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Too Big Too Little $2.99 ’s very nicely book about as we are, We are all and it is okay

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Love this . The Big Umbrella uses few words but together they speak volumes about everyone regardless of where they come from or what they look like. .

The wall of shame. Remember these ? When you’re in Las Vegas be sure to check out .

One of the things I absolutely love about Impact Church is that we are a place where all people are accepted, welcomed, and embraced. No matter the color, gender, nationality, background, behavior, or belief. It’s our culture!

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Yesterday, my mum and I went to a vegan market. This is the first vegan market- or any type of market I’ve ever been to and it actually was pretty good.

There were loads of different stalls selling thing, including a store selling pins, earrings and badges. This store in particular caught my mum’s eye, and she ended up buying three sets of earrings. What caught my eye, however, were pronoun pins they had. The person running the stall was a lesbian and was talking about her wife was constantly being miss-gendered, something I am able to relate to. They had pins with not only the typical pronouns such as she/her and they/them but also ones with things like he/they!! It was pretty awesome seeing how progressive people in my area are.


They have a website (here) where you can order stuff again soon. 

ISO Prompts

I’m looking for fanfic prompts to get back in the writing game. I’ve been reading and lurking for a while now, but I miss the joy of creating pieces for others to enjoy, as well. I’m awful at finishing fics *shamefully bows head*, but one-shots are my game! Looking for frozen, xmen, gears of war, OUaT, Ajin, fullmetal, the witcher, Harley Quinn and more!

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What do you consider “your type”

A genuinely good person with a genuinely warm and kind heart with an amazing sense of humor. Someone who is sweet, caring, loving, accepting, and understanding, but also sassy, sarcastic, and a little sophomoric and rough around the edges. Someone who loves romance as much as she loves roasting each other.

Physically I don’t have a type. If she has beautiful eyes and a beautiful smile I’ll find her attractive.

Thanks for the ask, and feel free to send more 😊

Letting go of withered flowers

Like flowers, things within ourselves and our lives stop blooming every now and then. I keep a plant in my windowsill with beautiful big red flowers. Today, I noticed their withered leafs. I realised it was time to let go. That I needed to cut the off dead parts so my plant can bloom again. People are like that. When things wither, it means it’s time to let go of the burdens you carry with you. But how do we let go of the things that no longer serve us?

How do you recognize the things you need to let go off?

You probably know that heavy feeling, like you’re carrying a lot of weight on your shoulder. Most of the time, the weight consists of your past. Painfull events that happend in your life and you can’t let go off, things you haven’t accepted yet. The fact that they weigh heavy on your shoulders means it’s a negative energy you carry around. Feelings, thoughts, patterns and past events that make you feel heavy and imprisoned do not support or help your growth and mental health. Those are the things you need to let go off.

Why do we need to let go?

We need so let go simply because we cannot carry everything. Therefore we must make a selection between the things we keep and the things we let go. It has no use to keep onto things that do not serve you and are a blockage for your spiritual growth and mental health. In the end, everyone wants to be happy. But it is impossible to be happy when you are stuck in the past. We are happy when you live in the present moment. When we feel free and can enjoy the here and now.

Ways to let go

When you noticed and know what you need to let go off, it’s time to release yourself from your burdens. Meditation is a good way to let go. Visualisation can be a helpfull method. You can imagine you’re holding a big black balloon in your hand. When your feel ready, you let go of the string. Or you can imagine a dark energy leaving your body through the soles of your feet. The low vibrational energy flows into the earth, mother earth will carry it for you, and a brilliant cleansing white light enters your body through your crown chakra. You can even do this at the end of a hard or stressfull day while taking a shower. The water takes your burdens away and the shower above your crown chakra pours a glittering light into your body and soul.

I hope the plants in your own windowsill will be a reminder for you. A reminder to let go of the things that no longer serve you. To let go of your withered petals and flowers, so you can bloom again. Because you deserve to bloom.

-the soft universe

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Fearmonger :3c

Ask meme:  Fearmonger (Accepting)

What time was it? What did that matter?

