’t really much to say, we were just talking and stuff”. Chan nodded in understanding, telling her that it’s fine before the two sat in comfortable silence for a moment.

Eventually someone knocked on the door a couple times and opened it a crack. Sunny smiled up at Woojin when he gaze the two a questioning look.

“Ah is it time to head home?” the maknae asked and got to her feet – Chan following her.

“Well only if you two are done, we don’t mind waiting” Woojin ruffled her hair.

“No no, we were done anyway” Sunny maintained her smile as she left the room.

“Everything okay?” Woojin asked Chan while they watched Sunny get bear hugged by Minho. “Yeah, our maknae is just growing up” the leader replied somewhat cryptically.

Perhaps he was right.


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Hey ! Sorry I made a mistake in my first message, it's Nickitappreciation without the - in between !! Sorry about that D:

Then there are two of you, and that is excellent, so no need to apologize. 8D

Adding yours and tagging @nickit-appreciation so y’all can meet each other~

<SOOMPI 20190102>

Female-duo 1UP! have announced that they will be putting a halt to group activities for the time being. Level Up! Entertainment says it is due to personal reasons and the company did not go into further detail about the hiatus. Meanwhile, Lee Sua has released her solo debut titled “Flower Shower.” It is unclear whether or not 1UP! will come back from this hiatus as Sua has many solo schedules as shown by the groups schedule update section in their fancafe, but Haneul’s schedule seems to be completely clear for the foreseeable future.