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Follow BOOMERS!…about the generation that was going to "change the world" - and INSTEAD gave us DONALD TRUMP!

When you bump into a friend who you were just thinking about on your journey into town ✨ 🥰


“For the people on the other side of the table, seeing the same over and over can be exhausting. They are hoping that you can come in with a spark and light the room on fire.”

Its so lovely to hear when a is excited to meet your client, cant wait to hear how Jordan O'Donegan gets on in his this week

"Because they talk 'bout the future but didn't mention me on it So now I'm back in the kitchen, cookin' I'm meant to be one of the greatest"

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That Awkward Moment When… Part 1
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Day 155: “Don’t Tell People Your Plans, Show Them Your Results”






Had the phone conversation with my agent in the morning. Was the first thing I did. Didn’t want it hanging over my head.. it went great. We are in the same page. And want the same things. They mentioned how they don’t have another client on their roster that hustles as much as I do. That was awesome to hear. What was great about it also was the insight they have.. I was learning a lot about contracts and usage that I didn’t know before. It was an encouraging conversation. I look forward to booking more big jobs with them in the near future…

Also I went on an audition today for sci fi enthusiasts. Went great.


Yeah that steps plan for my writing is dope. It may need a bit more tweaking but I think I got it in a great place. I came up with some great stuff for Monroe today as well. Things that really help Act 2 at its end. And leads us nicely into Act 3. The shorts are feeling exciting. I know I mention that often, but it’s because they are. If I can do this. Which I know I can. I’m not only gonna have a wealth of knowledge but a wise array of different and inspired work.

Final Thoughts:

It’s changing. Can you feel it? .. I’ve been going back to things I’ve done and accomplished in my life and asked myself. How did I do that?

I reminisce a lot and I check in with myself. This time for me is special. And I’m open to all of these things that life has ready for me.. the fear is being replaced with confidence on most days.

Gotta keep it up and keep going.. thought a bit about social media today and how to navigate though. I’ll elaborate more tomorrow. okay feeling tired. Gonna stop. Dozed off while writing again. Ok. Nite nite.

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Day 154: “Today. I Met An Angel”






Not much to submit to today.. but I did get an email from my agent about a job that I’m working this week. The rate could be better, and the contract isn’t great. We’re speaking tomorrow on the phone about these kinds of jobs. And making sure I’m agreeing to projects that are fair and paying me my worth. This was something that my agent brought up and not me. Which is good because I feel they see me as a valuable talent. I look forward to discussing with them tomorrow on the matter. There is a lot that I’d like to discuss, and I love having a dialogue about it. I feel this is what agents should be doing with their clients.. it’s sad that it does not happen that often.


I did something a bit different today that I think I’ll continue tomorrow. Me and Ira discussed on our last podcast about discipline. And how that is bullshit and stress we put on ourselves when we are creating.. in short we talked about a method, formula or a steps plan to how you work and get projects done. And creating muscle memory with these steps when creating. Because we are creatures of habit and routine, we will take well to creating in this setting. Not only that but we will take the pressure off of ourselves and put it on the “formula” “machine” “steps plan”. Takes the weight of guilt off of our shoulders… hope all that makes sense🙃

So I worked on and am sharpening my steps plan for writing films. And I must say it looks pretty good. I want to keep working on it tomorrow and really make sure that it sits well with me.because I think this can be a game changing effective tool.

Final Thoughts:

Today.. today as the title of the blog mentions. I met an angel. No not “in love”. I mean an actual Angel. Now nobody has to believe me or anything I’m saying I’m not trying to push religion. I actually have no religious ties in any direction to be honest… but I know when I’m in the presence of something. Okay. Now follow me here..