Vin paced his room like a hungry lion, blinded by thirst and impatient for a meal. He had his supply of blood, but it was not enough. No, not enough to contain the beast inside of him. It growled in his stomach, made him unrecognizable, dangerous. He wanted to sink his teeth into flesh, drink every last drop that kept them alive, and watch their form shrivel. He wanted to trap his prey, rough it up, give a fighting chance, before he would inevitably destroy them. This bloodthirsty villain came out every once in a while, and the one to blame hung low in the sky.

The moon, a grapefruit shade of red, large in size, full, shined its orange hue below on the creatures that stalked the earth. The Blood Moon. Vampires alike knew to lock themselves away for the night, lest they do something they regret. They become a fiend for blood, stripped of their humanity, their intentions only satisfy themselves to end the madness of the effects of the moon. Biting wasn’t as common as back then. He could not lure someone in, seduce them, and drink their blood, that was considered controversial. Vampires could not bite so easily anymore, for fear of revealing themselves and leading humans to their clans, an open invitation to kill them all to avenge their fallen brethren. They had to suffice on blood banks, which his ancestors would scoff at.

He groaned audibly, the hunger becoming more and more unbearable. He feared losing himself to the madness, destroying his friends and his loved ones, a desperate fury to soothe the beast. He would see no one, not even his colleagues, lest they tempt him to open the door and take a bite. They’d see a side to him that would warp their image of him, one he hated to show, to admit that he has. He didn’t want to hurt anyone, but he couldn’t ignore the sensations he was feeling.

Knock knock knock!

Vin halted in his pacing and his head snapped up to the door. Who–How–

“Hey Doc, I was wonderin’ if ye could fix somethin’ fer me.” It was Demo, with whatever ailment that couldn’t wait till tomorrow.

The vampire growled ferociously. “Go away!”

“Please, Doc? I don’t know if it’s infected–”

“GEHEN SIE WEG!” He roared, curling over his desk chair and gripping the back so hard that it left marks. His patience was thin, like a fragile veil ready to rip at the stressed of being pulled.

“Alright, alright–I’m goin’! Jeez–I’ll go see if Engie can fix me up with his dispenser.” Said the Scotsman as he backed away down the stairs.

That…was close.

Vin loosened his grasp on the chair and straightened out. He finally checked the time:  23:07. His fingers ran through his hair in exhaustion. He had a long night ahead of him.

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Ask meme:  Fearmonger (Accepting)


Vin squeezed his eyes shut and opened them to refresh his vision.

“Doc! Are ya alright?” Engie placed his hands on his hips and tiled his head slightly, the muscles of his face cocking a brow under his goggles. 

“Huh? Oh–yes. Yes, I’m fine. Thank you,” he replied, trying to shake his blank expression. “What…What round are we in?”

“’S the third one. Scout managed to snatch the intel when that enemy pyro gotcha, so we’re currently tied. One more briefcase and we’ll win the match. You sure you’re alright?” He wasn’t entirely convinced, which made Vin’s life harder.

He flashed the shorter man a cocky smile, a signature look he often wore when either boasting about his skills or trying to woo someone. “Don’t worry, darling, I’m fine. I’ll be out there in a minute.”

Engie pursed his lips into a thin before sighing, dropping his arms at his sides. He pat the Medic’s back as he passed him. “Alrighty, then. I’ll see ya out there.” The doors slid open, then shut behind him. 

Vin dropped his charming facade and replaced it with one of fear. Of all the enemies to snag him, it had to be Pyro. Nobody knew about the fear he has, about the incident that burned into his memory, certainly not the Pyro, but it helped in his favor. 

Whenever the hiss of the flamethrower sounded near him, the vampire froze. Fire spat from the nozzle, pointed right at him. He was transported back to the night of the incident. High up on the rooftops did he climb. Flames roared over the tree tops. The smell of burning flesh filled the air, as the pillars of smoke billowed in the wind. Haunting screams echoed off the mountains, and bounced on Vinzenz’s young ears. The flames grew hotter as he watched, the screams grew louder, almost right next to him, until his clothes caught fire. He howled in agony, running, falling off the roof–

Except…..he appeared back in respawn. He was not on the rooftops, he didn’t fall off….but those flames were real. The announcement rang over their heads “The enemy has captured our intelligence!” He was back at Landfall, with Engineer gawking at him behind his goggles.

And thus, he reentered the work place, conscious of the dangers that laid ahead.

