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For the lamen office worker, to prevent injury, get these items: - sit/stand desk - wireless mouse w/ high sensitivity options - adjustible monitor arm - split keyboard

Something that schools and Education Officer believe in is giving all students equal opportunities to succeed. That’s one of the many reasons they’ve been rolling out Read&Write to all schools.

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Called Coyote, this program provides a system for creating, reviewing, and managing the language used to describe art—a thorny process that involves acknowledging and navigating personal prejudices.

Stairs painted yellow and black that read Museums are NOW.

Another great turnout in Red Deer for the second day of our series of Motion Rehab Expo events in Alberta!

Did you know Google Slides offers live captioning? Learn how to set it up on our blog.

Using Google Slides Live Captioning. Did you know you can live caption in a Google Slides presentation? Visit our blog for more information.

92 percent of the most popular federal fail to meet basic standards for . That’s according to the . For more surprising , visit:

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Ya, we did it right without raising a dime. compliance at store checkouts.

We hear a lot about bionic eyes but what are they, truly? Is visual prosthesis the future of sight loss? Read our article here:

A close up of a blue colored eye, has overlay text reading "The bionic eye and the future of sight loss"

Ready to become fluent in "tech talk?" Check out our plain-language definitions for the tech terms that are quickly becoming part of HR's language.

“Be curious and support those with disabilities” the mantra of , CEO of and something we should all live by

Running from May 9th-15th, is a about videogame and overcoming barriers to play faced by people with disabilities. To take part adapt a past game jam submission by adding accessibility features. Website -

#A11YJAM Logo, text reads "#A11YJAM - The Accessibility Game Jam"

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A bridal boutique in London is getting positive press for having a window display with a mannequin in a wheelchair.

🔥🤚 Ideal for areas at risk of fire, high-speed fire doors prevent the spread of fire by isolating it and acting as a barrier.

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iDevice brightness

I wanted to make this post in case there’s anyone out there who hasn’t discovered this yet, like I hadn’t until recently. Sometimes when you turn the brightness down on computers, phones and etc it’s still too bright for someone with light sensitivity or migraines. I finally found this option on my iPad to make the light even lower and I only wish I had sooner. I don’t have an iPhone but I can imagine they would have this setting too.

Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accomodations > Reduce White Point

You might also want to make sure Auto Brightness is turned off if your device turns the brightness up on its own.

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I have a question about image descriptions, if that's alright! I'm HOH, and it's really annoying when people add personal commentary into subtitles ("-cute noise-" or "[talks about stupid stuff]" and stuff like that) but I've noticed a lot of folks will say things like "gorgeous purple shawl" or "handsome bearded man" in image descriptions. Is it better to be totally objective in IDs or is it okay to put opinions like that in them? I just don't know if the etiquette for IDs is diff from CCs

the protocol for image descriptions is a bit different than those of subtitles, mainly because there ISN’T one. part of the reason for that, i think, is because IDs aren’t as commonplace as CCs, but a bigger reason is that image descriptions are always, to a certain extent, subjective. translating an image (especially when it comes to something like artwork) is never going to be as straightforward as transcribing speech. 

i’ve heard it said that image descriptions tell you just as much, if not more, about the describer as the image itself. basically, a totally objective description doesn’t exist, because we all see things in unique ways. and honestly, i think in many cases that’s a real strength of image descriptions.

according to my blind friends, they don’t mind subjective additions to descriptions. i personally try to keep them to a minimum when it comes to describing other people’s artwork and things, but not always. sometimes the best way to describe something, imo, is “a beautiful gown” or “a handsome man” or “an unsettling farmhouse,” etc. again, it’s inherently subjective, but so is the process of describing an image in the first place, you know?
Episode 3 - Gods and Trousers
STELLAR FIRMA EPISODE 3: GODS AND TROUSERS Transcribed 4/22/19 via stellarscripts on tumblr TREXEL: Special thanks to Wren Griffin-Harrigan for today’s submission. May time dilation shuffle your lives into new and interesting orders. [SHOW THEME] IMOGEN: Rusty Quill presents: Stella...