Remember how I said there is a force working with me and guiding me along to make sure I’m okay. And how I can actually feel a force or presence.. well. I feel I met one in human form today. This random woman came up to me today and said “excuse me you don’t know me but I just wanted to say I feel you are a very special person. I can feel your goodness. And talent.” We chatted for a moment and I mentioned how I was an Actor/Filmmaker etc.. she asked if she could pray with me. I said sure. Got nothing against that. That when I felt it. She wasn’t just praying to god. “God” was talking to me through her. It was amazing. And she said everything I’ve been mentioning.

(I’m paraphrasing)

Keep going. Don’t worry when doors close. That just means those were not meant for you. The right ones will open. I’ve got you. And you’ve got many great gifts waiting for you. Trust in me. And she actually said trust in the process. And so so much more.. the thing is. It wasn’t so much the words as it was the feeling. I don’t know if I can do it justice.. because there was an Angel in my presence that was sent to speak to me. That told me it has me and it is guiding me. And very special and magnificent things await my near future.

She was a very sweet woman.. and look you can say what you want an believe what you’d like to believe. That’s fine. But I know, with every bit of myself.. Today.. I met an Angel. 😇

anonymous asked:

Hello! I recently got into Split due to my father being a big fan of Unbreakable, we both really wanted to see Glass but I hadn't seen Split yet and God I loved it. (The end of Glass destroyed me) I read through a bit of your blog and I wanted to say that anyone who hates on you for having DID, send them my way, I'll kick their asses for you. Also I hope you get well soon if you haven't yet.

Hello there!!

I’m so sorry for the late reply! I do hope you forgive me, I’ve been dissociating quite bad as of late, I absolutely hate it 😭😭

I’m so happy to hear you getting into the series! Glass was such a shock for us all, I think mostly people like me thought it was going to continue more of a series! And I really hoped Kevin had a more of a happier ending and hoped he got some form of help for his alters, I know how hard having alters is and them being conflicted with each other is the worst thing ever, I think Casey would have helped him if they plotted her to, such a sad ending!! 😭😭😭😭😭

Omg thank you so so much!!! You’re such a lovely person and there’s need to be more people like you!! I do hope I cross your tumblr if you have one!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thank you so much!!!


Feb 23: At the @actranational @actratoronto #ActraAwards, @amybethmcnulty won Best Actress for @annewithane @annetheseries. She says she still has the cartoon I drew of her at the premiere of her show 2 years ago. That’s a real honour, because you can see in her Instagram Highlights that tons of people have drawn her since then. And she says she’ll be on my podcast when I start it. So I better get going on that, if I can have a Best Actress as a guest! (Oh, and my Instagram Story coverage of her speech was so good, she shared it on her Story, so hey, maybe I should be a correspondent for @tmz_tv or @entertainmenttonight or @cbcarts, right?)
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Day 142: “Drip”




Letting go


Audition set up for tomorrow morning. Ready. gonna kill it. Did voice overs today and set for submissions all day.. gonna need to contact a production I worked on s few weeks ago and my agent because I haven’t gotten paid for it yet. Concerns me.. ya know people are really dropping the ball. Hmm 🤔 maybe they should have never had the ball to begin with.


Wrote Clay late tonight. Damn.. the saying is correct “write everyday” you have to. Because there are so many days that you don’t progress, and have special moments, and ideas-a-blazin.. you have to work through all of those days to get to your good stuff. Your good days that are filled with inspiration. Got such a late start today on my writing. I even thought

“I’ll do it tomorrow when I can be fresh”. Nope.

I sat my butt down(even though it was late)and I put in my time.

Shit! I said I was gonna Log my time.. no worries I’ll get to that tomorrow. The important thing is that I wrote. I wrote Clay and am continuing to move the story forward,

Final Thoughts:

Early start late finish tonight.. the past couple days have been like this because I was attending to some personal concerns. But that has cleared up and I can finally feel like I’m putting myself back on track. I have felt a bit off track the last couple of days.

Refocus. And Conquer.

Been emotional the last few days as well. Sporadic. As if I’m draining out leftover emotions. Anyway, I’m tired. Gonna sleep now.


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