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MORNING PRAYER God, direct my thinking today so that it be empty of self pity, dishonesty, self-will, self-seeking and fear. God, inspire my thinking, decisions and intuitions.

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Tell me who post with their daughter, with a hat saying ADDICT on it....... This picture is trash and I WANT TO BLAST HIM OUT,

Achats du jour 📚 ~ La fin de 😭 ~ Tome 1 😆 ~ Love and Retry Tome 2 Le 1 m'avait pas convaincu mais bon , je suis assez clémente avec les shojos 😅 ~ 1 OS + un extrait de Magus of the Library

"You should have a little mystery in your life, even if it's just with your barista." - boss. yeah i'm back not that I ever went anywhere...

I really think I need some help... 🤦🏼‍♀️ My name is Laura Driffill, and I am a mini egg-aholic. 😔

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Here I am at Gauthier Dance Theatre just about to meet international choreographer Marco Goecke for the first time ..Will let you know how the day unfolds ..💜..

When it's snowing for the millionth time, you run to your local C-store and stock up with

La confiance en soi est un travail de longue haleine mais une fois sa clé en main, est la clé de la réussite pour la vie. En vente sur Amazon

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New pipe

2-20-2019     7:52pm

damn, i have 5/6 more days until i officially move.. i’m not ready but i know i’ll never be ready. it means time to get clean, time to stop this lifestyle… i’m so ready to be done honestly. everyone is getting popped and i’m not about to ruin my life over fucking drugs. drugs have already fucked me over so much,which is nobodys fault but my own but either way, drugs are just so fucking terrible. i really hope my kids never become addicts because its the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. sometimes i wonder if ill ever get sober, even if i get sober i’m going to always crave drugs in general. i literally dont even know what it feels like to be fully sober, it’s kinda fucked up.. its been like 5/6 years of drug use every single day. sober days feel sooo long, i sleep all the time or not at all. im gunna hop off, ill write later.


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A note to nonaddicts.

Addicts are not always homeless, unemployed, trashy, and unclean. Some of us live in a 2 story house surrounded by designer brands with a stable job. Some of us go to church and praise God. Some of us have a college degree. Some of us have more than what we deserve. The stereotype of an addict is an unemployed, under educated, thief. Some of us are not that. Some of us are different. We hold our heads down because people believe we are horrible people for being addicted to something that is shunned by society. Understandable. Some of are NORMAL people. We are your neighbors, your church members, your coworkers, your friends, your family, your civilians. WE ARE PEOPLE regardless of our lifestyle and addiction. We are going through hell. A mental battle every fucking day.

This kitty ain’t open 4 business

I love most of you and I love talking to most of you. However, there’s that percentage of (mostly men) in my inbox being very aggressive and unwilling to take no for an answer. If this is you, please respect my boundaries and the fact that I am in fact in a monogamous relationship. I don’t want to see your dick, I don’t want to “play.” If we negotiate something, fine. But I’m not that bitch who’s gonna send you free tit pics and show my asshole just because you feed me one ounce of attention.

Don’t offer to fly me out, to uber me to your location so we can “hang out and do drugs.” No. Just stop.

Again, this post is dedicated to the creeps who are persistent and aggressive and disrespectful to me. This is not directed to the majority of my lovely followers. I love you guys, but I cringe when middle aged men expect me to virtually spread my legs.


If You Recently Got Something Or Someone Out Of Your Life & You Want It To Stay There,This Is For You.