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When the top Biz Dev guy is also an -certified site developer, clients get the benefit of both big-picture perspective and in-the-trenches know-how. Congratulations to 's .

Doing some review trying to help our friends in product of the shiny new . So far I'm loving the DX (developer experience)

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Acquia today announced the all-new Lift, the only tool optimized for , now available as a no-code application to help marketers quickly and easily optimize customer experiences. by

Looking forward to use the new products of Nice to be here.

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The future of is open. and Founder, : “We are excited to announce that we will merge + Lift to create the first Open Marketing Cloud. 🔓 ☁️

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Our booth is all set up for today - come say hi to the team or just drop by to charge your device if you run out of juice, thanks to

All is set for Engage Europe. Even taxis are wearing colours this morning ❤️😍

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The Open Source Report 09 December 2018

thanks Acquia

for all those times i’ve been really thankful for varnish caching on our staging servers.

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Acquia Dev Cloud Gotchas

The Acuia Dev Cloud is a great service for hosting Drupal sites, giving you Drupal specific management stuff via the GUI and turning many of the standard workflow tasks from CLI to GUI. Unfortunately, the docs and support are a little scant as they are still being developed and can leave you feeling pretty isolated if you get a problem. Being propitiatory, the systems and techniques are not widely known and not much community stuff is out there. Here are a few of the main gotchas that I found moving from a standard Drupal infrastructure (e.g. Dedicated server, VPS or shared server) to the Dev Cloud. They may be obvious to some but maybe will help others.

  1. The Acquia file directory structure is a little different and what would normal be your Dupalroot is now docroot, this all within the sites root along with a couple of other Acquia specific folders.
  2. Your files directory is stored in a different location automagically on Acquias network when you import your site. It is then symlinked to you standard drupal_root/sites/[site]/files directory. To upload new files you must scp or sftp them - uri’s can be found under sites & logs. So if you use git like me, you will find an entry excluding files within .gitignore stopping them being added to your repo.
  3. Only tags & branches show in the code drop down list on the workflow page NOT commits when pushing code to the dev cloud from your local environment. This means that if you want to commit a change to the Dev Cloud and want to see that change by checking out code to your Workflow dev site for example, you need to use 'git tag mytweak' followed by ‘git push –tags’ to get the tag to show in the code drop down.

As I find more things worth noting I’ll post 'em.