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Fearmonger uwu

Ask meme:  Fearmonger (Accepting)
(Buckle up, Jet >:3c)

“It’s so good to hear your voice again, Mama,” said the vampire with a twinge of exhaustion in his elated tone. It was early in the morning, and the sun was beginning to peek over the horizon, which meant he should be going to bed. But he always waited for a call from his parents, namely his father. He always called to check in on his son every night. Their conversations usually ended with his mother saying goodnight. The heartache of being away from her wore him down. He constantly worried about her. Ever since the invasion, she hasn’t been the same, and bears the scars of her trauma. She was once the sweetest little thing, spreading her kindness to all monsters and humans alike. She knew that humans were dangerous, yet she never sneered at them or threatened them. She treated everyone with respect.

“I miss you too, mein schatz,” she said softly. “When will you be coming home?”

Vin’s small smile faltered on the other end of the telephone. “Ah, I do not know, Mama. The administration has control of our employment dates, and they change every time.” She had been asking quite often when he’d be home, and each time Vin didn’t have an answer for her. He could hear the heart break in her voice as he confessed his lack of knowledge for his return date, he could see her tired and eyes close and her face falling with disappointment, like he crushed her hopes again. “I’m sorry, Mama. I wish I knew. I’ll tell you what, as soon as I know, the first thing I’ll do is call you up. How’s that?” It wasn’t much but he offered what he could.

“Of course, dear,” she accepted the compromise. “Do you have a busy day tomorrow?” 

“Always,” he said, his gentle smile returning to his features. “They keep me on my toes, no boring moments here. Except for paperwork. Mann Co. loves to drown me in it.” He heard her faint chuckle on the other end.

“You’re just like me, I never liked paperwork. I always preferred field research than sitting behind my desk.” 

“I wouldn’t blame you. You ended up saving many lives on the battlefield, something paperwork barely does unless it’s a legal document that might sign someone’s life or rights away.” He stifled a yawn.

“Tired, my love?” She said gently.

“Mm,” he nodded, a habitual gesture, though he vocalized his confirmation so he knew she understood him. 

“I’ll let you get your rest. I love you, Vinny, and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

“Alright, Mama. I love you too. Until tomorrow.” He didn’t want to hang up, but his drooping eyes urged him too. He hated to say goodbye. He never liked goodbyes. They were always so formal and depressing, unless he knew he was absolutely going to see them again. With his mother’s fragile mental state, it wasn’t certain that he’d hear from her again soon. He feared losing her. The vice grip of trauma on her conscience distorted her view of the world. She didn’t trust anybody anymore. She became paranoid, and sometimes slipped into flashbacks, which his father usually had to assess and no one else, unless Vin was there as well. He hated how she was now, and he blamed the cruelty of life for betraying her trust in it. She could no longer step outside without fearing that someone will try to drive a stake through her heart, or dump holy water on her, or empty a magazine of silver bullets in her body. She was wary to strangers, and only took to Vin and his father. Should there be a guest, she kept her distance. This is not the mother he knew, this was the hollow shell that was left of her.

Vin hung up and placed the phone back on his desk. He had to push away those horrifying and depressing thoughts that always followed a conversation with his mother. Though they were vampires, and lived an incredibly long time, it didn’t necessarily mean they could live comfortably for the rest of their days, and she was prime example of the ironic cruelty of his kind. He wiped at his eyes.

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Ask meme:  Fearmonger (Accepting)

She carried a tiny bottle with her, concealed in her purse. He saw her pluck it from her bag every time she passed him. They were waiting to be helped, and she was getting restless. She kept walking up to the window, asking if they were moving along, if there was any progress, if they had more people, but as she walked passed the vampire once, twice, thrice, countless times, she felt a shiver go down her spine and she clutched her pearls. 

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First joined fic, Trans Louie

Blue is @midnight-fries

Green is @wxrm-pxddxng

Louie was nervous, his Uncle was really protective and he, from his inquieries, only knows Donald isn’t against the rainbow community but never dared to ask “what if it was me”

He enters the room, tugging on his hoodie, preparing a backup plan for what if. what if’s, always running through his mind.

A thousand miles per second. But he had to do this, he couldn’t live to hide anymore. He brought his arm up, reassuring himself. It’s fine, you rehearsed this before. To say he was nervous would be an understatement, Uncle Donald would be the first person he would be coming out to. He took a deep breath. He knocked. 

