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Hello! Beautiful dogs & great book! Just wanted to share w/U has many wonderful topics with his #22 on rumination is the first one I listened to, and then started at the beginning! If you have or I highly recommend!

|🧪¿Qué hay de nuevo en el ?👨‍🔬 abrió la tarde en y se trajo todo esto ✔️🩳👙 que puede controlar nuestros olores corporales ✔️🍎genéticamente alteradas ✔️💊 anticonceptivas ✔️🐳Franca Austral De TODO▶️

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things i yearn for with the person i’ll love in the future

• lock eyes with them and stare at each other for like, 10 seconds without it being awkward or creepy

• them putting a flower in my hair 🥺🥺

• them tucking a stray strand of hair behind my ear <3

• holding hands and them doing the thumb grazing thing AAAAAAAAA

• them serenading me with a guitar and meaningful lyrics (im gonna cry)

• them holding my waist while talking to me about the most general stuff like what did u have for lunch etc etc

• them waking me up with kisses :(

ok I’ll go cry now I’ll add more when they come to me

you know what my adhd ass loves?

the notes app. its actually a godsend. i love how i can just jot down my thoughts without thinking too hard about how to organize it, or worrying about how nice it is.

i think what’s so great about it is that it has no specified purpose, which feels so freeing. it has no expectations from you, so you dont really have any expectations for yourself either.

for me, as a perfectionist, that’s whats especially awesome. if it’s a calender app or something similar, it feels like a Project. color coding? that means you have to decide what the different colors mean. and since the colors look so nice, you have to make sure what you write looks all nice and neat too.

but with the notes app, it doesn’t have any of those “nice features” (meaning extra crap that complicates your life and adds stress to that). what this means is that you can go in, write a fragment of a sentence, then leave. and that’s it. im not neat when i’m on it, cuz the app makes me feel no obligation to be (and its great). i will often open a new notes section just to later delete it and/or combine it with another section. and its great

now im not saying that calendar apps are bad (in fact, im probably going to need to get one at some point), just that right now, the thought of one is really daunting, and that right now, the notes app is enough

 going back to the freedom i talked about earlier, the app is so versatile. i use it for a variety of things, including, but not limited to: random thoughts, things i need to remember, my personal diary, stuff i want to research, christmas lists, ideas for tumblr posts, and things to talk to my therapist about. this makes my life less stressful, as it’s all in one place so i dont have to check/open a bunch of apps or carry an extra object with me (like a planner)

td;lr: the notes app is goddamn incredible, and you should start using it more (but especially if you have ad(h)d)


◇ ADD DOWN Lady’s ダウンコート入荷しました。 【ダウンコート】 ¥137,500-(税込) 素材、表地:ポリエステル100% 素材、裏地:ポリエステル100% 素材、 詰物:ダウン95%、フェザー5% 素材、ファー部分:タヌキ(チャイニーズラクーン)100% カラー:ブラック系 サイズ:42(約9号) 【素材について】 Canard Des Pirenees (カナール デ ピレネー)として知られている、 ハイクオリティな【DUCK DOWN MOULARD】を使用。 700-800 フィリングパワー(*)のダウンがaddの品質の良さを物語っています。 *フィリングパワー:反撥力(復元力)を数値で表したもの。 数値が高いほど空気包含力があり、大量に含まれる空気の断熱効果により、保湿性にも優れています。 フード部分にタヌキのファーを使用した贅沢なダウンコート。 高品質なダウンを使用しており、熱を逃がさず暖かいです。 コーディネートのしやすいブラックカラー。 是非、店頭でお手に取ってご覧下さい。 Gallery なんばCITY店 【営業時間】10:00~21:00 【休館日】無休 【PHONE】06-6644-2526 【Facebook】 【instagram】 【Twitter】 【ブログ】 【オンラインショップ】 #add #エーディーディー #CanardDesPirenees #カナールデピレネー #ジャケット #coat #コート #ダウンジャケット #ダウンコート #ブラックダウンジャケット #ウォータープルーフコート #ウォータープルーフジャケット #ヨーロッパ産ダウン #ヨーロッパ産ダウン使用 #フード付きコート #フード付きダウンジャケット #チャイニーズラクーンファー #チャイニーズラクーンファージャケット #レディースコート #レディスコート #レディースダウンコート #レディスダウンコート #ブラックのコート #ブラックのダウン #なんばセレクトショップ #なんばシティ #なんばスカイオ #NAMBACITY #NAMBASKYO

