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今年最も勢いのある Addict 先生のアリーナ デビューもお見逃しなく!

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Achats de la semaine 📚 J'avais du retard sur Novembre 😜 9 suites dont 😍 Une fin de série Un One Shot Et mon premier Light Novel ... !!

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Take me back to Paris. I miss drinking wine on old balconies, cigarette in hand, gazing at the fading sunset.

I started to smoke weed again a few weeks ago after beeing clean for two months

And I didnt tell my therapist because she would definitely tell me to stop and maybe even force me to take drugtests on a regular basis which I‘m not allowed to fail in order to be allowed to continue therapy

But I also dont know how to exist without feeling completely lost, broken, fragile, damaged, crazy.. etc

Weed lets me think.. without me constantly feeling like I‘m going insane

At least I‘m not drinking alcohol like water and am not breathing cocaine instead of air anymore

I still feel like a complete train wreck


2019 Reading Challenge




  1. A book made into a movie.
  2. A book made into a TV series.
  3. The following book of a series you have started.
  4. Finish a series you’ve already started.
  5. A book set in a country that’s not yours.
  6. A book under 100 pages.
  7. A book over 500 pages.
  8. NYT best seller.
  9. An audiobook.
  10. An awarded book.
  11. A book with at least a century of age.
  12. A book that is being set in a different country than yours.
  13. A newly released book.
  14. A children’s book.
  15. A YA (Young Adult) book.
  16. An adult book.
  17. An award winning book.
  18. A book that starts with your initials [title and author’s name included].
  19. A book that was published the same year you were born.
  20. A book you didn’t finish/end that was meant for school. -.-
  21. 2018 Goodreads winner for any category you might want to chose.
  22. A book recommended by someone else.
  23. A fiction book.
  24. A non-fiction book.
  25. An LGBTQ+ book.
  26. A #GRLPWR book.
  27. A book with a variety of ethnicities.
  28. A book with a number in the title.
  29. A book that has a title of one word.
  30. A book that has +4 people in the cover.
  31. A book with a stunning cover.
  32. A book with a cover that needs just a bit [a lot] of help.
  33. An indie book.
  34. A poetry book.
  35. A self published book.
  36. A book you DNF-ed.
  37. A book that was gifted to you.
  38. A book mentioned in another book.
  39. A book that was being read by someone random.
  40. A book that has a colour in the title.
  41. Reread a book you’ve wanted to.
  42. A book you’ve been wanting to read.
  43. A gothic book.
  44. A book that has been translated from another language to the one you read.
  45. If you speak more than one English, read it the other language.
  46. A collection of short stories.
  47. A graphic novel.
  48. A novella.
  49. Read manga.
  50. A retelling.
  51. A book with a/an [instert favourite colour] aesthetic.
  52. A book that you know it will made you transform into waterfalls.
  53. A classic.
  54. A banned book.
  55. A trilogy.
  56. A duology.
  57. A book series over 4 books.
  58. A book your father/mother/guardian/etc loves.
  59. A book you recall from your childhood.
  60. A book with a seven word title.


💙Share it with your friends so they can do the challenge with you! Send them the link to this post, write a comment and tag them, repost it, etc! Challenge yourself and yourselves to see who won the challenge and read the most books out of this.💙


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It’s just a challenge. It’s super long, but the most important thing is not to do all of them. Don’t fret. The most relevant thing is that you have fun and enjoy the reads as well as the upcoming year. The list may also help you when you don’t know what to read next.

Just relax, and enjoy the small universes in those tattooed pages. :)


6 MORE Games So Addicting They Were Banned Across The World


5 Games So Addicting They Were Banned Across The World


Extension de mon bras, luciole dans ma nuit, haut parleur de moi vers le monde et du monde vers moi.

Tu m’espionnes, téléphone. Et tu me manipules aussi. En me proposant des contenus suggérés, en m’assaillant de notifications, en m’ayant pavlové pour chaque notif, appels, vibration, pour-cent de batterie manquant.

Je me demande parfois qui est l’utilisateur et l’utilisé dans cette relation.

Mais c’est un topic pour un autre jour, je viens de recevoir un mail.

I’ve promised my mom to come visit her and my sisters for days but haven’t been able to for multiple reasons. The biggest of them is that I got dopesick and I couldn’t get a hold of the guy selling subutex. And the other day I managed to score but only to get through one day, and I wanted to go to my moms place and be able to sleep over for a day or two and I couldn’t because I needed to have enough heroin to not get dopesick. Yesterday my friend finally got a delivery so we’ve been doing speedballs all night long. I’ve managed to sleep for like one hour and when I woke up i wasn’t even tired, I flew out of bed and started cleaning up my apartment and packing things to bring to my moms. After awhile I prepared a shot, pretty fat one because it’s the last shot I’m taking for awhile (no way I’m shooting up at my moms place) but the shot was fatter than i intended so now my eyes looks fucked up, cross eyed, pinned pupils. I also had dark circles around my eyes that I tried to cover up with some foundation (don’t own a concealer) and now I just don’t know what to do. Tired as fuck and annoyed with myself cause now I have to fucking sit here and wait til I don’t look fucked up no more.

I can’t risk my mom finding out I’ve relapsed, just the thought terrifies me.



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For ppl in recovery

What are you WILLING to do for your sobriety? Think about it. Write it down. Put it into action. This is what my therapist forced me to do. I’m willing to: go to a meeting at least once a week, attend group therapy at least 3 times a week, exercise at least twice a week, wash my face daily, and shower at least 3 times a week. These activities are bland and easy to accomplish–but they’re not. For an addict it’s like fucking moving mountains. But I KNOW if I do all of these things I will stay sober. I know when I stop doing these things I will relapse.

So, what are you willing to do fellow addicts?