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Veronica confronts her ex-husband, Tristan. 🎬⭐📺

I wanted to get some friends to read, act out and learn about Shakespeare for a lot of years, like at least two years. Now it's happening, with pizza, on the first and last Wednesday of every month from 7.

Felicidades a Las Actrices y a los Actores que se entregan día a día en cuerpo y alma a la actuación

Krishnaa Acting Academy provides the in so that people do not face any kind of difficulty. in by Krishnaa Acting Academy is given under the proper guidance. Visit here- Call Us-(+91)7827502559

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was in my life. I was struggling to enjoy acting. So I ended up in her class and she made me not only fall in with again but she also cleaned up my . She loves what she does and it’s .”-

Film shoot number 2 in the books with Tiffany Adamson, Wil Morris, Chris McKinney and Jacob Simpson! New acting project on the way soon! 🎞 🎥

Performers' Peer Group Event at the TV Academy to honor the Emmy nominees. Talking shop with the sublime .

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Hey did anyone else believe that when characters had flashback scenes to their childhoods that they were actually a younger them and people just planned out movies years and years in advanced and waited for people to grow up to film the rest of it?


The boys work their fight skills (or conflict avoidance) during rehearsals for The Fair Fight.
Video by @kateeppers

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Michael C. Hall and Director Jim Mickle - promoting “Cold In July” at Sundance Film Festival 2014

Here´s an excerpt of an “Collider” Interview with “In The Shadow Of The Moon” director Jim Mickle (who btw. has just finished filming a new project which was co-produced by Robert Downey Jr.- it´s called “Sweet Tooth”):

Collider: You’ve worked with Michael C. Hall before. When you realized you wanted to cast him, did you just sent a text message saying you “wanna work again together?”

MICKLE: Yeah, started as a text, turned into a phone call to talk through the part.

What I love about Michael is he’s such a chameleon and there is so much of him that is still unpacked, like his humorous side. He can also sort of just put on some clothes and cut his hair different, and completely transform who he is.

I wanted to have a character that really felt like Philadelphia, including the accent. We actually discussed Toni Collette’s accent in The Sixth Sense, that was just drop dead perfect, so good. It was really about finding a character that was a completely different side of him. Fortunately, he really responded to the script and character.

I used to search for women who wanted to know. The women who wanted to analyse, to understand, to influence, were witches more often than not. And the princess was generally sweet and simple. She could not understand the power of things intangible, and was too passive to harness them even if she could grasp them. I held a heart I felt was dangerously near to villainy close to my chest.

I used to search for women with dreams labelled “unattainable.” We were tentatively encouraged, in spare moments, to look for jobs outside our households. They always spoke of career women nervously, as if worried our hearts would rot into unfeeling blackness on the spot now they had opened up the option. But the world of agents and contracts and talent - and talent-spotting! - was sneered at, even more than the boys who wanted to be footballers. (We were girls, after all. We were supposed to be sensible.)

I used to search for women who looked like me. Curly hair that needed more than cheap irons to hold it down straight. Broad noses, plump lips. Beautiful, but no English Rose; even if I had been here all my life, my skin sung of ancestors born in a hotter, brighter, louder continent than this. But it was light enough to communicate that I was purely nothing. An amalgamation, a mix.

I used to search for women who had to struggle for what they had. My child’s eyes looked around me and saw that the only privileges I might have I’d need to work for. Women who didn’t have real-world versions of Fairy Godmothers, but grit and drive. Women who might be helped, but had to do something with the help to thrive. Women who were ambitious, and snapped the label so often used as some kind of slur between their teeth.

I used to search for women who wanted to work hard, even so. Women whose feet tapped and fingers itched when they were supposed to do nothing. Women that were hungry for the next task and had no problem finding new tasks for themselves when things were apparently done. Women who saw so many problems that they’d break down if they weren’t so fixated on solutions. Women who wanted everything to change, and weren’t afraid to scrape that progress out with bloodied hands and broken nails.

I used to search for women who were all these things in skirts, in lipstick, in heels. I used to search for women who didn’t shudder at prettiness or scorn intelligence, who refused to compromise on either. Women who were unyielding against everything they were told, built of walls so they could be built as them.

I used to search for women who weren’t hugely interested in being liked. Women who’d rather be something more useful than likeable. Women who were smart enough to know that likeability made life easier, of course, but too noble, too wilful, too genuine, too kind, to accept it as their primary goal.

I used to search for the woman who was all the things I couldn’t very easily find, because people hated her. But it does not matter, because I have found her now - and one of the times was in me - and I like her plenty. Because women like her pave roads over mountains. They are fierce in solidarity, committed to charity, strengthened by diversity, and adamant in the face of hostility. They are unbreakable. They are tungsten. I have never met someone so willing to support me as a woman that is like me.

‘I Used to Search,’ - Megan’s Poetry #618


“One guy said, ‘Success is just focusing all your attention on the thing that you do and love without having a claim on an outcome.’ So, think about that. That’s pretty cool. You are putting all your focus and attention on what you do. So as an actor, that changed everything for me. I went, oh…I’m not here to get a job. I’m here to do a job. Subtle difference, enormous effect. Just think about the difference. If you only went in that room to focus on what you do, create a compelling character and present it, and that’s it, and you walk away, you’ve done your job. Everything else is outside of your purview. It’s not your decision to call you back or whatever. Once that happened, it was freeing. A weight lifted off my shoulders. It doesn’t mean you don’t do the work. There’s no shortcut for the work. I’ve been doing this for 37 years. I can tell you, there is no shortcut. You have to do work. It’s hard work. There’s a lot of work. So you better love it.


Here is my first Creator Diary vlog! I hope you like it.

The idea of this (or maybe these, plural, if y’all like them), is to show you some of my creative processes, and what I’m up to. Either because it helps you with yours, or you just wanna hear what’s up with me, when I am not publishing content all the time. I would like to do similar videos on different projects etc. so I hope you like this one :)

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i love latina women but so of yall get on my nerves. stop blaming black women for what you don’t have. when there was barely any representation for black women in the media, you know who created it? black women. stop expected us to do everything for yall. if you want it so bad do it yourself.

I just got back from my play (Cymbeline: by Shakespeare) and I got three things from it

jESus I don’t know if it was the actors or something but that was LONG. FOUR. FRICKIN. HOURS.

Cloten and the Queen(my character) are dicks

I’m now known as the nice, shy, and innocent kid in my acting group. I know because people kept calling me nice, someone half-jokingly told me to be more assertive, and someone cupped my face in her hands and said I’m the only one she hasn’t wanted to kill

oh and also my acting group is super cool. But like, I already knew that.

in rehearsal the other day the stage directions for my character literally said “lounging on a sofa” and all i was given was a desk chair, so i worked with what i was given, and so i like slumped down and did a full-on manspread. from the back of the room i hear, “YOU’RE A VICTORIAN GENTLEMAN, NOT A WHORE!” and without even thinking, I shout back, “IF OSCAR WILDE CAN BE BOTH SO CAN I!”