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is coming. That means giving = . -autistic…

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A look at sensory friendly movie innovations autistic Autism Friendly Cinema

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By the way,

I have a twitter now, which is mainly going to focus on being Autistic and polyam (also being queer). So if you want to follow me there I’m @autisticollie!

Random thoughts

I don’t want to wear tattoos but if I have a tattoo, it goes like this:

On my upper back, there is some small puzzle pieces on the hands represents my Autism life. There is some words in this tattoo. It’s VIXX Ravi’s Where Am I but there is slight chance:

“I’m someone’s pride

I’m someone’s LOVE

I’m someone’s roof

I’m under someone’s PRIDE”

I hope it helps…What do you think? Please ask me now.


It feels like school where I’m the one who gets in trouble for standing up for the sake of people who can’t do it themselves.

I feel like I failed all those kids stuck with terrible parents who hurt them. I tried to stand up for them, for autistic people who never get a voice and who are exploited and scapegoated when somebody needs to say they hate autism.

I let them down.

To all you horrific Autism Warrior Parents™ who post in #saidnomother and #saidnofather about how you hate autism…you suck. You suck as parents and you suck at accepting your autistic children for who you are. They deserve better.

I need somebody here to go into the #saidnomother and #saidnofather hashtags and say how ironic it is that twitter will lock innocent accounts but let their ableist shitposting continue.

Also somebody there said it was “ironic” that I’m against bullying and called what I said in those tags bullying. The IRONY, is every single parent in those tags is bullying their children. EVERY ONE OF THEM. I’m standing up for their kids and they call it bullying to project their blame on me.

I don’t have a cell phone, so I may never get my account back or get to make a new one. I went to support, but who knows how long they’ll take to help me. I HOPE I can get my twitter back so I can tell those parents they’re disgusting and refute the one who claims I’m the bully.

You don’t get to call me a bully when you expose your disabled kid’s issues online without their consent.

anonymous asked:

I really hate the large amount of Autism Parents blogging on Instagram about how shitty raising autistic children is and buying puzzle piece shirts..

I’m sorry you’re feeling feels about it. It’s so frustrating. I’ve largely stayed away from IG except to share selfies with my facebook friends (my FB account is deactivated, but that doesn’t deactivate your IG). I never go into the tags and look around, but I’m sure it is especially horrible right now.

My thoughs on #saidnomother

There is a frending hashtag on twitter called #saidnomother and I wanna say is its the most offensive hashtag towards Autistic people. To me that parrnt dorsn’t appreciate the childs autosm aand because of the vaccines, thats how they got Autism. Vaccines do NOT cause Autism!! I would say more but Im going to wait til April when Autism Acceptance Months comes.!

I am planning this April to scan my VIXX Ravi’s 2nd Real Live NIRVANA poster set. After scanning I am going to upload the watermark version first on Flickr and posting this on Tumblr while the unwatermarked version will put to MediaFire so you can download and edit if you want to but please credit me as @heart-baek-bleed when you are editing. Do not also steal and repost it anywhere including WeHeartIt, Pinterest, etc.

If someone who is reposting, please report.


Hey everyone,

I know but sometimes I want to delete all the nonsense, the cruelty, the negativity and a lot of hate given to me.

I pray that this won’t ever happened to me again. The sun is shining at me in the morning with a slight cool wind.

One of those this will understand that they will apologize and they will forgive me and forget it.

I really hope that everyone is okay soon. I know but it is taking longer to heal our broken hearts.

I deserve better.

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Thank you and good morning.


After this shitty excuse for an evaluation(a psychiatrist basically listened to me talk for 20 minutes and told me I can’t be autistic because I have a husband and kids… and I need to say my speech pattern is disorganised and I have a hard time summarizing… so I probably talked about unimportant aspects of myself), I will be going for a true evaluation at a specialised clinic… Thankfully, my mom offered to help pay for it, because it’s horribly expensive and I can’t afford it…

I am usually very happy that we have our healthcare covered here in Quebec, but too often, that means having shitty services… All healthcare should be public, I’m poor but I’m very lucky that my parents aren’t. Quality mental health care shouldn’t be exclusive to rich people…

If you want to keep your self-esteem intact, avoid the #saidnomother tag on Twitter

Cruelly, with it being so close to April, white, entitled “autism moms” are posting sarcastic statuses about how they’re glad their child is autistic after getting them vaccinated and then tagging #saidnomother ever.

April is just over a week away, and these mothers have the audacity to demonize us? That’s low even for them.

They even claim that actuallyautistic people don’t know about vaccine-injury and we can’t speak on this.

This week has been just shit for me, y'all. I need a miracle.

Attention Autistic Followers and Non-Followers

Myself and a friend are making a music video for Autism Acceptance Month.  We’re looking for very short video submissions (4-10 seconds) from autistic people, showing themselves as happy, complete, autistic individuals. Depending on the number of submissions received, your submission may be shortened or not used. Since it will be a music video, any sounds in your submission will not be in the final video.

If you want to submit a video clip, email it to


Even “positive” stereotypes of cultures, abilities, genders, sexualities, etc,. can be detrimental to someone within it because, like a negative stereotype, it boxes someone into a societal expectation that they might not be able to fulfill.

Ex. “Autistic people are all geniuses at math and science.”

There are autistic people who are kinda to totally shit at math and science, myself included. Does that mean I’m not autistic? Fuck no! But there are probably autistic people who feel isolated by that stereotype because they can’t live up to that.

You know what? Fuck stereotypes, positive and negative!  Just be you.