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What or who are you thankful/grateful for today and why?

Congrats to FranioπŸ₯‰and HannahπŸ₯ˆfor making it onto the podium at yesterday’s County Sports finals. Well done to everyone who took part and to Mrs G for preparing and supporting them. JCJ

"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence." -Helen Keller

I blazed a trail by setting a big goal and taking one step each day to making it a reality.Β  MORE: Β  via

More achievements to celebrate! Congratulations to all our Gold, Silver and Bronze Achievers! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Double delight for Will as he scoops us the CFA and Master of Management Analytics this year. Will was an early entrant to Portland’s Graduate Recruitment program and we are so pleased and proud with all he has achieved.

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That sense on ! BLUES students at our pilot course are celebrating today their in . CONGRATULATIONS, guys!!! Well done and all the very best in the world of . You’ve done VERY WELL!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

We are so unbelievably proud of our girls receiving their awards today! πŸŽ‰πŸ˜πŸ…Well done for all of your hard work and determination! πŸ’ͺ🌟🐴

Day 2019 ... We had over 100 pupils with full attendance πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

EIGHT days left until nominations close for the 2019 Indigenous Business Award. Nominate a deserving Indigenous-run business in your community for this celebrated award!

Each year our friends host the Police Self Support Group Annual Awards Dinner to recognize & the Finest. It was pleasure to support Sgt. Special Assignment, Pat Whalen & NYPD Employee Relations, & reflect on their many achievements.

If there was no fear, no worry of repercussions, no judgment of your choices, right now... Ask yourself this

Donnie McLeod Head of Service delivering important messages about always improving before handing out certificates πŸ“œπŸŽ“ to Cohort 15 🌟🌟🌟

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Warning for peeps getting CTR Nitro Fueled:

Yes, the old cheat codes are there. BUT doing so (other than Penta Penguin) WILL LOCK MOST ACHIEVEMENTS/TROPHIES.

I was going to post this Monday, when Fitbit sends that weekly report thing. (I’ll still post that). We know i suck tracking on the weekend, so just ignore that.

Ive been hitting my water goal pretty much everyday. Tue-Fri, my goal was 90oz while at work. I did it. I didn’t totally track what i drank at home.

This week, Ive gotten more active minutes than i have any other week this year. Thats exciting.


Driving to work and #unlocked an #achievement with my roommate. xD
#tiktok #furrytiktok

It’s getting weirder now xD

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after more than one year of this tumblr, and after more than three years of supporting wes, he finally noticed me for the first time ever and followed this tumblr. he also said that he loves me, and i can’t even explain how happy and how grateful i am. supporting him and loving him is the best thing that i ever choose to do, i will never find enough words to say how much he means to me and how he, literally, saved my life. i can’t thank him enough for everything he did for me without even knowing. he brought light to my life. and thank you, all of you, for supporting my tumblr and using my edits, i would never achieve this without you.

this is the best day of my life. truly.

I hold myself back like a dam to the meltwaters, like the feelings you have for your best friend’s ex, shoved in the deep dark parts of you. I am afraid to utter, afraid they may glimpse all I could be. I hold myself back like the clipped wings of an eagle, like the longing for cream in the midnight hours, I contain the best, the worst, the great parts of me. I hold back the laughs, I hold back the rage, I hold back the waters, the lust, the love. I hold myself back from that last minute whisper, that final scream. I hold myself back, they’ll never know me.

Hai, selamat pagi.

Sejujurnya saya menulis disini bukan untuk curhat tapi lebih kepada karena saya menyukai kenangan. Setidaknya saya, dikemudian purnama dapat kembali membaca dan senyam-senyum sendiri karena apa yg sudah pernah saya lakukan, seberapa saya berjuang kala ini, dan seberapa galaunya saya saat ini.

Saya adalah penganut asas masa bodo alias tidak mau ambil pusing terhadap sesuatu. Hal ini ada plus minusnya si termasuk saya tidak mau ambil pusing kritik seseorang terhadap saya. Nah tapi kalau kritik yg sifatnya baik harusnya membuat saya bermuhasabah kan tapi disini lah letak ketidaktepatan penempatan sikap masa bodo saya.

Sampai ada orang ketiga yg mengatakan hal yg sama terhadap saya barulah saya berfikir, ada yg salah dengan saya, ada yg perlu diperbaiki dari diri saya, ada yg harus segera dirubah. Ketiga orang tersebut sama komentarnya

“Yu, kamu fokus dong”

“Yu, makanya kamu tuh fokus, fokus please”

“Yu, kamu tuh ternyata orangnya gagal fokus ya”

Ehm, dan satu orang dari ketiganya mengatakan ke saya beberapa kali. Well apa boleh buat berarti saya sebegitunya.Ngrasa juga kalo konsentrasi saya sering terdistraksi dengan hal-hal lain yg tiba-tiba masuk dan saya tanggapi dengan lanjut memikirkannya padahal saya sedang membicarakan hal yg lain atau mengerjakan sesuatu yg lain.

Kenapa si saya gagal fokus muluk ya, emm sepertinya jawabannya karena saya malas berfikir. Malas memikirkan apa yg lawan bicara sampaikan dan hanya di iya-iyain aja, malas memahami bacaan yg sedang saya baca karena terlalu berbelit-belit sehingga skip-skip aja, malas memikirkan sesuatu terlalu dalam dan lebih memilih sesuatu yg menyenangkan untuk saya pikirkan.

Fiks saya kurang aware kalo seperti ini ceritanya, and let’s change my bad habit today. Fokus akan segala sesuatu termasuk capaian hidup.Kata kuncinya saya sudah dapat: konsentrasi, pikirkan, buat capaian, garis finish, done.a

3M dari AA Gym : Mulai dari diri sendiri, mulai dari yang terkecil, dan mulai dari sekarang.

Palembang, 12 Juni 2019

I find myself on the cusp of something, always, as if I’m climbing a mountain hand over hand, knitting my way into the stone, lifting myself by the toes I’ve shoved into the grooves. I tremble with the weight of myself, with the weight of me. And shift the leverage from my fingers, for they can hold no more. I glance up. It’s always just right there. I find myself on the cusp of something, always, “just a little bit more.”