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Episode 10 - Tokens and Orphans
STELLAR FIRMA EPISODE 10: TOKENS AND ORPHANS Transcribed 4/21/19 via stellarscripts on tumblr [SHOW THEME] IMOGEN: Rusty Quill presents: Stellar Firma. [THEME CONTINUES] IMOGEN: [CONSOLE BEEPS] Accessing employee handbook. DAVID: Come on, come on… There has to be something here! Something that...

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k, a quick psa on behalf of adhd/learning disability tumblr:

PLEASE PUT BREAKS IN YOUR POSTS. i see SO MANY posts, including posts meant for disabled people, that don’t! use! breaks! we can’t read long paragraphs! they aren’t accessible! if you want people to be able to read your post, please please please break up your writing.

a post that’s all one long paragraph, or that’s several long paragraphs, can be virtually impossible to read. not everyone’s brain can handle stuff like that. please, please make your posts accessible.

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I am a simple lad. I see a blog that actually describes critical role content? I follow immediately. (That is to say, thank you for doing what I lack the brain spoons to do right now)

Yay! It’s great to know that my descriptions are appreciated. Also, I totally get not having the spoons for it. If you ever want something described but can’t do it, always feel free to send it my way! I like describing :)

CMA Conference Musings

As you know, I spent four days at the Canadian Museum Association Conference in Toronto.

I know a lot of people struggle with conferences, find them boring, find the amount of people at them distressing, etc etc. But I love them. I have been to 4 and all four of them were very different.

The first one was MASSIVE, called the Humanities Congress, it took over all of University of Victoria and lasted 8 days. I went to so many things but I was between my 2nd and 3rd year of undergrad and didn’t ‘network’ at all.

The Second one was medium, the Joint AIA/SCS Annual General Meeting (Archaeolgical Institute of America and Society of Classical Studies). It was in the beautiful, expensive Sheraton Hotel in Toronto. Again, I went to a whole lot of things and I did a bit better networking. I was starting my final semester of undergrad and was talking to folks about master’s programs.

The third was teeny tiny ICOM CIPEG conference (International Council of Museums, Egyptology Society [cipeg is a French acronym]) at the Egypt Centre museum in Swansea University. There were…. 45 people there including the 6 organizers I think. I did much better with networking and made friends… in Egyptology. I am not an Egyptologist.

This last one though, was general museum professionals. Mostly from Canada.

I went to presentations on repatriation (you know how I feel about that!), and collections management (for my job at the AGN)

But most importantly I made connections about accessibility. One Directrice Général wants me to ‘test’ the autism accessibility systems in her museum. It means finding my way to Saint-Constant, Quebec but I am going to follow her up on it.

In the coming days I will work on producing content for Tumblr and for the webpage about what I saw, heard, and learned.

I keep seeing “ground breaking” new technology that abled folks are creating to “make life easier” for disabled people. For example, today I saw a wheelchair designed to climb stairs…JUST BUILD MORE RAMPS — I’ve also seen a system that translates sign language to text/speech…first of all, that’s not how sign language works and second, JUST LEARN TO SIGN A LITTLE — I see something like this every day (side-eyeing Mashable)

People are creating things like this without consulting disabled people or listening to their actuall needs and it’s legit a barrier when it comes to affective accessibility —


Hope you all had a great weekend/420/Easter… Whatever the case may be! The holidays continue as today is Earth Day!🌏 While the weather warms up and encourages everything to flourish, remember it’s encouraging us to do the same. Get some fresh air and let’s tackle this week!🌟

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Send your pics & videos to @WheelLifeStories or tag #WheelLifeStories for a feature! || #earthday #easter #420 #parkday #disabilityawareness #quadriplegic #interabledfamily #lifewithdisabilities #family #interabled #spinalcordinjury #interabledcouple #interabledlove #interabledrelationships #familyfirst #springishere #powerchair #melanin #accessibility #love #familyfun #wheelchairaccessible #sunshine #inclusion #minutetrips #mondaymotivation #getoutside #wheelchairmotivation #nevergiveup
(at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

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Episode 5 - Fear and Feet
STELLAR FIRMA EPISODE 5: FEAR AND FEET Transcribed 4/21/19 via stellarscripts on tumblr [SHOW THEME] IMOGEN: Rusty Quill presents: Stellar Firma. [THEME CONTINUES] DAVID: Right. Um… Okay. Shift’s almost over. No Trexel. No brief, either, the lights still off. [FOOTSTEPS A...