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it’s adhd ramble time my friends!

ok, so i’ve always had a really fucking hard time brushing my teeth, and i never knew why. 

but ive finally figured it out

its because not only is it a super menial task, but there’s also no immediate satisfaction to doing it. like yes, it’s important because dental health is important. but if you’re cleaning something it looks clean, finishing an assignment has the satisfaction of it being finished, and taking a shower has the satisfaction of being clean

like, i like an reward system. but it isn’t enough to give myself an reward afterwards, as i could that that reward right now. and also, is it really worth it? the reward has to me built into the activity itself, and the satisfaction of it’s completion. brushing my teeth has none of that satisfaction*

but yeah, that’s my story. anyone else feel the same way? about brushing your teeth? about some other type of task? how do you cope? please share, i’d love to hear your thoughts (plus i am also just desperately in need of some advice )

*and no, minty fresh breath isn’t enough of a satisfaction for me, it isnt really worth the energy it takes to do the task.

I think an important part of accommodating neurodivergency is like. I need to hyperfixate? And when I’m done fixating it’s like I’ve cleansed the need and I feel clear and excited about life. I was allowed to participate in the activity for the amount that I wanted to without someone trying to transition me to other things (BeCaUSe iTs GoOd FOr YoU) and it calmed the part of my brain that needed that sensory input. My brain is now calm and will let me do other things.

The point I’m trying to make is! Let your friends, kids, partners, siblings, hyperfixate! If it’s not hurting anyone it is doing good to our brains. We are receiving the input we need to feed the sensory processors and that is GOOD. Stop bothering people when they’re hyperfixating or trying to take away their fixation because it’s “too much time”! It helps us calm our brains. It makes us happy. Accommodating all neurodivergencies is sometimes just letting someone read or play a video game or knit for a while. Not too difficult.

All my life

All I have ever wanted

Is to be understood

I didn’t think I ever could be. Until I was 22 and looked up the symptoms of adhd.

My entire life flashed before my eyes. As I checked off symptom after symptom, everything in my life started to make sense.

I began to understand myself.

I wanted everyone else to understand to.

I vomited information on my social media. I thought someone would have the same epiphany I did. Maybe it will finally click for someone. Maybe they’ll finally understand me.

A few people read my posts. Online friends who also had adhd or knew someone who did.

I didn’t see anyone, who was actively in my life, read anything. I didn’t see them trying to understand.

I put the effort in to try and show them, to teach them. And they didn’t care to return the effort. To learn.

After spending my whole life begging to be understood and finally finding an explanation to everything I hated about myself. It felt like no one cared. Just a new set of excuses they didn’t even understand.

“AdHd isn’t a real thing” “you just aren’t trying hard enough” “if was important to you, you would remember” “you just want to be catered to” “it’s still not an excuse” “mind over matter” “you can get past it if you put the effort in”

It crushed me. And I am done trying to make them understand.

If sometime wants to learn they will.

You can’t make someone understand you if they don’t want to.

hey real talk anyone with AD(H)D have advice for how not to get bored while exercising? i have taken up running but i get sooooo bored and listening to music or a podcast is not always enough - i need something to concentrate on…

in the past dance or martial arts classes have worked well for me because i really had to think hard about what i was doing & remember the movements, but i don’t have the funds for classes or a gym membership right now :/