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Martin Luther King Jr's speech was ranked the top American speech of the 20th century, but did you know that he had given similar versions of this speech a few times over the previous years?

There is a big gap when it comes to tools for people with cognitive .

Quiet Hour at Hereford Cathedral takes place this week on Wednesday 28 August, at 9 am. Visit the cathedral at a calmer, quieter time of day, perfect for anyone who experiences sensory overload. More info >> πŸ“Έ Ash Mills

Is your organisation able to identify customers who may be experiencing a & are you able to support them? Contact & discuss how we may assist with training &/or development of your Policy

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The Rules of the 2016 clearly state that β€˜standards of ’ in respect of other services and facilities shall be specified by the Central Government within a period of 6 months from the date of notification of these Rules’

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Ensuring health and safety is much important, specially for these little ones who are exposed to street living conditions! Dr. Pramod Jain has taken a lead to improve health of our students at centres! 😊 – at maharaj bagh club

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My brother you chose not to respond to the issue of for persons with disabilities (PWDs) who were keen to apply for the board. Megawatt isn't accessible to . Even after using the basement, elevators were not working. Are disabled people not part of itπŸ€”?

Many market leaders have clear and publicly promoted initiatives. Find out how the adoption of practices not only benefits users with accessibility needs, but also leads to audience & brand opportunities. Read the full article:

Top Digital Accessibility Statistics and Trends for 2019. Read article. A couple sitting on a bench and sharing a smartphone.

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When you combine Dictation in with custom fonts that you've handwritten in with you get a thing of beauty: literally speaking your handwriting into existence ;)

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THIS IS SOOOO COOL! Tomorrow night I'm very excited to announce I'll be doing a special preview stream on of !!!!!! I'll be playing the game and chat about my thoughts on the ! 08/26/19 @ 7:30pm EST

Promo image of my Mixer stream tomorrow night playing the game called Control. Text reads: BLIND GAMER with Steve Saylor. Aug 26, 2019 @ 7:30pm.

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Here's an idea. Patients & families get to vote for the winner. The winner gets the title, the victims of get the compensation. No self-nomination. No self-congratulation.

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My Phoenix Instinct Compact arrived today. I am so excited to get to use this. Finally, bags and luggage designed for Wheelchairs. The universal adaptor fits both of my Wheelchairs. And Artemis got an awesome box to play in haha.

A black carry on bag, with red accents (zip pulls, red Phoenix logo, etc)
A manual wheelchair with rainbow spokes and colourful cover, with a black and red carry on bag clipped to the back of the chair.
A black cat sitting in a large cardboard box.

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: The Deborah Cass Prize for Writing returns, offering cash & a mentorship for aspiring early writers of a migrant background. ⏳Closes September 9

in action seamlessly and beautifully at Burnaby Village Museum today. Made the gorgeous carousel ride even more delightful, and spurred great discussion with my little ones. Thanks πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

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So let me get this straight: it is perfectly fine to take pictures of the Lover journals and post them, but it’s not OK for someone to type them up and provide them in an accessible format? Okkkkkkkk then.


ղҽա ѵíժҽօ: Եհҽ Տíցղ Ӏɑղցմɑցҽ ʍɑɾƘҽԵ. ԹɑɾԵ 1. ʍҽҽԵ Եհҽ ҽ×հíҍíԵօɾՏ օƒ Եհҽ ʍɑɾƘҽԵՏ íղ Տíցղ Ӏɑղցմɑցҽ
#lsf #languedessignes #languedessignesfrançaise #malentendant #surdité #sourds #signoflanguage #signlanguage #learnsignlanguage #signandlearn #signandtalk #signlanguageinterpreter #signoftheday #accessibility #signtough #speechandlanguage
#sourdmuet #mains #culturesourde #learnsignlanguage #clindoeil #photooftheday #surdite #languedessignesfrancaise #signes #language #signechallenge #apprendre #partage #learn (à Rouvroy, Nord-Pas-De-Calais, France)

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With all the antisemitism going on right now that is so much more terrifying than usual, I had thought to go to Shabbat service at our synagogue (not a thing I often do). But Friday morning they posted pics if the “new, redesigned sanctuary” all ready to go, with new carpet, etc. NEW CARPET. NEW PAINT. Things that give me life-threatening reactions. That means I can’t go in there for at least another few weeks. It should be safe for me by Rosh Hashanah, I think. Sigh…

i want to try and improve my blogs accessibility when and where i can so i will be trying to add image descriptions when possible and make sure i reblog versions of posts that contain image descriptions! if anyone has any tips or notes for me lmk please!

my cousin rates amusement parks, museums, and other places of entertainment by accessibility and puts them up on her YouTube channel

if you know someone who might want to know the accessibility of some popular attractions then please give them a share or a view


Acquiring and mastering new skills to save lives requires time, dedication, and practice!
Strong work today at our Active Shooter Incident Response training for the Deaf & Intperpreters in cooperation with Cobb County Public Safety 👍
#Deaf #ASL #DeafCERT #EqualAccess #ADA #Accessibility #ActiveShooterResponse #StopTheBleed (at Cobb County Safety Village)

