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Happy Monday !

"Let the caregiving experience change you. It allowed me to change as a person in some ways that I'm really enjoying." Listen to the show:

It's a perfect day to let go of the bullshit and let the good back in

Walked in to one of my daughter's evening events on 4.18.19 and noticed this bulletin board. Way to go & ! Thank you for your expressions of ! You rock!

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i've known i was aromantic since 7th grade when i had my first relationship. it's been almost 5 years now & i still can't accept it.


Strong as the wind

Humble as time

Learning to bend

With the flow of life

Patience within me

Anger to overcome

Learning to breathe

And accept what is done

Begging mother nature

For guidance and mercy

Trying to capture

Lifes twisted controversies

Time moves oh so slow

An illusion we may never know

Led to believe

All of life’s deceit.


Episode 93 is out now!


“Jesus’ mission was to #liberate people, #love them #unconditionally, remind them of their holiness, and to walk as an example of forgiveness. When someone appears to have crossed a boundary, proving to you that no one can be trusted, you can anger, and become defensive. Do not fall into a trap of judging yourself for this. It is human nature to react in survival mode. It doesn’t matter if the threat is real or imagined. If you haven’t trained your mind to respond with #acceptance of the other who is also #hurt, who now reflect that pain onto you, survival will be your only thought, as defense is your primal instinct.
Declare #Forgiveness for yourself, and focus on being fully conscious and present in your own life.
With this intention it will be easier to let go of blame, resentment, or anything else that interferes with your joy. Forgiveness is the greatest gift you can give yourself.
A #grateful, and forgiving nature without exception produces the most unimaginable joy.
If you have received the Forgiveness Medicine message you may want to ask yourself, “ Is your #mind spending more time stuck and spinning in conflicts rather then creating #opportunities?” This internal Peace work is what your #Spirit calls for.
#Christ in the present is a gift.
He forgives you.
What’s required is that you forgive yourself, #allowing that to naturally expand, and extend to others.”
- #Mystic Medicine Oracle
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Music 🎶 by @aries Song ( #badnews )

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Moooore Autistic Voltron headcanons. If you don’t agree, just ignore this.
I’m also pretty bad at explaining but like, if you watch the episodes I think you’ll get what I mean…

-I feel like Hunk and Lance were infodumping in episode 6 before they talked about home? Hmmm. Don’t remember. 

-Allura mostly concerned about forming Voltron. (How are we going to form Voltron now?) (Low/fluctuating empathy?)

-Hunk has high empathy. Like it’s not even subtle. And Shay helped him put a face to the suffering peoples of the universe which definitely helped. 

-Lance’s rambling about how the Balmerans communicate through the Balmera?

-Rax? Doesn’t like change, the “as long as we have family” mantra, probably fluctuating empathy (like yeah he was being careful of the Paladins at first and didn’t want to get his hopes up I guess but he went from 0 to 100 pretty quickly I think.) I could also see him and Shay (who I also see as autistic) communicating through the Balmera more often than not because speech is difficuuuult.

Whatever I like to think they’re all autistic. Just sharing my thoughts even though they’re not very clear sorry.

Where faith is strong fear cannot enter. You have faith in God - but how about faith in yourself? Maybe you have yet to make full surrender. These worries are not yours… it is the world creeping in. The world is sick and poisoned today. I don’t think there could ever have been an age of less faith. And it is this which is killing us. Put yourself completely in God’s hands - He never worries.
—  from Letters of Henry Miller and Wallace Fowlie (1943-1972)

Not to over generalize but the trans community (overall, but obviously there’s exclusions) are the most understanding and accepting people I’ve ever met. Especially of things like my body and me IDing as trans as a nonbinary woman. I was so afraid that it would be wrong for me to ID as trans but every trans person I’ve talked to has been so validating and kind. And literally barely any cis people are attracted to me cuz I’m fat but like a lot of trans people just don’t care. Who even needs cis friends/partners anymore? (Jk of course) but trans people are just the best and the most beautiful and strong and uhg I just can’t get over it!! And I’m proud to be a part of the community!