“Uncle Donald? Can I come in?” He gulped. “I.. I gotta tell you something.” He fiddled with the sleeves of his hoodie, waiting for his Uncle’s green lights to enter.

Uncle Donald didn’t respond, so maybe he didn’t hear him?

“It’s… It’s just me. Good old Ly… You already know who.”

Louie introduced himself shortly, hoping it was enough for his Uncle to recognize who he was. He needed to buy time.

“It’s open. ”

Donald replied. It was surprising how Louie could understand his voice, but he had years of listening to it so he and his siblings made it work. The green coded triplet walked into the room. Shorter steps than usual, but also slower.

The more time he took to get there, the more time he had to rehearse in his mind.

‘Uncle Donald, I’m trans. This means that I experience a thing called gender dysphoria. It’s probably hard to understand, but I trust you and basically, I want to be referred by Louie and he/him pronouns, please.’

He had this little speech prepared to the point he had written it down in his room multiple times until it was engraved in his mind.

Wait, did he throw that note away?

He didn’t have time to think of that now as he was finally near Donald.

Donald already knew who it was, he just needed to buy himself some time.

Bills were stacking up, he was trying to find a way to pay them before owing people.

He didn’t want Louie, out of them all, to find any, so he hid them, any trace of dept.

He had the time to stuff them all in a drawer before his kid came in.

Now, he had an idea as to what the youngest wanted to talk about, he saw how uncomfortable, well until he knew what the green one identified as, they got when they were addressed by feminine names or even their nickname.

Once he saw the way they were heading towards him, he knew he was right, he remembered his thoughts on the day he had to talk to his Uncle about it.

“Hi Sweetheart, take a seat.” He said, patting the free space next to him in the hammock in case they didn’t understand his vocal instructions. Looking up, Louie found himself shaking. He obliged his uncle’s request with his help.

He found that he could barely breath, he wad there too soon, steps not short enough, his mind was blanked out from all he previously wanted to say, all that was there was an image of his Uncle hating him, he couldn’t picture that but.. it was a possibility, he wanted to run, why did he think this was a good idea? It probably wasn’t even true, did he really have to tell him?

His Uncle’s voice broke through his thoughts, he felt himself being lifted and placed in a warm, parental embrace, it was comforting, he didn’t know how he could live without it.

“Deep breaths  honey, it’s gonna be fine, you can tell me anything.” His uncle whispered words of reassurance in his ears.

“You know there would be nothing you could say that could make me hate you, love.” Louie didn’t realize his eyes were shut until he opened them, looking directly into the honest eyes of his Uncle.

“I’m here to support you”

That was all Louie needed to hear. Maybe it was too much for the little duckling.

“I ju… just… justasecond”

Louie needed to collect his thoughts and stop himself from crying. A million scenarios of him getting kicked out or misgendered on purpose raced through his mind, even if the words of support he heard were comforting. The anxiety was overwhelming him.

Donald kept the embrace, like a father hugging his son for a while. Louie knew it was too late to turn back now. He just has to rip it off, like a bandaid.

“I’m… ” “I.. ” bandaid

“I’m a trans guy and please stop using my deadname!”

Louie blurted, quick and unexpected. He then put a hand over his mouth, and let out a muffled sob.

Donald was not surprised, but he was not expecting th-him to blurt it out like that, he couldn’t blame him though, it was stressful to come out to somebody you love.

So many possibilities, good, bad, all the scenarios his kid.. his nephew had probably swarming through his head-His kid probably took his silence as punishment as he started rambling,

“Wait do you know what a transgender person is? Wait-no forget everything I said actually this was a bad idea-” “Honey, breath for a second, okay?” Donald cut him off. He put a hand on his head, ruffling his hair gently, his nephew, who he had to ask about his preferred name too, pushed his hand away out of instinct. Donald brought him in again, he knew he needed physical comfort when he was nervous, hugs, cuddles, even a single hand on his shoulder would help calming him down.

“I know what a transgender person is, and considering how accepting she was when I came out, I know your mother would be proud of you… I know I am.” Donald felt him clutching his shirt, a wet stain forming where the youngest triplet’s face was. Donald felt him lifting his face to look at him,

“when-when you? Oh my god, no way-” Donald chuckled, “What would you like me to call you by?”