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Can cane users use the accessible stall in bathrooms? It's the only one with grab bars where I live (b/c of my disability I fall over if not holding on to something when standing up because of weak legs) but I feel guilty about using the stall if someone with a wheelchair needs it more.

Yes? I really need to finish that post so I can just link it… I’ve said on here repeatedly if you NEED the accommodations of an accessible stall it’s ok to use it. If you are able to manage to use a regular stall, please do so, as wheelchair users really can’t use any other stall unless we have someone with us to watch the chair/assist us into the bathroom and onto the toilet. On good days I don’t need it I do this too because even if it’s awkward/uncomfortable, I physically can so I do on good days I don’t need the chair. If you need things in the accessible stall like grab bars, extra space for a wheelchair or a service animal, stall with private sink in it to self cath or change an ostomy bag it is 200% ok to do so, regardless of if you are visibly disabled or not. Using the stall is ONLY a problem if you are fully able bodied and do not NEED any accommodation. Being “a nervous pooper” or wanting extra space to shit more comfortably or not stink up the regular stalls or “I was in a rush and it’s the first stall I saw” or “I didn’t think anyone would need it” do not count as a need. You may WANT extra space or a more private bathroom but you do not NEED that space. Parents who say they “need” the space for their stroller or to bring their kids in to potty train them is also not a need. It is a want. It’s easier for you, but it is not essential. One thing I ask that most disabled people do and able bodied people don’t I ask you do is if you see a wheelchair waiting, please acknowledge you know we are waiting and if you will be a while tell us so I don’t wait 20 minutes while someone takes a shit only to get in and discover the bathroom isn’t even wheelchair accessible. If you wanna go the extra mile and help wheelchair users/visibly disabled people out, know what makes a bathroom accessible or not and if a bathroom isn’t even accessible to a wheelchair it’s so small or whatever, if you shout and let us know that it’s not actually wheelchair accessible we will be grateful. There are some bathrooms I’ve seen that are in between and I hope they catch on is ones that have grab bars and are slightly bigger than a normal stall to accommodate some service dog teams, those who need grab bars but not the space, and hell even for parents who need to be in the stall with their kid but don’t like being squished.

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if you don't mind me asking, why do we need image descriptions? i'm asking so i can learn more and maybe start adding them to my posts!

image descriptions make content accessible for people who use screen readers - screen readers can’t interpret an image, just read out text, so describing the image means the screen reader will read the description and the blind/visually impaired people using it will know what the image is.

here is an article with some tips on how to write image descriptions; there are a few different formats that are popular, so when i started doing them i mostly emulated the format used by blind or visually impaired people who were describing their own posts.

i hope that makes sense! if anyone has anything to add feel free to comment on this post.
Episode 2 - Studs and Blood
STELLAR FIRMA EPISODE 2: STUDS AND BLOOD Transcribed 4-21-19 via stellarscripts on Tumblr ALEX: Hi everyone. Executive producer Alex here. I’d just like to take a moment to thank some of our patrons: aetherglow, Steven Newman, Shanti Pillai, Tom Harding, Fancy George Jones, Miranda Baldwin, An...

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“Can you say that Again?” 2019, Looping #animation - #videoart - This is a visual representation of what it is like trying to hear through the world of multiple ongoing sounds with #hearingaids - The layers of sounds in the middle ground and background translates to various degrees of distortion and droning. I cant separate or decipher between them and this diminishes what you said. I can read your lips, much less than I think I can of course. This process is a loop, day in and day out, oh, “Can you say that Again?”
#Deaf #hardofhearing #deafawareness #communication #accessibility #digitalart #newmedia #aftereffects #ryanseslow

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