I’m wrestling with a vein of sorrow this spring. One I can’t quite seem to put into words but it has to do with coming to a more full acceptance of my reality of flying solo and with truly letting go of all of my previous notions about love and partnership. Tomorrow morning Chris and I will stand before the judge to finalize our dissolution - officially close the door on a room that’s been off-limits for just about five years. 

Now it feels like a task to check off on the to-do list. And then I can begin the horrible process of changing my name for the third time. I could choose something brand new that is not associated with any absent men in my life. Wouldn’t that be something. 

Letting my hair go natural gray has added to the feeling of time sliding like sand through my fingers. I was looking through some photos from 2014 to remind myself of the me who had just burned the house down while I was still inside. How is it possible that five years ago I looked and felt so much younger? How is it possible that I feel so very old right now? I’ll be 52 in a few weeks, and my mom turns 70 on Halloween. Lila is learning to drive. Ty turns 27 in July. It’s all going so quickly now and I really miss regular pillow talk and all that comes along with that. Perhaps this life has one more connection for me left in it. Perhaps not. 

Someone Is Always Listening: Tell Your Story

Tell your story. Say it the way you want it. The way your heart wants it told. Not the way people expect you to.

Don’t configure your expressions based on the rules man create. Follow the standards you create for yourself. Your colors, even if they don’t conform to what others perceive as normal, will still be beautiful, because it speaks about you, your journey, and your struggles.

Do not judge yourself based on what other people say about you. You are who you are, and the world’s opinion does not matter. They can all go fuck themselves.

We all make mistakes. And those who judge the most make the worst ones. Remember, to err is human. Just observe, those who criticise the loudest are those who commit sins behind closed doors.

Infact, God could be found more often in dirty alleys, in dingy brothels, in asylums and prison halls, than in the magnificent altars inside stone walled churches, full of self righteous judgemental jerks.

Believe in God. The hypocrisy of walled churches do not represent the kind God who embraced lepers. Religions use the bible to divide not unite; to exclude not embrace; to push away not invite people in. But religion is man made.

Tell your story the way your heart wants it told. And God will be listening intently. He is all the acceptance you need.


Im sitting on a metal table. He pushes me down and starts to tie my arms and legs. I’m not entirely panicked because it’s my lover, and he tells me he’s going to cut my skin. He’s then giving me shots; for a moment I’m afraid because I’m terrified of shots. He’s telling me it’s because it’ll numb my skin for when he starts cutting me. Cutting up the center of my legs and arms to my stomach and I still don’t feel afraid of that, I accept that’s what he’s going to do. He finishes giving me shots all over and starts cutting me (not very deep, but enough to bleed) and I still feel it. I’m just watching, morbidly fascinated. Suddenly it shifts and he’s yelling at me to run and get away from the cops and even though I’m the victim I panic and start running. I have a vague feeling I have something in my hand. I’m jumping up and over displays, like a ninja almost. Swing one handed off bars hanging from the ceiling; I’m in a sporting goods store almost like a Dunham’s or something. I leap to the top of this particularly tall almost tower of boxes on the store and have a good view of the whole place, also realizing I’m close to the exit. I look down to see what’s in my hand and it’s his hand; he had cut it off when he told me to run. I am now hysterical and start screaming, and throw it at a cop I can see nearby (I’m still covered in blood too). I swing off a bar towards the exit door and then wake up as I land in front of it. O.o

Today I’m battling intense anxiety and my shift hasn’t even started yet…

Lots of deep breathing and reminding myself to accept the anxiety. Don’t fight it. It’s here. Allow it to just be here. Make room for it. Show some compassion.

“Today is an anxiety day and that’s okay.”

It is so goddam hard to do, but it’s the best chance I have of surviving the inner turmoil during a ten hour ED shift…

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