“Louie!” Well, he must’ve thought about that a lot seeing how immediate his answer was.

“Well, Louie, I told you, there’s nothing that you could say, do or be that would make me hate you, I’m so proud of you, love.” He shifted his fingers through Louie’s hair, bringing his thoughts into less of a spiral.

Louie smiled brightly, nearly not believing this turned out so well, he even knew something his siblings didn’t know! Who woulda thought Uncle Donald was like him?

“Thank you, Da-Uncle- Uncle Donald, Thank you so much.” He sniffled, God why did he have to be so emotional, he didn’t know why it made him feel better when he saw his uncle tearing up as well.

“No problem, Louie…”

Honestly, Louie wanted to stay there for a while. The green nephew-, it felt so relieving to call himself that now, felt so nice and comfortable after he let that out.

That didn’t match his expression though. He was sniffing and crying and it looked ugly but he didn’t feel ugly and that was what was important to him.

He felt safe and in the weirdest way free. Free from something that had been building up for not even he remembers how long.

He still remembered the day he discovered the meaning of trans. He was on his phone as always, using it for information for once instead of doing anything else he usually did. That’s when he came across the LGBT community. He had to admit for a while before he came out to himself he identified as genderfluid or non-binary, a form of repression for him, but not everyone uses it to repress.

For him it definitely was.

But that didn’t feel right. The name he chose as non-binary stuck, but the pronouns just felt off to him, even though he wants to get used to them because they felt better than she.

Finally after debating and questioning his sexuality for months because, if he really was a boy why we’re boys so cute and boys aren’t supposed to love boys he heard from a teacher, which he learned was called a homophobe.

He finally figured it out.

And he was happy with the result.

Recalling the memory of when he stopped feeling wrong helped Louie calm himself down.

The last squeeze of his uncle and he released him.

“Thank.. Thank you, Uncle Donald..” Louie couldn’t thank him enough, never. He hopped off of the hammock and Donald did the same. The bills will have to wait a bit longer.

“So, I guess this means that I have three nephews now?”

Donald asked in a fond voice, making his son nephew smile in return. Only for it to falter, because as soon as he opened the door he was greeted by his siblings, who were… smiling?

They both immediately tackled him in a hug, the three of them rolling on the ground for a bit. All of them erupted into a fit of laughter. “I have a brother!”

Dewey said in a joking manner, just trying to say something to signify that he was fine with it.

“Aww… My sweet nephews…”

Donald said fondly, but two of them didn’t seem to find it that appealing to be called that.

The blue and the red one looked at him.

“Not exactly” “About that…”

They said, at the same time, different things, but with the same intention.

I’m realizing so much.

I’ve realized I’m extremely lucky, as I’m able to be myself fairly openly with my family. Even if they aren’t completely enthusiastic about how I act or my “lifestyle” aka my sexuality, my choices, or anything to that extent, they always are proud of me and support me in the end and want me to be happy. They help me so much with my health issues, both physical and mental, and are always here for me. My mom has become so wonderful over the years since I’ve come out and is so supportive of my sexuality, accepting me every time my identity changed and lets me talk about boys AND girls openly, including transgender people, and calls me my preferred name, accepting my gender identity as well. My mother has fought tooth and nail over and over for me to be safe and happy and healthy, and she honestly saves my life every day and is one of my absolute best friends. I am a momma’s child, through and through, and I love it. Overall even when things get tough I feel safe with my family. I’m so so so grateful for my family and I never want to take them for granted. To those with a not so great family, I’m here for you and I will be your family if you want me to/will let me. I may not truly understand your situation, but I will always validate and protect you. To those with a loving family, appreciate them, recognize their love and support, and tell them thank you. You’re very lucky, please remember that.💕


Just letting y'all know, if you don’t have a loving mother or family or guardian, I am your mother now. If you have a lovely mother or family or guardian, I am your aunt now. I will bake you cookies and cakes and homemade pancakes and dinners and make you lovely breakfasts and tuck you in and dry your tears when you’re sad. I’ll take you out to pick flowers or go shopping or ride a horse or go picnicing in the park or go to the library to check out some books. You’re lovely and I will take care of you and accept you as you are if no one else will or you just need someone else. ❤❤