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Do you like with are short break to help children with or . Please contact MCC for further details or see the advert in

More good news this week.. Congratulations to Senior Tax Assistant Jenni Davie on passing her STEP Trust and Estates Essay!

When working as part of a team, which project have you been most proud of being a part of and what makes that one stand out from the rest?

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What great thing in this world has been accomplished without passion?

Another unlocked by Team Elite, Pune! has sold the highest number of units of (launched with the name - ) since their launch in Pune and become number 1 real-estate agent of Adani Pune.

Another feather in our cap with the form one of our prestigious client, Victor Mombeyarara.

The efforts of have been honoured with the Award of the Best of National Agenda for its role in the National Indicators - The index, and the Best Joint Service Award for the " Mabrouk Ma Yak” service.

இலங்கையில் நடந்த அதிசயம்...: காயங்களை ஏற்படுத்தாமல் புற்றுநோயை அகற்றி சாதனை..!

Certains journalistes algériens n'aiment pas qu'on leur parle des Blancs d'Alger en matière IT. Avis à l'ambassade de France à Alger Ce Pouet/tweet est crossposté via Mastodon \o/

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Soaring through the clouds

Four hours. Two hundred and forty minutes. Fourteen thousands four hundred and forty seconds. The plasticity of time which fills me up while it vanishes with each of my heartbeats. Behind the glass wall, I see the world passing by, cars speeding up and down, pedestrians slow and fast, all of the droplets of the persistant rain relentlessly crashing over the scene, a live image petrified by the damp cold and the global grey. Inside, it is not much warmer but excitement keeps me going. Even when I wait and lose my eyes in the nearby noise, forgetting for a short while the blinding colors, the dizzying lines, the overwhelming visions merging between the screen and my mind. It is happening; it is in the making; each touch is unescapable even when to only, that is in fact, realize that without was actually better. I have a kind being for docile arm and he keeps trying to get what I say and to make what I see. This pink is the worst most beautiful color I have ever s/b-een. I have it at the tip of my tongue, at the tip of my soul, but it still can’t translate. Technology is a limitless language of limits. And my special pink is forever gone: I have to settle for its ghost, the best negative of what it was, what that Saturday morning felt like, turning back for a quick second to capture this forgotten corner, or what that Tuesday afternoon tasted like, stopping by for a minute to take in the disheveled installation, or what that Wednesday noon looked like, arrested by the ease of novel creations, that is pronoiac nostalgia, me in flesh and feels, at last soaring through the mist of pain while gratefully being made of it. Yes, joy is the price. And it is always cheaper than one will ever expect.

Achievement #2

Volt egy zenekar gimis koromban, akiket megszállottan imádtam. Állandóan őket hallgattam kb, de sajnos az énekes nem sokkal azután kilépett, hogy én megismertem őket, tehát koncertre már el se jutottam. Amikor elkezdtem gitározni nyilván megtanultam tőlük egy csomó dalt, elég nagy hatással volt rám ilyen téren is a csapat, főleg a gitáros. Pár éve aztán az a szerencsés helyzet állt elő, hogy az énekessel szervezhettünk közös koncertet az akkori zenekarommal. Mondanom sem kell, hogy számomra egy iszonyatosan jó élmény volt azzal az emberrel közös koncertet szervezni, akit annyit hallgattam azelőtt és közvetve ilyen szerves része volt a mindennapjaimnak. Ma pedig a semmiből bekövette a mostani zenekarom instán az időközben másik frontemberrel újjáalakult csapat. Kis dolog, tudom, de nekem ez… ah.

What’s Next: Life After Achievement

After you’ve checked off every goal on the list, what then? If you are like me and get a natural high from achievement, how do you continually get your fix? If you’ve ever done any recreational drug, you know that coming down from a high can be painful mentally and emotionally, and in some extreme cases, even physically. So what do you do?

