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Kingdom Hearts III Game's 2-Minute Ad Streamed
Game launches on PS4, Xbox One in Japan on January 25, worldwide on January 29

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Stand My Heroes Anime Reveals Designs For Kujō Family Characters

City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes Film Gets Novel Adaptation

Viz Media Licenses Dragon Ball: A Visual History Art Book

Sentai Filmworks Licenses Kokkoku Anime, Plans English Dub

Comic Boost Manga Site Launches With New Manga by Ryo Ikuemi, Jingu Takao, More

Future Card Shin Buddyfight Manga Ends

Dr. Stone Manga Gets Novel on February 4

Video games-

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Game to Launch on PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC in April

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Switch Game’s Release Moved Up to Spring

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III Game Launches in West in Fall

Psyvariar Delta Game Gets PC Release on January 31

Dragon: Marked for Death Game’s 7-Minute Video Previews Japanese Voice Cast

Fishing Star World Tour Game Launches on Switch in 38 Countries on January 31

Resident Evil 2 Remake Game Previewed in Japanese Ad

FUN! FUN! Animal Park Game Launches in West on March 28

Live action and etc-

Seiyū Awards to Add 4 New Categories

Yūya Ishii Directs The World of Machida-kun Live-Action Film

Orlando’s Omni Fandom Expo to Host Animator Mamoru Yokota



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Thoughts on the Gillette ad.

So… Time for a rant.

I watched this, and thought it was a lovely message about how men can be better, how we can help shape the men of the future, how we don’t do enough to remove the rhetoric of ‘boys will be boys’ and 'toxic masculinity’ which personally, I think is great, and I think the message is correct - we don’t, and as a result boys grow up learning that violence, rather than words will get them what they want, that men have more of a voice than women, and that men are the superior beings in this world.

The comments on both YouTube and twitter boycotting Gillette as a result of this advert, and getting offended when told *You can be better* are a part of the problem, and exactly why we need adverts like this.

‘Behold the future, behold the the thalmor’ junior justiciar Emiranthir tells himself as he writes the tamrielic equivalent of a parking fine

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On the Gilette ad

I’m going to give my thoughts on the whole situation and be done with it because I keep hearing about it.

First off yes I know it’s an Ad and the whole point was to cause a controversy, shut up you’re not smarter or “Above it all” because you understand that and point it out.

Now as for the Ad itself why it angers some people (men and women) and an explanation for the “It’s not about all men” crowd who like to throw out “If you’re mad about it you’re part of the problem.” In modern discourse the Kafka trap is the thing I hate the most.

People are mad because it does imply that men at large are if not violent, sexual deviants then they are at least complicit with those that are because they fail to properly police other men.  Yes I understand that the phrase toxic masculinity refers to a specific portion of the population of men, the problem this phrase faces however is that it has become entangled with others likes “Masculinity so fragile” and “Kill all men” so while even those who do use the phrase as a means of conveying a desire to help men victimized by their definition of “Toxic Masculinity” it has been tarred with the same brush as the unfeeling, or outright hostile members of the social justice scene.  (Follow up on why Toxic Masculinity is a bad phrase to use post is coming)

The argument that it isn’t about all men just a small portion also falls flat as throughout the Ad we are given examples of a majority of men in the scene looking on or acting complicit, see “Boys will be boys.”  or “What she actually means” and then one individual man standing against that majority.  So no the actual message is in fact the majority of men are like this and “We need to do better.”

Here’s a hypothetical.  The same Ad with the genders reversed with a primarily feminine product with audio of Bill Burr talking about “Gold digging whores” and showing scenes of attractive teachers leching after one of their students while other female teachers giggled and talked about how “He was probably into it” proclaiming the need to fight “Toxic Femininity” (a phrase that doesn’t really exist)  Can you honestly say that would not incur the wrath of women nearly universally?

This is the problem with the Ad, not that Gillette made it as a ploy to drive attention to their product through conflict, but the fact that it worked.  It demonstrates that we live in a society where you can still attack the character of men and be defended by a decent percentage of the population while the opposite would simply not be true.  That is why I dislike the Ad not because it “Attacks” me as a man, but because there are people both men and women who will smile smugly and point to it as the proper and right way of thinking.  That’s my two cents on this whole thing.


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Gilette ad

You know I don’t get why men getting so salty about this ad. Yes it was talking about toxic traits men can engage in but it was saying men are and can be BETTER than those things, not men are shit and ARE these things.

I don’t get it?