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are not enough There has to be Positive & Positive . .πŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’›.

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don't let the stop you from realizing a dream, bringing your great idea to the market, (a market that can only benefit from fresh new ideas), or stifle your success! We know from your what's truly in your β™₯!

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Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.
—  Dalai Lama
It Could Be YOU!

One Day, Someone is going to take that Awesome Idea YOU have Always had and Make It Happen…Someone will Grab Hold of that Fantastic Opportunity YOU See before YOU and They will make the Most of it…Someone will make a Fortune Using Knowledge very much like the Knowledge YOU already have…Someone will Achieve Amazing Success Using Skills just Like Yours.

There will be Someone who takes the Action necessary to Bring the Awesome Possibilities to Life…Someone will and that Someone can be YOU!
Even if Life’s Circumstances are Less than Perfect, Someone will See that those Circumstances are a Perfect place from which to Start…Someone will Make that Start and have the Commitment to See it Through.

Chances are when Success does come to that Someone, Others will See that certain Someone as Lucky, as being in the Right Place at the Right Time…Yet that Someone will Know that Action and Persistence were what Truly made it Happen.

Someone will Start from this Very Day and Continue all the way to a Spectacular Success of His or Her own Choosing. Open your Eyes, Be Willing to Act, See Clearly the Awesome Possibilities that Today will Offer and that Someone will be YOU.


Complete the LAPS that you have set forth in your path and do your best to not leave anything undone. Your life or the quality is thereof will speak greater volumes beyond what your mere words will ever do. So finish all of your open endeavors for the opportunity to move into new avenues! MC/NE! #king #lifecoach #mentor #mindset #minister #teacher #complete #goals #pathwork #actions #fitness #decisions #thoughts #fullfigured #health #wealth #curvy #passion #purpose #process #progress #blackbusiness #thinkandgrowrich #4hourworkweek #lawsofsuccess #wisdom #life #maximuscinister (at Fordham Manor, New York)

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GUYS! I am super hyped! First teaser of #thelastpeacemaker is out! Directed and produced by my good friend @thedaveardito and @piaardito !! I worked as DP on this upcoming feature film! Have to say it was intense days but it was worth it and challenging fun! 😍😍😍
Gosh already 2 years ago…those days and projects are making me always really happy ☺️☺️!!Nothing better than creating our own stuffs!!! #independentfilmmaking
Big props to the main stars @lorenzhideyoshi @andy_long_nguyen @marie.mouroum @mathislandwehr @themindisthemagic
. Shot on #blackmagicdesign @ursamini 4.6

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Words & Actions

Sometimes you gotta have both words and actions. You have to put some actions to the words you’ve said and you have to use your words when actions can’t help. You can’t just have words to bring comfort and you can’t just have actions when everything’s not okay. You have to balance them both. Because sometimes lacking one can just make a bad situation worse.

I’ll Tell You What You Want to Hear If It’s What I Want

You found me

Or maybe I found myself first

Then let you find me

Under the wide open sky

I am one of many one in a millions

What are you searching for?

Can you commit?

Wet and wild world

Mild to moderate to severe

And back home again

If it’s love, then show me

There’s no time limit on something real

You may have a lot to teach me

I love learning, but only if it’s worth it

You may want my hand

But I have to be able to trust you

You can say you want and need me

Do you love me?

You can say you love me

Do you really?

I shouldn’t feel like I have to question it

A fictional reality

‘There are so many liars out there who swear that such thoughts would never cross their minds. They’re too 'pure.’ They’re too 'good.’ But in my experience, only one thing on this Earth separates good from evil.'Β 

'And what’s that?'Β 


—  T.J. Payne - In My Father’s Basement

2019/2020 School Year #LeadWithResilience #Educator #Challenge for You!

1. Tell at least 1 student and 1 employee/colleague each week that you saw their heart.
2. Tell at least 2 students and 2 employees/colleagues each week that you appreciate their mind, and how they shared their perspective with you or others.
3. Tell at least 3 students and 3 employees/colleagues each week that you saw them help someone’s spirit soar.
4. Each and every time that you see acts of #kindness demonstrated by anyone, well, shout it out to everyone in your organization!

#DoIt and let me know the results of your actions! It is that important to #LeadWithResilience and to truly demonstrate with examples what this means!

It is about the #Heart, #Mind, #Soul and #Actions!
#Resilience #students #education #leadership #inspiration

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To say that nothing is true, is to realize that the foundations of society are fragile, and that we must be the shepherds of our civilization. To say that everything is permitted, is to understand that we are the architects of our actions, and that we must live with their consequences, whether glorious or tragic.

— What is the meaning of nothings is true, everything is permitted?