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anonymous asked:

any ideas on how to do yasuho's hair clips? i've seen some wooden beads online that might work but i'm not sure how to keep them in place;;

I think beads are your best bet (either wooden or plastic) if you can find ones with wide holes. All the Yasuho cosplayers I’ve seen have threaded sections of their wigs through the beads like so:

(Cosplayer is Maka,

As for what’s keeping them in place: it’s possible the strands are bound with a hair elastic, fed through the bead and then the elastic itself is shoved into the bead and that is what is holding them.

Small styrofoam balls could also do the trick here if you can carve a channel and cover them in something (like wood glue maybe) to give them a smooth texture. They would be lighter and more easily held in place.

You could also, theoretically, superglue them to bobby pins if you wanted them to sit on the outside of the tail. 

Hope this helps!

Gifts Kids Can Make

Handcrafted presents are a fun method to motivate kids to give to others. Presents kids could make are generally simple and also low-cost, yet are usually treasured by the recipient. Making presents is also a great way to educate kids the value of providing, as opposed to monetary value of the gift.

Boost your child’s gift making with a craft package, like the Galt Silk Painting Set, or attempt one of these fun as well as easy suggestions for gifts children could make.

Designer Candles
You will need:
White pillar candle lights in different dimensions
Plain pencil or yarn needle
Irreversible marker
Fine tipped paintbrush
Polymer paint
Vibrant ribbon

Draw styles on the candle light with an irreversible marker. Stars, Christmas trees, as well as snowflakes are nice for Xmas candles or try flowers as well as swirls for spring. This present youngsters could make could be adjusted for the majority of any period or occasion!

Use the boring pencil to very carefully etch out the images. Brush paint right into the etched grooves and also allow set for about 5 mins. Clean away excess paint with a cotton swab. Embellish with a coordinating bow linked around the center of the candle light.

“ Hand” y Kitchen Accessories
What grandparent does not love showing off their grandchild’s art work, specifically instant pot steamer basket 6 quart when it’s a dear handprint? These charming gifts kids can make make sure to please!

You will need:
Solid colored meal towel as well as oven glove
Fabric paint in working with shades
Painting pen for material

Brush fabric paint on your youngster’s hand and make prints across the towel and also mitt. Get creative and make use of finger prints to make a candle as well as fire or handprints in a circle to stand for a wreath. Finish off your development by adding your child’s name and also the date with the material pen.

Designer Picture Frames
Image frames are easy gifts youngsters can create any celebration. Utilize a level, wood frame and add your own embellishments with a warm glue gun for a cherished distinctive gift development. A few suggestions:

Glue small dog bone treats around a frame for a pet dog fan.
Repaint jigsaw puzzle pieces in bright shades and adhesive creatively around the framework.
Use tinted switches in numerous shapes and sizes
Craft stores supply a wide option of sparkly and attractive embellishments to produce even more distinct picture structures.

Extravagant Perfumed Bath Salts
You will certainly need:
4 cups Epsom salt
2 cups rock salt or sea salt
¼ tsp glycerin
Food coloring
Essential oil scent (vanilla, peppermint, strawberry, and so on).

Combine all components making use of 2 to 3 declines of food coloring as well as 5 or 6 decreases of fragrance. Mix well and also spread out to dry. Spoon the bath salts right into ornamental containers and enhance with a tinted ribbon. Clean, dry child food jars or candle jars work well for this very easy present youngsters can make. You could additionally allow your kid repaint the jar with acrylic paints or sew a material item to cover the top for an additional individual touch.

Aiding Hand Blossom Pot.
This is a lovable gift youngsters could make for family members, instructors, and also a lot more! It can be utilized as an image owner or in the cooking area to hold a recipe!

You will certainly require:.
Tiny flower pot or decorative container.
Flower shop foam to fit bottom of pail.
Selection of small, stemmed silk blossoms (5 to 8).
Brief wood dowel.
Hefty cardstock.
Wood springtime clothespin.

Decorate the blossom pot with paint or sticker labels, then place the foam in the bottom. Cover with moss and arrange blossoms in the foam. Trace a hand into cardstock and also cut. Use hot glue to connect the clothespin to the hand and after that glue the hand into the top of the dowel. Place the dowel right into the center of the pot with the clothespin upright and to the rear of the display.
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