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We are SO excited about Daniel Wilson, Tameeka Wilson & Natasha Bampton's work on Missing Protection! We LOVE you're whole family got to work on this project together - what lovely family memories to have 👨‍👩‍👧💞

Another one from the vanity room, tired eyes?? Doesn’t matter!! Into character?? Maybe but not for this moment!! nothing in action so a selfie button!!

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「ACTORS」よりデカキャラミラーのご紹介です🌟 ちりばめデザインでパステルカラーの可愛らしい商品です❗ 是非店頭でご覧ください✨

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Hey did anyone else believe that when characters had flashback scenes to their childhoods that they were actually a younger them and people just planned out movies years and years in advanced and waited for people to grow up to film the rest of it?


Peer Group Emmy Acknowledgements going on right now! TY @howiemeltzer310 for your love and support #emmys #actors #rupaulsdragrace #sterlingvineyards #ferrari #thecurvycritic #nominees

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Chapter 83 of the Manga Dub!  This one is my favorite thus far because it contains a WONDERFUL HakxYona moment!  The two actors compliment each other so well, and I really scored on finding good music to put with the scene.  Seriously, shippers, if you don’t watch any other chapter, watch this one!  It’s SO CUTE! <3