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I have a tendency to lean towards a retro look. Restyled myself in a retro way

Thats a wrap! I had the experience of a life time working with some very talented people.I'm so grateful for this opportunity & it has been a valuable learning experience. Thank you to everyone's support. This was my 1st film. Im so excited.โค

Una foto maravillosa que nos comparte con nuestro pequeรฑo guerrero dรญa libre para despejar y descansar y que mรกs que en buena compaรฑรญa โค๏ธ

is beautiful inside and out & a pro on serving lewks.๐Ÿ˜Š I need 2 take lessons from her.๐Ÿ˜‚ Check her out on our aftershow on ! Watch HERE:

What a coincidence that my audition tape for from 7 years ago has 666 views ๐Ÿคฃ

Hi ! Please consider 's brilliant portrayal of Delores Wise, a real person in 's . This actress did something very special. ๐Ÿ‘Œ

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If some people have a destiny you certainly are living yours Bravo on your role in & with all else you have done in the world of & beyond. GO GRL FORCE!

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Is there anyone whose native language isn’t english and attend AADA or RADA?

I’m considering applying to either of these universities, but I’m afraid that english isn’t my mother tongue would mean a huge disadvantage for me.

That boyfriend to me once: ‘So you studied advanced higher drama classes once. What does mean?’ Me: ’It means I can kill you, make it look like an accident, inherit your vast fortune, and get away with it.’

Gotta be like Debbie from The Addams Family.

‘But, officer…my husband…he was…he was…in that house!’   

*gasp and grab a fancy handkerchief and wipes away a lone tear*


BEST pick up line EVER! Works EVERY TIME! 😜👍

full clip on YouTube. Link in bio

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Marilyn Monroe a Motherless Child - Norma Jeane 

Pictures of Marilyn Monroe from childhood to adulthood. May she R.I.P. 


The best way to play a spoiled heiress is to always keep your mouth open as if you’re appalled at everything you hear


This past spring I worked on a short film for a class of mine. I hope you enjoy it!


#lenaheadey would go on stage for a play in London if it’s the right material. Something “dark” and “modern”.
I’m so happy I had a chance to ask her about her future plans for theatre at #germancomiccon in Munich yesterday. I could easily envision her as Lady Macbeth but she seemed to be a bit hesitant about Shakespeare. I hope one day we will be fortunate enough to see her live on stage. No matter which sort of play, she is an amazing actress and she will be brilliant.
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I love the movie au idea like all the characters just being actors.. any hc’s?

Yeah! I especially like the MHA movie/cast AU, but that’s not this fandom so I won’t ramble lmao

- Sebastian and Ciel would either be really, pretty good friends off set or hate each other– no in-between

- Actually I imagine that Ciel would just be this really sweet genuine chill kid, out of character, and when he tried out for the part you could just s e e the shock on their faces of how polar opposite he can be in .2 seconds.

- Like “oh he seems pretty mellow and a genuine person maybe he’s not the best fit” to “I’m pretty sure this isn’t the same kid someone help us a literal passive-aggressive demon has possessed him”








I just wrote my Director’s Note for OUR TOWN:

OUR TOWN opened on Broadway February 4, 1938 (pre-dating the Tony Awards). The Pulitzer Prize jury unanimously recommended OUR TOWN for the Drama award on May 2nd that same year. To this day, it remains one of the most performed plays anywhere. What is it about this story of young love that resonates with us so deeply? Often times Theatre is seen as entertainment, but other times it can be seen more as Art. OUR TOWN exists somewhere in-between. A deeply philosophical play, it also provides several laughs. We’ve all felt those emotions before, the excitement of young love and the gut-wrenching sorrow of loss. It is a reflection of ourselves as we march towards the inevitable and realize what’s truly important in life.