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When Arran was aged 9, he was diagnosed with dyslexia. He uses the metaphor that dyslexia is like going to the dentist, well that’s how it was for him all the way until he was 14, this was the age when he realised that dyslexia is a difference, not a disadvantage. During Arran’s working life he has worked in many industries including youth work, retail business and the not-for-profit sector. Arran has worked within the dyslexia sector for over 15 years. He is chairman of the Leicestershire Dyslexia Association and previously worked and volunteered for the British Dyslexia Association in varied roles. Arran has spoken at many large conferences and events across the UK and more recently spoke at a national conference in India. Despite Arran being severely dyslexic Arran uses technology to support his needs, and without technology, he would not be doing what he is doing today. by AXSChat

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BSL Fantasy Signs - Dungeons & Dragons Classes

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So I was donated a full tank binder by someone who got too surgery and it fits great. But I’m autistic and any pressure below my rib cage is sensory hell for me, so I can’t ever wear it. Would it still work fine if I cut off the bottom part (it doesn’t bind anyway) and hemmed it higher? That’s the only conceivable way I could wear it, and I don’t have the funds to buy a half tank

Usually by rule of thumb we don’t recommend people compromise their binders’ integrity, but I would advise you to email us at to talk with someone who is better equipped to advise you in regards to binder construction! <3

Learning about disability is great because now I can be concerned about this email being an eye strain and inaccessible to screenreaders rather than just being annoyed that my RA emailed the whole dorm in ugly neon caps lock (why do RAs do this?! Does anyone think that looks good?)

(this is a joke learning about disability is great because it’s fucking important)

shmur-is-the-word  asked:

im disabled and no longer able to pull my binder on (since it always bunches up at the back and i cant get my arms bent enough to get it) do you have any that are disability friendly or know of any?

Unfortunately not at this moment, in the way you are asking after, but accessibility is one of our top values, and our gears are constantly turning in regards to better measures to open our products up to even more members of the community. Thank you for letting us know about your experience, and for speaking to how we can better prioritize <3 I don’t have sufficient insight into others, but other people in the community might have experience to inform you!

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Hey! Why are you still adding IDs to reblogs? I thought now tumblr has alt text

thank u for asking, i was planning on making a post about this! there are a few reasons.

1. i can’t add alt text to reblogs, so if the original poster doesn’t add it themselves then there won’t be any description at all.

2. IDs are primarily for blind and visually impaired people who use screenreaders, but that’s not their only purpose! here are some scenarios where someone might find an ID useful.

• a post might have an image containing text in cursive. if you can’t read cursive, then you can’t read the post, but you could potentially read an ID written in print.

• a post might have a slightly blurry image, making it hard to interpret the image or read any text in it. this especially impacts some visually impaired people.

• hard of hearing and d/Deaf people sometimes use video IDs to fill in the sounds of the video.

• a post might include a complex infographic or chart. sometimes using a text only format or breaking up paragraphs helps people process the information.

• a post might have an image of a plant or animal with no identification to tell you what kind of plant or animal it is. for example, a photo might have yellow flowers in it. you might want to plant them in your garden, but you can’t acquire them if you don’t know what kind of flowers those are. IDs can help with that if the person writing them is able to identify the flower, or whatever it is that is in the image.

this isn’t a comprehensive list of every possible use of an ID, but i hope it illustrates a few of them. many of the situations i listed can affect people who don’t use screen readers and therefore wouldn’t have access to alt text. it’s just better practice in general to write an ID in the description if you want to make your blog accessible to everyone!


The final stages of splash pad construction.
Les dernières étapes de la construction du splash pad.

#inclusiveplayground #inclusion #accessibleplayground #accessibility #accessiblewaterpark #accessiblesplashpad #splashpad #EveryoneCanPlay (at L'Orignal, Ontario)

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A note about image descriptions versus image alt text

hi, so i’m back with another take, please bear with me, but i think that image descriptions are still important even if an image has alt text.

because image alt text works for people using screen readers, but it doesn’t work for people who need accessible images for other reasons.

like, personally i have ADHD (among many other things), and it’s very difficult for me to mentally process images sometimes, especially if the image is hard to read (eye strain, low contrast between the background and text, blurry, etc)

i don’t use a screen reader, but i also can’t access those images, so image descriptions are crucial to me. image alt text is super helpful for people using screen readers, but for some disabled people who don’t use screen readers, those images still aren’t accessible without an image description.

TL;DR: image alt text is great for disabled people that use screen readers, but other disabled people still need image descriptions to access the same content, so please do both if you can.

stop. drawing. disabled. people. and sharing. without. image descriptions!!!!

especially blind people/characters!!!!

yes i’m talking about toph. yes i’m talking about shakaste. yes i’m talking about daredevil. yes i’m talking about geordi la forge. (and these are just the blind characters constantly drawn without image descriptions that i can think of. but as i said, this goes for ALL disabled people/characters.)

stop producing content about disabilities and disabled people that actual real alive disabled people cannot consume. sometimes i’m nice about this but i’m real cranky today and have not had coffee yet. so cut it out.

Lots of posts incoming

I discovered tumblr hasn’t been alerting me to new submissions like it is supposed to do. I apologize for the long delay in posting them for many! If you submit something or ask something and don’t see me respond/post it within a week please send me a PM. I’ll try to remember to check manually for them on a more regular basis, but if I haven’t replied or posted a submission after a week it means I likely never got alerted by tumblr it existed, so don’t hesitate to message me so I can confirm I got it/find out there are submissions waiting even though tumblr says I have none. I’m working through the backlog of submissions now. I’ll get to the asks tomorrow since those take more time and thinking.