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Every Marketing organization can take these six affordable steps to improve accountability.

If you own your own law firm, here are some important tax dates that you may need to remember.

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That moment when you stop studying for a test and admit "this is the best i can be"

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Building An Unrivaled Team for Your Accounting Firm - The ability to recruit and retain a highly qualified, motivated team that will make sound decisions is the second cornerstone of a strong, competitive firm.

Building An Unrivaled Team for Your Accounting Firm - The ability to recruit and retain a highly qualified, motivated team that will make sound decisions is the second cornerstone of a strong, competitive firm.

Building An Unrivaled Team for Your Accounting Firm - The ability to recruit and retain a highly qualified, motivated team that will make sound decisions is the second cornerstone of a strong, competitive firm.

Learn to provide the figures, facts, and information businesses need with a certificate in computerized

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I’m not good at SSBU, but I am reasonably good at taxes. (Decided to finally upload this for all of my Tumblr people.)

Also, I have a few followup videos

First: a conclusive overexplanation of Yoshi’s tax fraud

Second: a conclusive overexplanation on why Mega Man is Depreciable Property


I’m still alive! I have just not been as active and I apologize for that.

But anyway, I’ve been studying for my first accounting exam and, well, if I don’t know it by now, then I’m not going to know it on the test. So I’m showering and winding down now.

I actually went to the gym this morning! It wasn’t too terrible waking up at 5:30 to go, since I went to bed at 8:30. And I actually did feel pretty good through the entire day! So I’m planning on going tomorrow as well!

Also I bought myself an alpaca on Valentine’s Day since no one was going to do it for me. I love him with my whole heart.

Preparation for Core 2

Tuesday February 19th, 2019

There are 35 more days till my exam… I am enrolled in the module with CPA and I feel like with the weekly assignments I barely have any time to actually study the material… Plus on top of work (it’s busy season), I feel like I have barely anytime to study which is scary! I saw a similar blog created for CPA exams so I thought I’d try to make my own. This is just a place for me to vent and express my feelings about what I’m going through. 

Anyways, my biggest struggle is finding the time to study and often I find I get way too overwhelmed with everything I have to do, I spend way too much time planning out what I have to do and when I have to do it. I rarely ever stick to these goals because I tell myself, “ I am tired, I need to get rest for work tomorrow, I can finish this tomorrow night. “ WRONG. 

This is the wrong attitude to have. I have to create deadlines for myself and I cannot sleep until I meet my deadline. It is now about 6:50pm. I usually like to sleep around 10:30. Let’s see if I can do this. I’m going to go down and make some tea to keep me awake and tackle my to do list. 

Tonight I will study:
- Cost of capital
- Time value of money


It is now 10pm. I decided I am going to do one more pomodoro session and go to bed. I didn’t finish the readings, probably only half way done… But I desperately need sleep. Looking back at tonight I definitely wasted about an hour doing things like checking my phone and other random things because I got done one section and decided to take a break that turned into a super long break. No. I will stop doing that. It’s good to use the pomodoro technique, work for 25 minutes, break for 5. and it is timed and it will beep once you’ve maxed out your break. Going to start it now and hopefully get one more section done before bed. I really need sleep. Today at work I was not functioning at all… the problems of a CPA student. 


Liked on YouTube: Q Anon/News - Kitchen Is Hot - In Pursuit of Truth Presents - 2.18.19

Einsten’s Question

Chapter 2 Audit Statement

  1. What are audit services?
  2. What are types of audit services?
  3. Who needs audit?
  4. What is statement audit?
  5. What are category of statement’s audit?
  6. What if company without statement audit?


  1. Audit services are services that offered by auditor to checking, identifying, monitoring and giving an opinion to the company.
  2. There are 2 types of audit services:
    >> Attestation:
         - Financial report audit
         - Financial report review
         - Other services: Assurance financial statement (Guarantee financial
    >> Non attestation:
         - Reporting financial statement
         - Creating financial / accounting information system
         - Creating client taxation report
    NB: Attestation can give an opinion, non attestation can give a review or recommendation
  3. Audit needed by:
    - Company
    - Investor
    - Government
    - Citizen
  4. Statement audit is a disclosures or opinion by an independent auditor to a company consideration.
  5. There are 5 categories of statement’s audit:
    - Unqualified opinion
    - Modified unqualified opinion
    - Qualified opinion
    - Adverse opinion
    - Disclaimer of opinion
  6. If company without statement audit, the financial statement can’t be trusted because it is unknown whether the financial statements is stated fairly in accordance with accounting standards or not, and the report contains material errors or other misstatements or not.

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“I come from Nigeria and have been teaching for over two decades. Upon completing my undergraduate studies, I was required to do three years of practical training at a secondary school which was an enlightening experience in itself. In the ensuing years, I completed a Bachelors in Accounting and Education, went on to do my Masters and finally got my PhD in Hospitality and Tourism Management.

“My working life has included being an accountant, manager and part of a marketing team. Since February 2016, I have been a lecturer here at Curtin Malaysia, teaching both undergraduates and postgraduate students.

“I find the students of Curtin Malaysia very respectful and disciplined. They ask honest questions, especially when they come to us lecturers for consultation, and they are very appreciative when problems and issues are resolved quickly. That’s why I always create WhatsApp groups for each of my classes. My students and I can communicate and engage at any time.” –Dr. Samuel Folorunso Adeyinka-Ojo, Head of Marketing Department, Faculty of Business

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