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Rama Sethu Beginning Point 😍😍😊 Mumbai To Rameswaram Ride A Dream Come True... ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦

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Heartiest congratulations to Mr. Chitranajan Kesari for winning the Best CTO of the Year Award. It's an honour to have you on board the Kanakia team!

Witness your businesses performance sky rocket with the added help of #roboticmarketer#marketing

The perfect window will not only look amazing from both the inside and outside, but also give you the light, privacy and ventilation you need.

Our school values of and in real evidence today with the completion of two course meals for two people. Part of the Btec Home Cooking Skills Level 2

Week 3 functional task practice with saeboglove pushing trolley, opening/closing draws, carrying banana

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College Update: Still kickin’ as an ASL interpreting major at SCU, all my friends are queer as per usu, vice president of NAMI on Campus, member of LEAD Team, sibling of Lambda Sigma Tau and planning to run for our scholarship chair, resident advisor for the family apartments and next year the RA for the ASL living learning community, planning to run for the diversity chair for Student Senate to promote a nerodiversity and accessability on campus, planning to run for a position in ASL Club. Been pretty busy, next year will be the same. That’s where I’m at.

Need for Inclusion is a Weakness; Freedom and Happiness is Found Outside of that

I think I know why I’ve been depressed all these years. I wanted to be included. This is a weakness, the desire for inclusion. I need to overcome this. If I can overcome this, I can accept myself. This is the key– accepting myself. And not only that, knowing myself. I know who I am, I’m an artist, and that is beautiful. I need to accept that. I’m not an outsider, I’m not a “fit-in” or a cool kid– I’m none of that, I’m just a person and I am an artist. I need to do what I want, not what God wants. That is that is the true path to power. God wants us to be powerful on our own. He wants us to be happy on our own. He wants us to achieve it for ourselves. He wants us to be separate, from Him. If He does it for us, commands us in every little thing in life, there is no point in  living at all. There is no achievement in that. He wants us to do it ourselves. He wants us to be an individual. He wants us to love ourselves and live that way. Knowing who you are is so important. Not on a self-perception level, which can be inaccurate, we need to know ourselves on a soul level. Who are we really? We need to figure that out. God wants us to be free. He wants us to know ourselves. He wants us to figure it out on our own. Live for yourself.

I can overcome my desire for inclusion. I can become a fool if need be. People will think I’m a fool but really I’ve devoted to my vision. We have to live for ourselves. We have to do what we want. We can’t let other people’s judgments deter us from achieving our goals. We have to hold steadfast to them no matter what. Don’t live for other people. Don’t live for other people’s standards. Live for your own standards. Be free.

Epic Games Store To Add Cloud Saves, User Reviews, Achievements & More

The Epic Games Store is looking to take Steam head on with the announcement that many new features are in development. The features in question are already present on Steam and i’m sure they’ll will be well received on the Epic Game Store. Hopefully they can get it right first time.  

Steam sure has competition now. 


It’s in my hands. Physically. Wow.

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Week 8 & 9 check in

I forgot both weeks. I’ll do week 10 on Sunday like im supposed to do. Im trying to remember what even happened week 8. Not too much. Not the best week. Spent some time with my friend… guy… thing. Im not really sure what i call him. I know hes not my boyfriend. I know neither of us are seeing/talking to anyone else. Somehow its gotten to the point where we seem to assume that were seeing eachother each weekend.

Week 9 was a good one for the most part. I got more steps in than normal. Pretty much everything went up. Of course except for like sleep. Why would i sleep?

I finished painting this picture. Its done for now until i get a spark of creativity to do something else to it. Me and my friend thing went to the shooting range. First time ive ever shot a gun. I learned that i really need to work on my upper body strength.

So, for those that dont know, I’m 27 years old. I still live at home due to crippling school loans. The day that i went to the shooting range seemed like a normal day. Apparently it was not. My mom flipped shit on me seeing this guy and basically told me if i wanted to keep seeing him, i had to pack my bags. Did she have a reason to freak out? No. Shes angry because twice i drove to his house instead of him having to pick me up. “Hi. I know im 27 and all, but my mom said im not allowed to see you anymore.” Yeah, okay. That just caused a lot of issues here. But well get into that on sunday at week 10.

Maybe because i studied psych for years, maybe because I’m just realizing things. I think if i didnt have shit like that in my life, i would probably sleep. My last neuro visit, my mom came along. My dr suggested that i dont sleep well due to stress and worrying. My mom like freaked out saying that i have no stress in my life and all this shit. Im sure the dr was thinking that she is exhibit 1.


You have to speak positivity over your life. If you begin to believe in you in your abilities, the energy you put out will help bring it to past. Continue to push and believe in yourself. You got this.#achievement #goodvibes #pow6rfulminds #myresponsibility (at University Of Memphis - Elma Roane Fieldhouse)

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Enjoy your day and celebrate the fact you are still alive with opportunities awaiting you. God is good. #pow6rfulminds #goodvibes #achievement

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