Most recently, like December 14, 2018, I reached the bottom of my goal list. This goal list I created for myself in my early 20s, and set it up to be completed before I turned 30. I’ve never been one to set lofty, unrealistic goals. I’ve only ever wanted for things that I need to take my life to the next level. Although my childhood was stable, it was still characterized by lack. I remember using Food Stamps when they were actually printed, colorful notes with different dollar amounts. So any time I’ve set a goal, it’s been realistic, and in the pursuit of ensuring my basic needs are met.

I dropped out of college two years after starting. There’s a list of reasons I could give you that could apply, but at the root of it is that I didn’t know what I was doing. Going back to school was always on that goal list, to be achieved before 30, but so many of life’s stories slowed me down. I had my son, got into a long-term relationship that drained more from me than was ever poured back, and I lost both my parents. The road to achievement was paved with many obstacles, but somewhere in the mess, I barreled through despite those road-blocks. I sat down in my first class in seven years in January 2016 and completed my journey in December 2018.

Pride. Overwhelming joy. Accomplished. Just a couple of words to describe what I was feeling as I walked across the stage to the sound of my friends and family cheering my name. It was a true moment in time where I felt that I lived up to my daily mantra “I am THAT b*tch.”

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A few days passed, and as I got ready to celebrate the holidays with good food, gifts, and a string of days off work, sadness overcame me. I had achieved one of my greatest goals but I couldn’t muster up the proper amount of happiness. I was listless, restless, and unsure of what to do next. For the last few weeks, I’ve been asking “what now?”

Normally, the response is to set new goals. Create a new list! This is the year I enter my 30s, I am in an entirely new decade of my existence. Why shouldn’t I create a new list to correspond to this woman I have become and continue to turn into? How will I become a better version of myself if I don’t lay the necessary groundwork?

Goals are the soul of achievement, this is true. Setting a goal is how you determine what you want from this life and how to get it for yourself. Reaching those goals brings a level of personal enlightenment you can’t get from anything else. But, what the four-weeks post-graduation has taught me, is that there is so much more to life than setting and achieving goals. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do in my 30s. There are things that I want to happen and right now I am in a space to let them happen organically.

I want to be less focused on creating a vision board that I stare at daily to direct me in life and more focused on living the life I envisioned for myself so many years ago. This is not a knock to vision boards and goal lists, they got me through tough times and out of well-dug holes. I am saying that I am simplifying the process from setting goals - > achievement. Going after the things on my vision boards often left me exhausted and gave me little time to do anything else. I was socially absent for the second half of my 20s because I was driven to tick off every box on the list.

I don’t want 30+ to look like that. In this decade, I am going to enjoy the fruits of those labors from my 20s. Spending insane amounts of time with my family and friends is most important because those connections drive me in their own way. Who knows what’s next? Babies? Marriage? Backpacking through Europe? Stepping away from a structured vision via a goal list will allow me to explore any and every option.

Week 2 check in

Well, lets see. This week was down, then up, then down again. But its better than being all down!

Monday was just not a good day. I was tired, i was depressed, and couldnt do anything. It was hard enough to just go to work that day.

Tuesday, I started taking these new vitamins that are supposed to give you energy along with a bunch of othet stuff. But i wanted the energy. I’m tired of being tired all the time. I think they are working. I am being more active during the day. Even while at work, i am looking for any excuse to get up and walk around. I dont think my coworkers have seen me that active and in that good of a mood in months. (Stupid ms taking me down and I’m over it.)

I have been trying to drink more water during the week. I was trying to be conscious of how much i am drinking.

Obviously the weekend was when i went down again. But i seem to be doing mostly good at work. Thats normally where the temptation is. We always have patients bringing us in food. Of course not healthy food. Why would anyone in a physical therapy place want healthy food? I managed to track my food monday-thursday. Atleast its something. I even tracked me going over.

I failed not eating gluten. I really need to get back on that. I’m going to try to focus on that this week. I also want to focus on not eating sweets.

I did do well with not ordering out at all this week. (I did have take out twice this week, but i didnt pay for it.) I am also doing pretty well with doing something for myself everyday. This while week, I made sure to actually take my lunch and I read.

I only worked out once this week. I did a mile on the treadmill. I’m hoping with these vitamins that I’ll have more energy to work out more now.