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Emma González is an American activist and gun control advocate. She is a survivor of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, FL. In response, she co-founded the gun-control advocacy group Never Again MSD.

is more of an hack than I originally thought.....hey dim bulb—proof IS NOT A “RussianSpy”?IS A GOOD THING ONLY people needing 2apologize is YOU & UR NETWORK FOR LYING TO THE IDEA: let’s accuse YOU of being a TRAITOR—NOW APOLOGIZE

I am looking to join activist group ...AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE...THERE are several things I am passionate about ...mostly food laws and big pharma and environment... ANY SUGGESTIONS ..

The Deal Awards Middle Market are in progress with host . Stay tuned for all the winners from the Willis Tower in Chicago!

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American novelist, short story writer, poet, and activist Alice Walker. An avowed feminist, Walker coined the term "womanist" to mean "A black feminist or feminist of color" in 1983.

Last but not least, we were joined by Secretary General , who spoke about his experience as an and the future of Amnesty International

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It's a beautiful day in Chicago as we get ready for The Deal Awards Middle Market. We'll have the full list of winners later today.

up pre-market on WSJ report. The has been increasing as NTM EV/EBITDA has declined. Sentieo's index inflecting positive. around the 3-yr mean

from American novelist, short story writer, poet, and activist Alice Walker. An avowed feminist, Walker coined the term "womanist" to mean "A black feminist or feminist of color" in 1983.

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Karamo Brown

  • Gender: Male
  • Sexuality: Gay
  • DOB: 2 November 1980  
  • Ethnicity: African American
  • Occupation: Presenter, activist, reality star, actor

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“It Is Important To Be Something”

by Joshua Jennifer Espinoza

This is like a life. This is lifelike.
I climb inside a mistake
and remake myself in the shape
of a better mistake—
a nice pair of glasses
without any lenses,
shoes that don’t quite fit,
a chest that always hurts.
There is a checklist of things
you need to do to be a person.
I don’t want to be a person
but there isn’t a choice,
so I work my way down and
kiss the feet.
I work my way up and lick
the knee.
I give you my skull
to do with whatever you please.
You grow flowers from my head
and trim them too short.
I paint my nails nice and pretty
and who cares. Who gives a shit.
I’m trying not to give a shit
but it doesn’t fit well on me.

I wear my clothes. I wear my body.
I walk out in the grass and turn red
at the sight of everything.

When I was in 5th grade, I sat at a desk and had a boy write me a note.
It said “will you go out with me? Check: yes or no.”
I told him I had to ask my mom first and then came back the next day saying it would be okay, but he said never mind.
Midway through the year, changed seats.
The new girl I sat next to asked why my legs were so hairy,
pointed at them and laughed.
I went home and demanded my mom showed me how to shave in the bath.

When I was in 6th grade, I hung out with mean girls and “weird” girls, but never realized how they got that way.
I was at the girl down the streets house and
we were swimming in her pool and
she flashed us all her vagina and I was so confused.
I never went back to her house again.

Different house, same group.
We all went skinny-dipping in her pool after all we were all just girls,
it was cool.
Except then they all ganged up on me trying to convince me
I had started my womanhood and they could all see the blood.
I was so embarrassed,
but I tried to shake it off but I went home in the morning
terrified of myself.

When I was in 7th grade, I hated myself.
I moved school to a new school and didn’t know how to act.
I dressed preppy and never made any real friends,
so I switched my image to gothic and silly bands.
I got my first boyfriend.
He played guitar and was really nice,
except for when I was too nervous to kiss him on his birthday.
Then he broke up with me and told everyone I was prude.

When I was in 8th grade, I fought that rumor with lies.
If it wasn’t okay to be prude, what was it okay to do?
I was an imaginary slut,
provocative outfits and even stuffed my bra.
I was supposed to have sex with a skater boy that year,
but I got too scared.
We just went to second base and watched the Simpsons.

When I was in 9th grade, I got punched in the face,
by another girl who’s boyfriend had cheated on her.
We all were hanging out one day but
then it somehow was just me and him.
I was high and I didn’t know what to say.
So I didn’t say anything and he went down on me and
I blurred it all out, don’t remember a thing but
I do know whatever it was I got suspended because of it.

Right before 10th grade, I lost my virginity.
Couldn’t tell you how because I was blacked-out to infinity.
He didn’t know I was a virgin, he didn’t use a condom.
Our best friends waited in the other room.
Why couldn’t we have just went to second base and watched the Simpsons again?

When I was in 11th grade, I finally got myself together.
I found someone who respected me and
we were gonna make it together.
We broke up because I was still insecure,
from all the people I let handle me.
I reverted back to the only thing I knew,
attention from men because it was so easy!

When I was in 12th grade, I realized something.
Self-worth does not come from boys, or men or people at all.
It doesn’t come from an outfit or a persona.
It doesn’t come from your friends.
It comes from yourself.

Now, four years later I am about to graduate college.
I have realized that these things that happened to me were a product of society. A mysognist outlook that I am at fault for not knowing.

I didn’t know body hair wasn’t gross.
I didn’t know that masculinity was so fragile that a no was insulting.
I didn’t know that even 13 year old boys could be manipulative because of their societal conditioning.
I didn’t know that if I acted provocative that means I had to perform.
I  didn’t know that consent was a direct yes and anything besides that was a no.

I was told that it was my fault for being high or drunk.
I was told that it was my fault for stuffing my bra and acting like a slut.
I was told that because I did what I was taught to do with my body that I was not worth anything anymore.
I didn’t know that everything was a lie.

So I protest for myself at only 10 years old,
being convinced that I needed to fit a mold.

I protest for my sister who is now only 10.
Who is already concerned
about the hair on her upper lip and her armpits.
Who is smarter than any other kid I’ve ever known but
I’m afraid that she’s going to fall into societies spell.
I protest for the humans who don’t have a voice.
I protest for the scared, the silenced, the oppressed and the blamed.

—  My story, 4/14/18.

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Nel famoso @carnevaleviareggio compare anche un carro per l'ambiente: è la #balena di Roberto Vannucci, che grida perché intrappolata tra i rifiuti.

Un appello per sensibilizzare sull'inquinamento dei mari dalla #plastica. 🎥 Nadia Cupisti

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Messages to society 1

I wrote a very short poem to start off this series.

You make me disgusting

You make me a scardy cat

You make me insignificant

You make me fat

You make me stupid

You make me insecure

You make me out to be whatever you see

So much so that what I make me doesn’t matter

Even when I make me beautiful

Even when I make me powerful

Even when I make me creative

Even when I make me intelligent

Even when I make me confident

You drain all of that away

And I know that all anyone sees is a discusting, fat, stupid, insecure, insignificant, scardy cat who has no right to complain.